Reverse the Aging Process and Achieve a Youthful Appearance! – Video

Reverse the Aging Process and Achieve a Youthful Appearance! – Video

In the video, Dr. Eric Berg discusses the importance of slowing down the aging process through mitochondrial health and the role of NAD in longevity. NAD, a vital nutrient involved in energy extraction and anti-aging, decreases as we age. To boost NAD levels, Dr. Berg recommends consuming specific compounds found in foods such as parsley, blueberries, turmeric, onion, apple skin, and methylene blue.

Through a deep dive into the Krebs cycle and the impact of nutrients on energy production, Dr. Berg highlights the significance of these compounds in maintaining optimal health and longevity. By incorporating these foods into your diet, you can support your mitochondria and potentially slow down the aging process, leading to a healthier and longer life.

For more information on how to boost NAD levels and enhance your anti-aging efforts, be sure to check out Dr. Berg’s video on methylene blue. With his insightful tips and recommendations, you can take proactive steps towards looking younger, living longer, and reducing the risk of age-related diseases.

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Is it possible to slow down aging? Find out how to look younger, live longer, and have fewer diseases in this quick video!

0:00 Introduction: How to slow down aging
0:35 Anti-aging secrets
1:30 NAD explained
2:25 Anti-aging tips
4:07 Check out my video on methylene blue!

In this video, I’m going to tell you how to slow down aging so you can look younger and live longer. The mitochondria are the body’s energy factory. The health and function of your mitochondria directly correlate to aging and longevity.

The Krebs cycle is a process in your body that starts with food and ends with energy. It requires nutrients or cofactors to work properly. NAD is a vital nutrient involved in extracting energy from food to make ATP, and it’s critical for longevity and anti-aging.

NAD prevents muscle loss, especially in cancer patients, and protects against radiation. As we age, NAD decreases. Researchers have found that CD38 depletes NAD, and mice with less CD38 tend to live longer.

Here are 5 compounds that boost NAD to help slow aging:

1. Apigenin
Parsley is the best source, but it’s also found in thyme, oregano, basil, and celery.

2. Anthoxanthin
Consume blueberries and other blue, purple, or red foods such as elderberry, concord grapes, and purple potato.

3. Curcumin
This is found in turmeric.

4. Quercetin
The best source is onion, and the most is found in the outer part. You can also find quercetin in apple skin.

5. Methylene blue
This was the first medical drug ever invented. It seems to be a good inhibitor of CD38, which can help boost NAD.

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Dr. Berg, age 59, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you defy aging to look younger and feel your best. I’ll see you in the next video.

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