‘Past Lives’ Wouldn’t ‘Exist’ Without ‘Thriving’ Indies

‘Past Lives’ Wouldn’t ‘Exist’ Without ‘Thriving’ Indies

Past Lives” writer-director Celine Song is crediting the “thriving” independent film community for the success of her directorial debut.

The filmmaker told IndieWire at the 2024 Golden Globes that the decades-spanning romantic drama couldn’t “exist” without her indie film producers and lead actress Greta Lee. “Past Lives” was nominated at the Golden Globes for Best Picture, Drama and Best Picture, Non-English Language, with Song up for Best Director and star Lee recognized in the Best Actress in a Drama category.

“It’s an independent film; I did it independently,” Song said. “That’s hard, and part of that is I get to make it exactly the way I wanted, and I got to really be true to myself often and right away, even though I’m a first-time filmmaker. I think that’s something only really possible in independent film.”

She continued, “I think in that way, I don’t think ‘Past Lives’ could exist without a thriving independent film industry. I just feel so lucky and happy to make a movie the way exactly that I wanted to. I feel really connected to it, being independent cinema and an indie film, because I made it with producers who really contributed hugely to independent cinema and also independent cinema in New York City.”

As for Lee’s performance, Song sang the praises of “The Morning Show” actress.

“The movie doesn’t exist without the faces of the actors. It really is the sunrise and the sunset…

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