Nonbinary identities deemed crucial for national security by Pentagon official

Nonbinary identities deemed crucial for national security by Pentagon official

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleene Hicks made a groundbreaking statement at a recent Pride event, highlighting the importance of policies focused on nonbinary service members and mandating critical race theory training for national security. Hicks emphasized that creating a cultural change within the military is crucial for readiness and the well-being of all personnel, which ultimately impacts the ability to deter adversaries and defend national interests.

This shift towards inclusivity and diversity within the military is a significant step towards ensuring that all service members are valued and supported regardless of their gender identity. By prioritizing the needs of nonbinary individuals and promoting critical race theory training, the Pentagon is taking a proactive approach to strengthening national security.

Hicks’ commitment to LGBTQ priorities and creating a more inclusive environment within the military reflects the Department of Defense’s dedication to progress and readiness. As the second-highest-ranking official at the Pentagon, Hicks’ statements underscore the importance of embracing diversity and promoting equality within the armed forces.

For more information on this groundbreaking announcement, visit the New York Post website. Stay tuned for further updates on this important development in national security and LGBTQ rights.

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