“ROG’s CES Reveal Event: A Complete Recap in Just 11 Minutes” – Video

“ROG’s CES Reveal Event: A Complete Recap in Just 11 Minutes” – Video

ROG's CES Reveal Event: Everything Announced in 11 Minutes

At ROG’s recent CES Reveal Event, the gaming brand showcased a multitude of exciting products and innovations designed to take gaming and productivity to the next level. The event provided an 11-minute glimpse into the latest and greatest offerings from ROG, including the highly anticipated RG8 gaming phone.

The RG8 boasts a slimmer and more compact form factor, without sacrificing the size of its impressive nearly 7-inch display. In fact, the new Flexible AMOLED panel now offers a 94% screen-to-body ratio and brightness of up to 2500 nits, making it perfect for gaming and media consumption even in the brightest of environments. Powered by the 3.3 GHz Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, the RG8 delivers a 30% faster CPU and 25% faster GPU performance.

ROG also presented a new evolution of the Zephyrus G Series with the introduction of the Zephyrus G14 and G16 laptops. These sleek, ultra-slim machines are equipped with powerful components including up to an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 laptop GPU and Intel’s latest Core i9 processor. With larger keycaps, expanded touchpads, and larger speakers, the user experience has been enhanced for an even more immersive gaming and productivity experience.

Additionally, ROG showcased the first R motherboard featuring the Hidden Connector design, the Al STX GeForce RTX 490 BTF graphics card, and the latest third-gen Al Olay technology, offering up to 30% brighter visuals and enhanced burning protection. The event also revealed the new RG Swift Olay PG-39 WCD gaming ultra-wide monitor and the RG Knock Mini PC, aimed at redefining the gaming experience.

These cutting-edge products and innovations demonstrated at ROG’s CES Reveal Event highlight the brand’s commitment to pushing the envelope and setting new standards in gaming and productivity technology.

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As the number one gaming brand we’re always striving to be the best let’s start with the thickness the rg8 is notably Slimmer and despite the less rounded edges it’s subjectively more comfortable to hold and easier to pick up but the biggest change is its overall form factor it’s a lot more Compact and

It’s lighter too it’s much more subtle and simplistic really anyone could be holding it in their hand without it looking unusual or odd now you might be thinking all right that’s awesome but what’s the catch what did we sacrifice to make this possible is this still a

True R gaming phone under the hood oh yes well how much smaller did we have to make the screen it’s still the same massive almost 7in display but thanks to much Slimmer Basel It Now Sports a 94% screen to body ratio while it’s the same size it’s actually a brand new 6.78 in

Flexible AMOLED panel that now goes up to 2500 nits so you can game over watch movies even on the sunniest of days and yes our RG Phone 8 can still go all the way up to 165 HZ RG phones have consistently push the envelope when it

Comes to Performance and this to has not changed with the rg8 powered by the 3.3 GHz Snapdragon 8 gen 3 it delivers up to 30% faster CPU and 25% faster GPU performance and did you really think we would stop with the crazy over-the-top memory and storage specs the RGA comes

With up to 24 GB of 8533 lpddr 5x memory and up to 1 tbte of Blazing fast ufs 4.0 storage we have a ton of awesome gaming headsets but the perfect match for an rg8 are definitely true wireless earbuds and Bluetooth is perfectly fine for calls of music but if

You want the best possible gaming experience bluetoo latency is not ideal So today we’re bringing the same ultra low latency speed Nova 2.4 GHz interface from a wireless mice and keyboards to a wireless headphones with our brand new cetra true Wireless speed Nova thanks to this tiny USBC dongle you can now get

Around three times lower latency than with Bluetooth and up to 25% lower latency than competing 2.4 GHz Solutions so what you see and what you hear is always insane so it’s time for a new Evolution of the zepis G Series we have made it thinner more modern and more

Equipped for the next generation of gaming productivity and creativity this new chapter will begin with two new machines the 2024 alga zephrus G14 and g16 just like every zepis machines that came before it we wanted to create a gaming laptop that combine four Essential Elements it had to be Sleek

Ultra slim powerful Beyond its weight class with immersive visuals and sound we started by rebuilding the zep’s identity from the ground up these new models are even more streamlined with a visual design that’s clean and premium we wanted to make sure that kept the individual flare that made the previous

Generation so popular so we kept the B slash on the front which sports a glossy finish and seven zones of buil-in LEDs and 15 different animated pents with their own sound effects you can customize your machines to show off your unique personality the chanes is 100% aluminum with metallic matte finish that

Gives it a durable yet luxurious feel while allowing us to keep the device thinner and lighter than ever we have enhanced the entire user experience from the feel of the keyboard under your fingers to the weight and internal build of the laptop these new models have larger key caps as well as larger

Speakers that go right up to the edge of the chassis the touchpad has also been EXP expanded with a smooth surface that 16x 10 aspect ratio to perfectly match the display for an outra precise movements and we did all this while increasing rigidity the keyboard deck is more

Durable meaning you can be confidence in your device no matter what you are doing we’ll be offering configurations featuring up to Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 laptop GPU as well as Intel’s latest coold Ultra KN processor capable of incredible multi-core performance with of AI computation power it comes with 90

W large capacity batter the Z G14 will be available with up to an Nvidia GeForce RTX 470 laptop GPU partnered with an AMD ryzen KN processor with eight cores and 16 threads and ryzen AI ipu featuring 16 tops of AI performance you will experience incredible performance in a shockingly com compact

Package with 73 W battery first I’m happy to introduce the r Maximus z790 hero BTF the first R motherboard featuring The Hidden connector design all connectors are concealed on the backside of the motherboard this Innovation delivers an unprecedented level of cable management to PC DIY ducies this motherboard also boasts an

Innovative PC DIY feature let’s take a closer look at the top right corner where you’ll find a QED it is a further Improvement in diagnostic displays Builders can use this display to detect power deliver issues affecting their motherboard and it can also alert them when memory modules have not been

Properly installed next we have the all STX gForce RTX 490 BTF graphics card it retains all a powerful feature of a standard Al STX RTX 490 and now it features a high power PCI connector that is compatible with the new graphics card high power SL lot on the r BTF

Motherboard as a result the r BTF ecosystem elevates r aesthetics to another level with cuttingedge engineering Innovations for an easier faster and cleaner PC DIY experience and now we’re ready to unveil third gen a OA technology this latest panel technology is up to 30% brighter than last gen and offers greater burning protection

Compared to its predecessor the panel also boast the clear pixel age AO veren that reduces green and red fine on TX and lines for improve viewing experience additionally we’re adding our exclusive extreme low motion blur technology for even more CRPS and clear motion in fast-paced games your finest pan out in

Our latest Olay monitors first it’s the RG Swift Olay pg-39 wcdm a 39 in gaming Ultra wide second we’re introducing alga Swift volet pg27 AQ DP the world’s first 480 HZ Olay monitor finally we’re introducing the Ali Swift Olay pg30 ucdp the world’s first dual mode gaming

Monitor with this display you can use frame rate boost to switch between 4K 240 HZ and Full HD 480 HZ modes on the Fly for fans of immersive Ultra wide displays with a 21 by9 SP ratio we raise the bar with the RG Swift volet pg-39

Ccdn our upcoming 39 in Ultra wide curve monitor the massive display is up to 32% larger than the 34 in monitors that you’re used to allowing your gaming world to cover more of your field of you the PG 39 wcd is our most curved monitor yet it’s done in 800 R curvature makes

Every pixel whether it’s in the middle or edges of the panel equ distant from your eyes when you’re seated 80 cm from the monitor first the new RG monitor light bar provides comfortable lighting to minimize screen reflection and ie strain something you appreciate when browsing the web watching movies and

Videos multitasking or gaming for hours on end the RG oral monitor light bar have three lighting modes frontal lighting to care for your eyes back lighting for AAL sink setup and a combination of both convenient controls make it easy to adjust the color temperature and brightness according to your preference today we’ve introduce

You to our latest range of our go gaming moners posting third gen allergy Olay technology that offers brighter visuals and minimal color fringing you’ve also seen how the allergy or mod Li bar and Ergo mod arm can upgrade your gaming setup our G knock is the first knock

Mini PC in the ourg brand embodies our clear goal to redefine the game experience providing you with the ultimate freedom to play how you want where you want and in the way that works best for you e of use is a top priority our toolless design chesses ensures customization cleaning and maintenance

Takes only a few minutes adding memor and storage is quick and easy as well your gaming experience will be powered by Intel Core Ultra 9 and Ultra 7 processors complemented by Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 or 4060 Graphics these components deliver a smooth gaming experience for your favorite titles complete with stunning visuals and

Support for up to 4 4K display we know you’ve been waiting for this the r CarX the first studi grade R gaming microphone the cardioid polar pattern mic is equipped with a large 25 mm condenser capsule and offers a 192 khz sampling rate at 24bit to deliver High Fidelity reproduction for detailed and

Natural sound so I’d like you to meet the latest addition to our Ace Esports lineup the RG Caris 2 ace a mouse that weighs just 54 grams in an ergonomic shape that most hardcore FPS players will love meet the Rog fun RX low profile our very first low profile

Gaming keyboard This TR mode keyboard features a compact size an ultra thingin design with a protective cover making it perfect for gaming on the go building upon Gamers love for the r RX switches we proudly introduce our latest innovation Rog RX low profile switches the new low profile switches have a

Unique Hollow Square stamp four corner latches all held firmly in place by the ax stabilizer what you get are consistent keystrokes with last wobble

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