Officially The Tallest Child in the World | Embracing Differences – Video

Officially The Tallest Child in the World | Embracing Differences – Video

Jase, the 10-year-old boy who stands at an astounding 6 ft 3”, is officially the tallest kid in the world due to a condition called ‘Gigantism’. This condition causes his body to release excessive growth hormones, leading to rapid growth of up to 5 inches per year. This constant growth not only affects his height but also his internal organs, making him prone to health issues if not treated. Though doctors have suggested surgery to stop his growth, Jase is hesitant to undergo the procedure. Despite the challenges he faces, Jase embraces his uniqueness and takes pride in being the tallest kid in the world. His gentle and humble nature has made him a favorite among his peers and he enjoys the attention his height brings. Jase’s family has always supported and encouraged him to embrace his differences, teaching him that being different is special. This heartwarming story of Jase, the gentle giant, is a testament to the fact that being different is what makes us unique and standout.

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OFFICIALLY the tallest kid in the world, Jase, is a sweet 10-year-old boy who stands at a staggering 6 ft 3” due to a condition called ‘Gigantism.’ This condition means that Jase’s body releases extensive growth hormones in his pituitary gland, causing him to grow at a much quicker rate than an average 10 year old kid. Jase has grown taller by 5 inches each year and will continue to do so, unless he has a surgery to remove the growth in his head that will prevent him from growing further. Though he is resistant towards having surgery, one of the things Jase loves about his condition is how tall he stands above his peers at school, especially during football games, where every child and parent shake at the thought of him playing. Being six times the size of his friend Truman, the gentle giant is not only growing externally but also internally, as his organs and appetite grow to match his frame. Despite his appearance, Jase is a normal, loving 10-year-old boy who embraces being the ‘tallest kid in the world’.

Videographer: Randal Crow
Producers: Kim Nguyen, Tom Buckman, Courtney Buabeng 
Editor: Dalene Low

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