NLE Choppa Thinks Drake & Kendrick Lamar Should Do a Song Together

NLE Choppa Thinks Drake & Kendrick Lamar Should Do a Song Together

NLE Choppa thinks Kendrick Lamar and Drake should squash their beef and do a song together. The Memphis rapper sat down with Billboard News’ Tetris Kelly to give his thoughts on a variety of topics, including the rap beef heard around the world. When the subject was brought up, Choppa had a sober way of looking at a rap battle that turned very personal. 


“I feel like the win is more so not about who got the most streams or what song is the best. I think the win is more so how you handle the success you got from all that controversy,” he said. “I think the win’ll be like something like both of them coming together and doing a song together.” 

He then used Drake and Meek Mill’s reconciliation as an example, saying, “I think the win is doing something similar to when Drake and Meek was havin’ they feud. Like, they did what they did, but they came back as men to shake hands and made a song. That’s what we need to see.” 

He also talked about the success of “Slut Me Out” and “Slut Me Out 2,” attributing the latter’s over-the-top video to him wanting to be an entertainer. “I always separate Bryson Potts from NLE Choppa. I feel like that’s where I get my best work,” he said. “I’m entertaining in the purest form.” 

Later in the interview, Choppa speaks on his vegan lifestyle, mentioning that he was in the middle of a nine-day fast of “raw alkaline” fruits and vegetables, with his biggest flex being his health. The highly successful NLE Reading Challenge was also brought up, in which he helped Cornerstone Prep Denver School read 26 million words.

Watch Billboard News’ full interview with NLE Choppa above. 

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