Plant-Based Proposal: Tofu Tender Love ❤️ Cookin’ Up Some Romance! – Video

Plant-Based Proposal: Tofu Tender Love ❤️ Cookin’ Up Some Romance! – Video

The Vegan Marry Me Chick’n recipe is a delicious and inventive plant-based alternative to the popular Marry Me Chicken dish. Host, Jill, introduces the star of the show, Meati’s classic cutlets, made from mushroom root, which mimics the texture of chicken. She also shares that you can use extra firm tofu or portabella mushroom as alternates.

The recipe begins with preheating the oven and mincing three garlic cloves to be spread in a baking dish. Then, the cutlets are placed on top of the garlic. The secret to this dish is the glorious sauce made from vegetable broth, nutritional yeast, cashews, white wine vinegar, and various herbs. The sauce is poured over the cutlets and sprinkled with sun-dried tomatoes and red pepper flakes before being baked for 30 minutes.

Jill also shares that the Whole Food Plant-Based Cooking Show is crowdfunded and offers a supporting membership to help keep the show free for everyone.

The video ends with a tantalizing reveal of the finished dish, followed by a taste test where Jill and her partner express their love for the recipe. Viewers are also given the option to become a supporting member, join their Plant Based Made Easy Community, and learn about discounts from their partners to further support the show.

In summary, the Vegan Marry Me Chick’n recipe is a flavorful, plant-based twist on a classic dish, sure to win over the hearts of anyone who tries it.

Watch the video by The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show

Let’s make plant-based merry me chicken welcome back to the whole food plant-based cooking show where we make plant-based cooking easy I’m Jill and today we are making merry me chicken but of course we’re not using chicken but before we get into the recipe congratulations to Briana she’s our this

Month’s Prize winner for our product giveaway every month we give away products to our supporting members and Brianna was the winner this month so congratulations all right so we’re going to get into this recipe we are using the star of the show right here this is a product from mey which we’re not

Affiliated with I am just amazed by this product and how delicious it is so this is this is their classic cutlet and if you can see it you know it looks like chicken cutlets and it has a similar uh texture when it’s cooked I would say it’s kind of between aish and chicken

Type of texture um but it’s very versatile it kind of soaks up whatever flavor you’re cooking it in and what it is they call it mushroom root which is actually the mycelium of the of the mushroom so cool but first thing we’re going to do uh we’ve got our oven preheated to

400° I’ve got three garlic cloves here that I’ve just finally minced and you’re going to put those in the bottom of your baking dish and I just have a small baking dish here whatever you have will work it doesn’t have to have a lid either it can just be an open container

So then we’re going to put our meat cutlets or meaty cutlets right on top of there then we are going to make the Glorious sauce because this dish is all about that sauce it is so amazing so this is 1 and 1/2 cups of vegetable broth and this is a low sodium vegetable

Broth 1/4 of a cup of nutritional yeast four of a cup of cashews one tbspoon of white wine vinegar then we have half teaspoon of smoked paprika half teaspoon of thyme and half teaspoon of oregano and that’s all that is in it and if you don’t want to use this

Product um you can also use just tofu like a firm tofu or a portella mushroom they’re equally as delicious all right so we’re just going to mix this up until it’s super super silky while we’re waiting for that I’d like to share some background on our show the whole food plant-based cooking

Show is crowdfunded which means these free weekly recipe videos along with our entire catalog of free printable recipes on our website plantbasedcooking and our plant-based cooking Made Easy cookbook series are all made possible in part by the generous patronage of our supporting membership community so if you you love our recipes

I invite you to join us on our mission to make plant-based cooking easy and follow the link in the description to become a supporting member today there’s no denying the plant-based diet is a nutrient Powerhouse but did you know there are a handful of hard to get nutrients even well-crafted diets are

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Plant-based diets and dosage is optimized specifically for us plus compliment is completely transparent about ingredient sourcing and thirdparty testing publishing the results directly on their website as a special discount for our viewers just use code plant-based easy at checkout to save 15% off of your order all right there we go for the

Sauce all right before you stick that on there I’m going to take my sundried to tomatoes that I just jul Ed up really small into little thin little strips and these are just regular sundried Tomatoes they’re not in oil or anything but they are salted so I’m not using any other

Kind of salt in this dish cuz it’s all going to come from those tomatoes because they are pretty salty if you’re sensitive to the Salt you can always soak them a little bit before you put these in there so you’re just going to sprinkle that over your whatever you choose to use

And then we’re going to pour that sauce over it and yes it seems like a lot of sauce but once you eat this you’ll be thinking I could do with more sauce so you’re going to pour the sauce over the stuff and it’s going to come right up to

The top of your little cutlets here there we go and then we’re going to sprinkle on this is completely optional but it does help to give it just a little bit of pop some red pepper flakes and I just use it on my the teeny little

Um specks here and so you don’t get any big chunks and sprinkle it in there CU it lets the smaller little flakes come out and it’s up to you how much this is probably about I would say a four of a teaspoon and that’s it guys so now all

That’s left is we’re going to stick it in the oven for 30 minutes okay it’s done come on in and take a look and smell this out so golden and bubbly all right it is like lava right now so I’m going to let it cool and then

I’ll meet you at the table for a taste all right let’s dig in it smells so good and I already know that this tastes amazing because Jeff and I have eaten a lot of this this getting this recipe perfected and I know that you’re going

To love it too and it’s so easy it’s not intimidating at all so you got to get some of that sundried tomato get some of that Cutlet that is Heavenly m come on back next week for another great recipe

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