Robbie Amell stars in the 2024 trailer for FLOAT – Video

Robbie Amell stars in the 2024 trailer for FLOAT – Video

The FLOAT movie trailer introduces us to Waverly, a city girl spending her summer before college in the beach town of Holden. Feeling alienated by the local beach culture, she finds a new sense of belonging when she meets the local lifeguard Blake. As their relationship grows, Waverly discovers a new world of possibilities and questions her carefully planned future. The trailer gives us a glimpse of their budding romance, as well as the internal conflict Waverly faces as she navigates her feelings for Blake and her ambitions to become a doctor.

The film, directed by Sherren Lee and starring Robbie Amell, Andrea Bang, and Sarah Desjardins, promises to be a heartwarming love story with themes of self-discovery and following one’s dreams. With beautiful beach scenery and a captivating storyline, FLOAT is set to be a compelling and emotional film that will tug at the heartstrings of viewers. The trailer leaves us eager to see how Waverly’s journey unfolds and how she ultimately chooses to define her own path in life.

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