Odetari & 6arelyhuman Discuss Their Biggest Influences, Finding Success on TikTok, and More in Billboard Cover Story – Video

Odetari & 6arelyhuman Discuss Their Biggest Influences, Finding Success on TikTok, and More in Billboard Cover Story – Video

The music industry is no stranger to evolution and experimentation, and for many artists, finding inspiration in a variety of sources is crucial. In a recent YouTube script, an artist discusses the diverse influences that have shaped their musical journey, from early experimentation with different styles to the impact of iconic figures like Lady Gaga and Tyler, The Creator.

The artist describes how Lady Gaga was a major inspiration, helping them realize their passion for creating unorthodox and unique music. Similarly, the unconventional chords in Tyler, The Creator’s “Jamba” sparked a desire to create music that pushed boundaries and broke the mold. This led to a personal evolution in their own music, with a realization that their current sound is vastly different from their earlier work.

The influence of their hometown, Houston, is also highlighted, with personal connections to artists like Travis Scott contributing to their musical upbringing. The experience of seeing Travis Scott’s rise to fame not only shaped their artistic aspirations but also impacted their understanding of what success in the music industry looks like.

The discussion turns to the role of social media, particularly TikTok, in the artist’s career. The rapid rise and subsequent drop of a viral song led to a deep understanding of the transitory nature of online success. However, it was the creativity of TikTok users, including the unexpected boost from a South Park edit, that truly propelled their music into the spotlight.

The artist emphasizes the importance of authenticity in their music, choosing to focus on creating work that resonates with them personally rather than chasing viral trends. This mindset has led to a dedicated fan base that eagerly engages with their music during live performances and through online platforms.

Despite the positive reception of their work, the artist acknowledges the presence of haters in the industry but has adopted a resilient attitude, choosing to focus on self-belief and tuning out the negativity.

In conclusion, the YouTube script offers a glimpse into the evolving journey of an artist who has drawn inspiration from a wide range of influences. From finding their musical identity to navigating the highs and lows of online attention, the artist’s story is a testament to the power of authenticity, creativity, and resilience in the pursuit of artistic passion.

Video Odetari & 6arelyhuman On Biggest Influences, Finding Success On TikTok & More | Billboard Cover was uploaded on 01/08/2024 by Billboard Youtube channel.