Ruto of Kenya Opens Up Dialogue with Protesters on Tax Increases

Ruto of Kenya Opens Up Dialogue with Protesters on Tax Increases

Kenya’s President William Ruto has expressed his willingness to engage in dialogue with the thousands of young protesters who have taken to the streets to voice their opposition to proposed tax hikes. The demonstrations, organized primarily through social media and led by a younger generation of Kenyans, have put pressure on Ruto’s government to address concerns over economic policies.

Protesters have accused Ruto’s administration of reneging on promises to reduce taxes and lower the cost of living, sparking nationwide demonstrations that have caught the government off-guard. The protests have been largely peaceful, with young Kenyans livestreaming their activities to raise awareness of the issues at hand.

In response to the growing discontent, President Ruto has indicated his willingness to have a “conversation” with the protesters, signaling a potential shift in government policy. As the protests continue to gain momentum, all eyes are on Nairobi as the country grapples with ongoing unrest over the proposed tax increases.

Al Jazeera’s Catherine Soi provides insight into the situation on the ground in Nairobi, where protesters are demanding accountability from President Ruto’s government.

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