Rare Boyfriend Update: Sophie Turner Shouts Out About ‘Sex’

Rare Boyfriend Update: Sophie Turner Shouts Out About ‘Sex’

In a rare public display of affection, Sophie Turner took to Instagram to share an update on her romance with boyfriend Peregrine Pearson. The actress, known for her role as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, posted a series of photos that included a picture of herself on a romantic picnic with her beau. The caption of the post read, ‘Sun, sex and suspicious parents,’ which caught the attention of fans and followers alike.

The mention of ‘sex’ in the caption raised eyebrows, as Turner typically keeps her relationship with Pearson private. The reference to the BBC Three reality series, ‘Sun, sex and suspicious parents,’ added a playful touch to the post. The show, which aired from 2011 to 2015, followed young adults as they went on holiday without their parents knowing, and showcased the challenges they faced along the way.

Fans were quick to react to Turner’s rare boyfriend update, with many expressing their excitement and support for the couple. Some commented on the adorable nature of the photos, while others joked about the cheeky caption. Turner and Pearson have been dating for some time now, but have kept their relationship largely out of the public eye. This glimpse into their romance was a welcome surprise for followers of the actress.

As Sophie Turner continues to captivate audiences with her acting talent, it’s clear that her personal life is just as intriguing. Whether she’s slaying onscreen as Sansa Stark or sharing sweet moments with her beau, fans can’t get enough of the talented star. Here’s to hoping for more updates on Turner and Pearson’s relationship in the future.

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