Princess Diana’s Secret Crush: Who Was the Hunk She “Fancied?”

Princess Diana’s Secret Crush: Who Was the Hunk She “Fancied?”

Princess Diana’s son, Prince William, recently revealed a surprising piece of information about his late mother: she had a secret crush on none other than Hollywood heartthrob Kevin Costner. According to Prince William, Princess Diana had lovey dovey feelings for Costner back in the day. In fact, years prior, there were talks of Princess Diana starring in the sequel to Costner’s hit film ‘The Bodyguard.’

This revelation sheds new light on Princess Diana’s personal life and interests, showing a different side to the beloved royal figure. The idea of Princess Diana potentially starring alongside Kevin Costner in a Hollywood film adds an intriguing element to her already captivating story. The news of her celebrity crush adds a fun and unexpected twist to her legacy, proving that she was a woman of many dimensions.

As fans continue to cherish Princess Diana’s memory and learn more about her life, this revelation adds a charming and whimsical touch to her story. The idea of Princess Diana admiring a Hollywood hunk like Kevin Costner only adds to her timeless allure. It is always fascinating to uncover new details about the lives of iconic figures like Princess Diana, and this revelation about her secret Hollywood crush certainly adds a new layer to her legacy.

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