Patrick Bertoletti Wins Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest

Patrick Bertoletti Wins Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest

In a surprising turn of events, Chicago’s own Patrick Bertoletti has been crowned the new champion of the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. The annual July 4th competition, typically dominated by longtime champ Joey Chestnut, was invigorated this year by Chestnut’s absence amid a dispute over vegan dogs.

Bertoletti, 39, emerged victorious after consuming an impressive 58 franks and buns in a thrilling 10-minute race at Coney Island. The competition was neck-and-neck, with the lead repeatedly changing hands, making for an exciting and suspenseful event.

The Mustard Belt now belongs to Bertoletti, who showcased his impressive eating prowess and determination to come out on top. Fans of the competition were treated to a memorable contest filled with excitement and unexpected turns.

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