Pinterest Report Reveals Top 2024 Summer Travel Trends

Pinterest Report Reveals Top 2024 Summer Travel Trends

Pinterest, the California-based visual-first discovery engine, has revealed the Top Travel Trends for Summer 2024, based on global data collected since winter 2023.

With more than 1 billion travel-related searches and 10 billion travel-oriented saves, the platform is highly accurate at spotting new tendencies.

In 2024, tourists want to unplug from the always-connected world and focus on wellness travel. “Digital detox,” they call it. In the same vein, people seem to be particularly interested in off-the-beaten-path destinations, as well as mysterious places and hidden gems in unexplored and secluded lands.

Let’s explore the most exciting trends for this upcoming summer.

Adventure Trips

With an increase of 45 percent in searches, adrenaline-seekers worldwide actively look to engage in adventure trips that fulfill their desires to both boost their physical and mental wellness and explore world-class destinations.

Most of these travelers have chosen the Philippines for its lush forest and unspoiled nature and Tanzania for its unique safari offerings.

Pinterest data shows that trending searches include scuba diving photography (up 60% year-over-year), water park rides (up 170%), and hiking (up 94%). 

These travelers also plan to spend their vacation days at luxury safari lodges (up 110%).

Quiet Life Tourism – Digital Detox

Travelers searching for “quiet life travel” are fed up with stressful city life. Searchers for this type of tourism have increased by a staggering 530 percent over the last year! 

According to Pinterest, these users massively look for “quiet places” and “calm places” in forests, secluded beaches and countryside towns where they can stay away from the toxic interconnected digital world.

These travelers’ searches include glamping (up to 260% year-over-year), cabins in the mountains (up 180%), national parks (up 250%), and wellness retreats (up 90%).

They believe they can mostly find these venues in Okinawa, Japan and the English countryside.



There is a rising fascination for traveling to places considered mysterious or unexplored. Some of these include ancient ruins, caves, hidden gems, and even abandoned locales. 

These destinations cater to travelers’ imagination and sense of mystery rather than getting tanned at the beach.

To fulfill their need for mystery, travelers are booking tickets to “places on earth…

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