Richard Blade Honored with a Walk of Fame Ceremony – Video

Richard Blade Honored with a Walk of Fame Ceremony – Video

Richard Blade Walk of Fame Ceremony

The Hollywood Chamber has proudly hosted the globally iconic Walk of Fame for more than 60 years, and on this special day, they honored Richard Blade with star number 2782. Richard Blade, a popular DJ in America, has had a successful career in radio, TV, and writing. He has won numerous awards and has made a significant impact in the music industry.

During the ceremony, various speakers, including Jimmy Kimmel, Billy Idol, and councilwoman Monica Rodriguez, praised Richard Blade for his contributions to music and entertainment. Fans also expressed their gratitude for his work over the years, highlighting his influence in introducing them to new music.

Richard Blade shared his journey from England to America, where he pursued his passion for music and radio. He reflected on the challenges he faced to get where he is today and expressed his gratitude for the support of his fans and colleagues. The unveiling of his star on the Walk of Fame marked a significant milestone in his career, and he thanked everyone for their continued support.

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