Parenting: How We’re Raising Our 7-Year-Old as Gender Fluid #ytshorts #lgbtq+ – Video

Parenting: How We’re Raising Our 7-Year-Old as Gender Fluid #ytshorts #lgbtq+ – Video

The video titled “We’re Raising Our 7-Year-Old As Gender Fluid” explores the parenting style of one family who is raising their child in a gender fluid environment. The parents encourage their child to be open to any type of relationship and to express themselves freely. The 7-year-old child shares that they sometimes wear clothing from both the boys’ and girls’ sections of the store and that their hairstyles can also vary. The family embraces fluidity in gender expression, allowing their child to explore and embrace different aspects of their identity without feeling restricted by traditional gender norms.

The video provides a glimpse into the family’s inclusive approach to parenting and their commitment to creating a safe and accepting environment for their child to grow and develop. By sharing their story, the family hopes to challenge societal expectations and promote acceptance and understanding of gender diversity. The video serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of allowing children to express themselves authentically and the impact that supportive and open-minded parenting can have on a child’s well-being.

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So for sexuality and gender essentially everything in our house is fluid fluid meaning that anyone can like anyone and we encourage her to be open to any type of relationship what’s kind of different about me that sometimes kids don’t do is about my clothing and my hair sometimes

I wear like a girl shirt or boy pants so I made a picture it said um a boy self right here girl self right here so I said boy girl girl self and boy style because that’s what I do cuz these are in the boy section and

Sometimes in my closet I have some girl clothes

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