Police Save Infant Trapped in Car as Father Gambles in Casino – Video

Police Save Infant Trapped in Car as Father Gambles in Casino – Video

In a heart-wrenching incident in Cleveland, Ohio, police were called to rescue a baby who had been left inside a locked car while the child’s father was busy gambling inside a casino. The dramatic rescue was captured on police body cameras, showing the moment officers unlocked the car to free the baby while others headed inside the casino to arrest the neglectful parent.

The baby was heard crying by a couple who returned to their own car nearby and immediately called 911. Thanks to their quick actions, the baby was rescued in time before any harm could come to the helpless child.

This shocking incident serves as a reminder of the dangers of leaving children unattended in vehicles, especially in extreme weather conditions. It also highlights the importance of bystander intervention in potentially life-threatening situations.

To watch the full video of the baby’s rescue and the subsequent arrest of the parent, visit Inside Edition Digital on YouTube. Let this video be a lesson to all parents and caretakers to prioritize the safety and well-being of children above all else.

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Video “Baby Rescued From Locked Car While Dad Was in Casino: Cops” was uploaded on 07/02/2024 to Youtube Channel Inside Edition