Release Calendar for January 5 and Where to Watch

Release Calendar for January 5 and Where to Watch

Welcome to 2024! And welcome back to…well, an unsurprisingly thin week of new releases. With the 2023 contenders already out and about and Sundance just a few days off, this first week of January doesn’t have too much in the way of fresh picks (though next week packs some already-reviewed gems and some much-anticipated newbies). But, if you’ve already boned up on your 2023 features and are hankering for something new, there are a few things in the offing.

Some of 2023’s splashy titles are hitting streaming, for instance, like Oscar entry “Society of the Snow” and the Saoirse Ronan- and Paul Mescal-starring “Foe.” (Next week, a real heavy hitter joins their streaming ranks, as Martin Scorsese’s “Killers of the Flower Moon” finally hits AppleTV+). Also on Netflix, Daniel Levy’s feature directorial debut, the well-received grief dramedy “Good Grief.”

Want to head to the theaters? Choices are lacking there, but there is at least the new horror feature “Night Swim,” which seems capable of bonding together audiences terrified of things rubbing up against your feet while enjoying a dip in the pool (relatable!).

Each film is now available in a theater near you or in the comfort of your own home (or, in some cases, both, the convenience of it all). Browse your options below.

Week of January 1 – January 7

New Films in Theaters

“He Went That Way” (directed by Jeffrey Darling)
Where to Find…

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