Remote Tractor Operating: John Deere Enables Tractor Driving from 1,300 Miles Away Using a Phone – Video

Remote Tractor Operating: John Deere Enables Tractor Driving from 1,300 Miles Away Using a Phone – Video

John Deere Let Me Drive A Tractor with a Phone 1,300 Miles Away

John Deere’s latest innovation is taking farming technology to a whole new level with their remote control tractor, allowing farmers to operate their equipment from thousands of miles away. In a demonstration at the CES conference in Las Vegas, a John Deere representative took control of a tractor in Austin, Texas using only a cell phone, showcasing the incredible capabilities of this new technology.

Not only can the remote operator control the tractor’s movements, but they can also make adjustments to the work plan, route, and various other factors in real time. This technology is a game changer for farmers who may be short on labor or need to manage multiple tasks at once, allowing them to free up their time and focus on other aspects of their operation.

In addition to the remote control capabilities, John Deere is also incorporating machine learning technology into their equipment, such as the use of cameras to monitor and optimize crop production. This includes features like the Furo Vision camera for trench digging, and carbon fiber boom with weed identification technology to reduce chemical usage by 60-70%.

The company is also using data collection to track and improve crop yield, as well as to provide transparency for consumers by tracking the journey of their products from the farm to the store. With all of this cutting-edge technology in play, it’s clear that John Deere is at the forefront of innovation in the agriculture industry.

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We’re getting a live look at John Deere’s tractor in Austin Texas right now tilling the fields there’s the cameras this is the controls and this is the job it’s doing and you know what I’m going to take it over remotely over in Las Vegas with a cell phone over at John

Deere booth at CES I can see in real time how a 50,000 lb machine can be controlled from anywhere even 1,300 miles away the work plan and the route it’s already set up but at any point I could just come into this app guess we could just pause the machine there you

Go and if I want to resume it I can I can also get a real-time feed of how things are going or change other factors we can change the infield speed of the job and the turn speed of the job so feel more speed on this guy when a farm

Might be busy with another job or maybe labor is in short supply this frees up the farmer with their time to do other things John Deere is putting machine learning smarts into all aspects of crop production this is a piece of a planter machine and here we’re seeing that new

Technology being added a camera called furo Vision making sure that the trench that’s being dug up is as it should be if anything’s going wrong the farmer will find out a carbon fiber boom that is designed to spray chemicals like pesticide for example has cameras that can quickly identify weeds and just

Spray weed killer where it is needed and that cuts down on 60 to 70% of chemicals used this is an example of a machine that would Harvest cotton and it can put it all into a giant baale just want to run into the bail of cotton data is being collected at every

Step to help a farmer see what they can adjust next season to improve their crop yield and data also helps track exactly where a crop winds up in this case a retailer could say their shirts used cotton that came from a farm that uses sustainable farming practices essentially tracking your crop at all

Stages from dirt to shirt you know with all this cool Tech out here I think next year I’m going to have to learn how to drive one of these things to go more handson let us know what you think in the comments thanks for watching

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