“Remote Demonstration: Parking a Genuine BMW Online” – Video

“Remote Demonstration: Parking a Genuine BMW Online” – Video

Watch Me Park a Real BMW Over the Internet

The video “Watch Me Park a Real BMW Over the Internet” showcases BMW’s remote valet parking concept as demonstrated at CES 2024. The concept allows a remote operator to take control of and move a BMW vehicle at low speeds using a specialized station equipped with a steering wheel, pedals, and controls, as well as screens displaying the car’s driver information systems, steering trajectory lines, and park distance sensors. The video explains the advantages of this technology, such as the ability to command a fleet of BMW cars remotely, moving cars into parking spaces while customers enjoy their time at a restaurant. The remote operator can use the one-pedal operation to control the speed of the car, with built-in safety features to prevent collisions and ensure responsiveness. The video also highlights BMW’s forward-looking approach to vehicle connectivity, leveraging existing sensors and connectivity within the vehicle to enable remote control. Overall, the video provides a fascinating look at the innovative technologies being showcased by BMW at CES 2024, emphasizing the potential for advanced connectivity and remote operation in the automotive industry. Viewers are encouraged to visit CET.com for more information on BMW’s offerings at the event.

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[Applause] we’re here outside CES 2024 in BMW’s Booth taking a look at the automaker’s remote valet parking concept now what this does is it allows a remote operator to take control of and move a BMW vehicle at low speeds now why would you want to do that let’s imagine that I own

A fleet of BMWs and I need to move that ex over there in the parking lot from one space to another rather than going out and getting in the car I can access it from this station right here I’ve got a steering wheel much like what you see

In a racing Sim pedals and controls here on the screens I’ve got screens up here that show me all of the driver a Information Systems from the car including the steering trajectory lines and the park distance sensors so I can just put it in the drive and take over

The car now at the speed this thing operates I only need one pedal for driving and that’s the gas pedal so I step on the pedal and the car car starts moving if I lift off the pedal it comes to a stop now I’ve only got like maybe

Like 5 km per hour that I can do with this speed because it is remote and you don’t want to actually run into something from a distance pretty good responsiveness here not a whole lot of lag and again it feels a lot like sort

Of driving a car and a gaming s now if you ever get too close to a wall or something like that or a pedestrian walks in front your regular driver raid systems will kick in and the car will come to a stop so now the advantage of

Doing this remotely is that now I could take control of another vehicle I could command a fleet of dozens of BMW cars in a consumer situation someone could pull up to a valet at a restaurant that supports BMW remote pallet parking and I could move their car into a parking

Space while they go inside the restaurant and enjoy their meal I think that the reason they put this sort of one pedal driving SL slightly laggy low speeed sort of throttle is that you don’t want the car getting away from you if there is any latency in the

Connection basically I’ve got the pedal matted right now and the car will go as fast as it needs to to complete the operation now BMW’s developed this technology in partnership with supplier valo and the brilliant thing about it is that it uses pretty much all of the sensors and connectivity that’s already

Built into the vehicle BMW did a lot of looking forward when they developed their new platform of vehicles for connectivity so there’s not a whole lot you have to do to get the car to a point where you could remotely control it like this this is just one of many

Technologies that BMW is showcasing at CES this year be sure to head over to cet.com to see even more of what they got in store and to check out the rest of what’s happening around the show

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