Obtaining Effective Responses from an AI Chatbot – Video

Obtaining Effective Responses from an AI Chatbot – Video

How to Get Good Answers From an AI Chatbot

In the video titled “How to Get Good Answers From an AI Chatbot,” the host shares valuable tips on how to effectively communicate with AI chatbots in order to get the most helpful responses. The video begins with the host utilizing AI to voice and animate a chatbot, demonstrating the use of technologies like chat GPT Bard and Bing for generating AI responses. The host then provides four key tips for maximizing the effectiveness of AI chatbots.

First, the host emphasizes the importance of talking to the AI like a person, being conversational and providing context to ensure mutual understanding. Next, the video advises viewers to be specific about the format and type of response they want from the AI, whether it’s a numbered list, paragraph, or for a specific audience or setting.

The video also discusses the need for persistence when interacting with AI chatbots, encouraging viewers to adjust their questions or prompts if they are not satisfied with the initial response. Additionally, the host highlights the importance of verifying the accuracy of AI responses, as chatbots may sometimes provide false information, and recommends asking for sources or evidence to justify their answers.

Overall, the video offers practical and actionable advice for effectively communicating with AI chatbots and obtaining relevant and accurate information. It serves as a helpful guide for anyone looking to leverage AI chatbots for information or assistance.

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Let me just finally get the script done actually I’m going to use AI to help me out how can I make my video about writing AI prompts more interesting here are some tips one engaging introduction start your video with a captiv organize your video content and a logical and smooth flow of

Information experience or a thought-provoking question that Sparks curi explanations okay I need to learn how to talk to this to actually get what I need so full transparency we used AI to animate and voice our little friend there using an AI chat bot like chat GPT Bard or Bing is pretty straightforward

But there is an art to getting the answers you want in the format you want so I’m going to share four tips on how to get the most helpful responses from an AI chatbot and how to Ace writing a prompt or the questions that you’re asking an AI so let’s jump into

It the first thing to keep in mind is to talk to the AI like you would a person that means be conversational but also know that like a human the chatbot won’t always get what you’re saying the first first time around so you might have to restate a question or give some context

So you’re on the same page the context is really going to help the AI give you a relevant answer so for example say you want to start eating better and you want some tips on how to meal prep so instead of saying how can I eat healthier it’s just generating a ton of

Content right now and it’s not very specific so instead of saying that I’m going to say something like I’m trying to cut back on sugar and carbs and eat more proteins what are some meal prep ideas okay now it’s giving me specific ideas that are a bit more actionable got

Greek salad egg muffins lentil soup this is more catered to what I need specifically so that makes it a little bit more simplified even when you’re giving context remember to keep things simple and concise be clear about what you want next remember to be specific tell the AI what format you want your

Answers in whether it’s a numbered list paragraph or a blur below a certain word count say whether you want this for a social media post or an email or even a hi coup do you want something written in a conversational tone or as if it’s a teacher giving a lecture to college

Students say that give the AI relevant information about the audience and setting if you’re asking for song recommendations instead of saying something like what are the best Taylor Swift songs and we just have a variety of songs here I want to make sure that I’m not dancing too all too well cuz I’m

Going to host a dance party so I’m going to say what are the best Taylor Swift songs for a dance party and now we get some more relevant we got style Wildest Dreams look what you made me do if it’s more what I’m looking for the third tip if at first

You don’t succeed try and try again if you get an answer you’re not satisfied with Reas your question or adjust the phrasing to guide the AI to a better response AIS tend to change their answers each time you ask so maybe this time you’ll get what you’re looking for

If it’s misinterpreting your prompt you might be able to just tell it what it missed and if what you’re getting back is totally wrong try a whole new prompt this process involves some patience but with some adjustments you should get what you need and finally remember that

AIS can hallucinate or make up stuff that sounds true but isn’t so you will need to keep them honest if something feels off ask chat GPT to justify its responses so you can reply with why do you think that or what evidence supports that answer you can also ask it to site

Sources then check those sources to make sure they’re real so you could ask please provide sources for the previous answer or provide URLs that were the sources for the previous answer you could even ask for recommendations of peerreview journals that discuss a certain topic which leads to an

Important reminder these chat Bots don’t actually know anything they’re pulling from various online sources and can sometimes share false information so be sure to check that the responses you’re getting are accurate thanks so much for watching and if you found this video helpful be sure to give it a thumbs up

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