Scientists Are Terrified by New Discoveries in the Niagara River – Video

Scientists Are Terrified by New Discoveries in the Niagara River – Video

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Most mystical stories associated with Niagara River. The mighty Niagara Falls captivates with its beauty, grandeur, and power. But hidden within the churning waters lies a deeper mystique – tales of daredevils, lost souls, and strange phenomena. Join us as we show you the twenty most mystical stories associated with these magnificent falls..

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Shocking Discovery Beneath Niagara Falls Scares Scientists!

Niagara Falls became America’s very first state park in 1885 the mighty Niagara Falls captivates with its beauty Grandeur and power but hidden within the churning Waters lies a deeper Mystique Tales of daredevils lost souls and strange phenomena join us as we show you the 20 most mystical stories associated with these magnificent Falls

Number 20 mystical stories and night illumination the Roaring Waters of Niagara Falls have captivated visitors for Centuries with their stunning Beauty and raw natural power however the magic of this incredible Landmark truly comes alive at night when an elaborate illumination system bathes the cascading torran in dazzling displays of color and

Light according to local lore and mystical stories passed down through generations the energy and wonder of Niagara Falls intensifies after dark enthusiastic tourists visiting the falls at night have claimed to experience a mesmerizing spectacle unlike anything they’ve witnessed before with some calling it the most beautiful site they’ve seen in their entire

Lives the tradition of spotlighting the falls at night first began in 1860 when over 200 lights were installed to honor a visit by Albert Edward the Prince of Wales at the time stretching over a mile across the Niagara Gorge these lights illuminated both the American and Canadian ins sides of the Rapids their

Glow could switch on simultaneously or alternate in patterns creating dazzling visual drama over the years the technology used to light up Niagara Falls has continued to advance during World War II the illumination was often Switched Off for security and economic reasons but since 1974 high-powered Xenon spotlights have taken over their

Beams dancing fluidly through color gels to bathe the turbulent Cascades in a kaleidoscope of Hues the sheer height of the falls adds awe inspiring depth to this nightly spectacle number 19 the story of Annie Taylor on October 1901 a 63-year-old school teacher named Annie Taylor accomplished something death-defying she went over Niagara

Falls enclosed inside a wooden barrel and survived driven by Financial desperation Taylor deliberately rode her crude capsule down the Roaring Falls hoping to gain Fame and secure her finances by becoming the first person to conquer the Raging Torrance by 1901 Taylor had fallen into hardship and poverty a widow living in Bay City

Michigan she supported herself as a dance instructor but struggled to make ends meet inspired by hearing stories of the lucrative publicity stunts performed by Niagra Falls Daredevils she decided to stake her Survival on her Sensational Cascade ride on October 24th Taylor’s 63rd birthday she climbed into an old

Oak Pickle Barrel 5 ft high and 3 ft wide padded in inside with a mattress for protection with a small oxygen supply a bottle of water and a lantern she was towed by motorboat into the Upper Niagara River and cut loose carried by the surging Rapids the barrel

Tumbled towards and over the edge of Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side of the Border after a harrowing plunge of over 170 ft Taylor emerged from the barrel relatively unscathed onto the Rocks below the falls the mighty Torrance mangled the barrel significantly but she was rescued from

The Basin with only minor bruises and a small cut on her head left with her Fame and her life fully intact number 18 dried up Niagara Fall through peculiar quirks of Fate the Relentless waves of Niagara have rarely but memorably gone silent during an ice Jam winter in 1848

And an Army Corps of Engineers initiative in 1969 the spectacle of North America’s mightiest waterfall suddenly silenced and reverberated worldwide in March 1848 after a bitterly frigid winter spawned thick shelf ice accumulating around niagara’s Rim an Abrupt mid-mon warming Trend broke enormous chunks loose to come smashing together into a dense Frozen Dam

Obstructing The Narrows above Goat Island with melting slowed this formidable ice barricade blocked all water flow to the American Falls and bridal veil Falls for over 35 hours straight before finally disintegrating then on June 1969 the US Army Corps of Engineers urgently approved an unor Orthodox scheme to temporarily turn off

The American side of Horseshoe Falls fearing collapse from Relentless rockfalls along that segment Engineers constructed Coffer dams diverting all water to the Canadian horseshoe side instead leaving the American Channel dry for study and stabilization of the crumbling Talis slope underneath lasting nearly half a year through November this intentional waterfall stoppage let

Geologists extensively reinforce and rebuild endangered structures around the American Amic Falls now exposed foundations number 17 the tight RPP walking Feats during the breathless era when Daredevil’s regularly cheated death at Niagara Falls an ambitious acrobat named Steve Pier earned special Fame and ultimately Doom through his exceptional

Feats walking over the Raging Abyss on Slender wires though peer dazzled Spectators he perished attempting an unprecedented rope Crossing directly over the Fall’s widest point cementing his Legend born in Stamford Ontario in 1840 Pier trained for years to emulate famous French tight RPP Walker Charles blondz stunts treading perilous lines

Over niagara’s cauldrons courage evolving into Obsession Pier honed his balance and fearlessness tirelessly before his inaugural waterfall tight rope performance occurred on June 27 1887 on a cable strung from the whirlpool bridge to the mainland delighting crowds he crossed hand over hand while dangling by one knee at times heightening the suspense intoxicating

Ated by his surge of celebrity after this and equally daring subsequent skywalks Pier yearned to Eclipse blond’s Legacy with an even more audacious feet traversing from the lower arch bridge on the American side completely over to Canada’s Clifton Hill while battling the Falls full strength midpoint winds but

On a bitterly cold night that same year heavy drinking to numb his nerves tragically impacted the Daredevil’s coordination wobbling steps onto the waiting rope soon plunged Pier helplessly down into the call 155 ft below his remains were never recovered number 16 history of the falls although commonly thought of as a single immense

Cataract Niagara Falls is actually a multifaceted cluster of three separate waterfalls situated along a crescent shape spanning over 8,800 ft wide the largest and most famous section is the 176 ft High Hors shoe Falls located furthest west along the Canada US border adjacent to it Cascades the American

Falls formed by two sections while to its East flows the delicate veil-like Cascade of bridal veil Falls all three owe their Origins to tumultuous glacial forces over 12,000 years ago as the last ice age concluded enormous flows of meltwater surged southwards from present day Ontario Excavating a channel towards

A massive escarpment near the site of today’s Queenston Village flowing over this precipice the tremendous outrush carved a 7mile Gorge that gradually extended across the Niagara Peninsula as various floodgates holding back the Great Lakes opened combined the three massive cataracts currently dump around 750,000 gallons of water per second in a

Thunderous display of Nature’s might and fluid dynamics enough liquid to fill over 2 million bathtubs daily at Peak daytime illumination The Cloud of mist Rising beyond the Horseshoe Falls can even sometimes create fleeting rainbows for visitors to admire as they study geology ‘s most dramatic liquid architecture number 15 Devil’s whole

Cave near the Thundering torrents of Niagara Falls lurks the forboding opening of Devil’s whole cave shrouded in spine tingling Legends of vengeful Spirits within and the strange demise of a famous early Explorer they reportedly cursed this Rocky Cavern carved behind the Cascades has struck fear into hearts for Centuries with Native Tales warning

Of evil beings lying in wait to claim victims who dare to enter even Maps caution visitors against its ominous energy still perceptible today as the legend goes 7th century French explorer Renee Rober Cavalier de lasal scoffed at dire warnings from his Sena guides while charting the region and mockingly stroe

Into Devil’s Hole seeking spirits to confront immediately within the damp chamber Lal was said to have heard a disembodied voice speak his name before demanding he depart the cave that instant and cease all travels Westward staggering outside shaken by the experience the the still defiant Trailblazer resumed his expedition only

To thereafter endure a 2-year streak of calamities including disease hostile attacks and failed supply routes until assassinated by his own mutinied crew in Texas in the centuries since many have reported experiencing intense sensations of dread while exploring Devil’s Hole and the overpowering scent of Decay wafting from its depths campers nearby

Often hear shrieks and an unearthly Roar after Sunset likened to the fury of the falls matched only by The Rage of lurking entities Who Remain territorial over their haunt for oblivious Thrill Seekers who disregard the warnings countless mishaps injuries and even several fatal plunges have reinforced native Traditions shielding Devil’s

Whole as forbidden ground not to be tread Uninvited number 14 cache of coins beneath the Roaring Waters of Niagara Falls lies a mysterious secret countless coins hiding within the watery depths swept through the Raging currents over the years forever buried deep below the Falls a glimpse of This Global treasure

Trove was revealed in 1969 when Engineers briefly ceased the iconic waterfalls flow to investigate and reinforce the crumbling Rock bed underneath exposing a fraction of the coins from around the world that have accumulated there over time as the drained basins emerged thick layers of shiny coins glinted from the Muddy River

Bottom catching the Curiosity of Spectators some coins reached back over a century While others had been tossed into the Falls mere days before all visitors to Niagara Falls soon learn of the tradition promising good fortune and guaranteed return to those who fling a coin into the Rapids and there at the

Emptied waterfalls base was evidence of generation upon generation heeding superstitions call by the most conservative estimates over 1 million coins rested scattered across the briefly revealed riverbed and those only represented the tiniest fraction of the coins likely strewn upon the slopes hidden beneath the roiling waters number 13 battle with Sena warriors on

September 14 1763 one of the british’s most devastating losses in the French Indian war occurred at the Niagara River Gorge an event now known as the devil’s whole Massacre a Supply Convoy of over 80 troops was led into a deadly Ambush orchestrated by senica tribesmen unable to retaliate against the tactically

Dominant and mercil Ambush the British soldiers were slaughtered the incredibly one-sided violence of the battle set against the now famously picturesque Niagra Gorge fueled tales that Satan himself directed The Bloodshed from his nearby Riverside Grotto that September Dawn a British Detachment including 80 Red Coats several wagons and over 90

Horses descended from Fort Niagara towards Fort Scher obliviously marching straight into a trap hidden at top the wooded Gorge peering down at Devil’s Hole a massive force of over 240 senica Warriors suddenly opened fire hitting the group’s Commander fatally in the first chaotic volley his second in command reportedly attempted to

Surrender but the attackers refused instead massacring every last Soldier amidst the billowing gunm smoke the massacre concluded horrifically with dozens of dead Red Coats getting scalped and hacked apart before both their bodies and mounts were flung disgracefully Over The Gorge Rim down into the Rapids by the Victorious senica

After plundering valuables from the combat area they simply melted into the forest leaving only blood staining the soil to Mark the engagement site number 12 the barrel descent by Charles Steven in 1920 British Daredevil Charles Steven deliberately plunged over Niagara Falls in a barrel seeking fame however his vessel catastrophically failed

Structurally ending his stunt in sheer disaster rather than Glory attempting to survive a stunt that had killed many before Steven gambled his life on equipment that betrayed him completely before the spectator’s eyes no stranger to death defying Feats from parachuting to deep sea diving Steven arrived in Niagara Falls prepared to challenge the

Cataracts fearsome repute as his crowning Escapade relying on his barrels design alone to Shield him on the plunge the 53-year-old barber chose dense Russian Oak reinforced by Iron bands which he believed could withstand any impacts against the Rocks below sealing himself inside Feet First on August 5 1920 Steven plunged instantly away

Towards the ravenous Horseshoe Falls mere seconds later the barrel was dashed violently open on massive Boulders concealed beneath the waterfall surface helpless inside his shattered capsule Steven was last glimpsed raised halfway out of the barrel amidst swirls of foam before disappearing into the Raging currents severed hands still Shackled to

The vessel wall horrified Witnesses realized immediately no rescue would be possible days later remnants of Steven’s demolished craft emerged Downstream mangled almost beyond recognition Sands no trace of its now legendary occupant number 11 ghost of echo club building once a glamorous 19th century Manor the echo Club alongside Niagara Falls

Attracts modern-day visitors with its luxury dining and Hospitality along with a chilling side offering of Resident ghost sightings and paranormal unexplained activities linked to its colorful past built by businessman Thomas Welch in 1885 bizarre occurrences happening since his time suggest something or someone still occupies the stately building Beyond its living

Patrons according to many witness accounts documented for over a century assorted Supernatural disturbances routinely transpire at the echo Club after Nightfall leading staff and ghost hunting enthusiasts to believe the mans remains home to lingering Spirits flickering lights self-opening doors objects toppling over inex explicably and Phantom screams piercing the

Darkness point to possible ghostly Mischief originating from the sight’s role first as a family estate then a funeral parlor before becoming a restaurant the most compelling stories revolve around an apparition guests have reported glimpsing within Echo club’s red and gold theater room featuring velvet wallpaper and box seating balconies Witnesses describe spotting a

Glowing young woman attired in a flowing ivory dress pacing the theater’s upper level who vanishes instantaneously when approached her tearful expression and dated garments indicate a lingering Persona from the mansion’s bustling past one seemingly unwilling to vacate entirely even after death number 10 hermit of Niagara Falls one of the most

Colorful figures inhabiting 19th century Niagra Falls lore was a locally famous hermit named Francis Abbott who deliberately chose to dwell inside a cave overlooking the mighty Cascades renouncing Society in middle age Abbott nested in solitude near the Falls he adored for almost a decade deade until

His death this unusual man grew into a Niagara icon the Eternal spectator content to view its Grandeur through a self-imposed Exile from the outside world in accounts pieced together after his passing Francis Abbott was born around 1826 in England before immigrating to America sometime in the 1850s well spoken and highly educated he

Worked as a secretary in New York City until abruptly resigning from his post at age 35 drawn to Niagara Falls during a trip there he secured a rocky cave for shelter practically underneath the Cascades and resolved to exist as a voluntary hermit isolated from Humanity for the next 9 years The Eccentric Abbot

Resided in his Riverside Cavern home sustained by provisions and water lowered down to him via a basket in warm Seasons when tourism peaked crowds would gather alongside his cave to Glimpse the infamous hermit reading peacefully or scanning the beauty of his surroundings accompanied by his pet fox and Crow

Though retiring by Nature he welcomed respectful interaction tragedy cut short Abbott’s unique waterfall Worship in 1857 when winter ice flows dislodged heavy rocks that collapsed his cave with him inside the cave remained sealed until explorers excavated it in 1920 and recovered the hermit’s skeletal remains number nine Drummond Hill Cemetery

Within the realm of spooky tales and paranormal activity around Niagara Falls Drummond Hill Cemetery stands out for its frequent and int in ghost sightings this burial ground earned an eerie reputation after the battle of Lundy’s Lane occurred on its soil in 1814 during the War of 1812 between America and

Britain today both visitors and residents routinely report unsettling supernatural phenomena linked back to those who died violently on the battlefield Drummond Hill Cemetery now operates as a National Historic Site commemorating all those killed in the fierce combat once fought there however many believe that several Souls never

Left the AA area and continue to haunt it Witnesses describe hearing Phantom gunshots and soldiers screams at night as though the battle still raged even disembodied marching sounds resonate down the rows of graves the most common apparitions spotted by the living are glowing floating orbs that weave through

The Tombstones figures of both American and British soldiers have been glimpsed wandering the Cemetery grounds perhaps aimlessly seeking Fallen comrades among the buried dead a lone female Spectre also frequents the site believe to be that of Laura Seer the Canadian heroine who stealthily hiked 20 plus miles in

1813 to warn British forces of an impending American attack seard was later laid to rest in Drummond Hill Cemetery and tourists often catch her sad figure floating near her grave dressed in white the endless turmoil and violence witnessed in the war seem to have left an indelible Supernatural

Stain on this peaceful plot of land number eight double murder ghost story The Glen View mansion stands as one of niagara’s most famously haunted locals shrouded in mystery and Supernatural Intrigue Tales of ghosts and bloodshed have swirled around this Victorian estate since the late 1800s rooted in

The legend of a young newlywed couple brutally murdered on the property their tragic deaths spawned an enduring ghost story still recounted over a century later built in 1865 by wealthy businessman John Douglas on the Niagara Bluffs the imposing Stone Mansion was once a glittering Social Hub hosting

Lavish parties on its Lush grounds but persistent local lore tells of a gruesome incident one night after just such a society Gathering as a finely dressed husband and wife awaited their carriage ride home a mysterious figure emerged from the Shadows to viciously stab them both and steal their jewelry

In the Years following occupants of Glen View Mansion began witnessing unexplained phenomena such as levitating objects strange footsteps and most disturbingly the recurring Apparition of a horsedrawn carriage oozing blood from its interior over time these ghostly manifestations became attributed to the supposed murdered newlyweds trying to reveal their deaths neighbors claim to

Occasionally still observe the ghastly Carriage pulling up the mansion’s drive at night its spectral horses and wheels leave no tracks yet blood trickles vividly down the sides of the cab as its invisible occupants enact an endless cycle of their fatal exit the true circumstances behind the traumatic demise of the two sweethearts remain

Unknown if they existed at all but their Restless Spirits seem doomed to reenact it indefinitely number seven the ghosts of the Red Coach Inn suggesting that death itself is no barrier to enjoying amenities of the living the popular Red Coach Inn near Niagara Falls entertains two permanent ghostly guests alongside

Its Flesh and Blood clientele Emily and a small unnamed child reputedly haunt The Inn carrying on spiritual Echoes of guests who once walked in its timbered Halls the most famous Phantom affiliated with Red Coach Inn is Emily widely believed to be the ghost of a young 19th century bride according to Legend she

And her husband stayed in room 2 the luxurious Victoria Suite during their honeymoon in the 1920s their marital bliss soon ended in tragedy when the groom falsely accused Emily of cheating in a violent rage he beat her to death right there in their Suite ever since later visitors to the Victoria Suite

Have awakened to find a woman’s cold hand clutching their arm or caught glimpses of Emily’s spectral figure in the mirror silently pleading for help guests also routinely report strange sounds coming from inside locked empty rooms and objects randomly moved when no one could access them the second

Infamous ghost of Red Coach Inn is that of a small boy who died in the building’s converted 19th Century Barn during a blaze though the fire was extinguished quickly Rescuers found the child’s body too late subsequently terrified guest guests began hearing the Eerie cries of a child echoing down the

In’s Halls desperately calling for his mother number six the Ghost monk on the campus of Niagara University clet Hall dormitory Bears the notorious reputation as one of the most haunted sites in the area due in part to Tales of a ghostly monk still roaming its aged corridors built 1860 clet Hall originally served

As a monastery where an unnamed monk died by suicide in 1864 sparking Decades of alleged paranormal activity before becoming a student residence hall according to campus history the despondent brother inexplicably leaped over the railing from the monastery’s top floor one evening plunging multiple stories down to his Grim demise not long

Afterward occupants began witnessing peculiar incidents within the monastery such as disembodied chanting echoing late at night and mysterious floating orbs passing through the Halls even more unsettling reports emerged of a robed hooded figure spotted drifting up staircas cases or down passageways before fading from view over 50 years passed before lightning struck the

Monastery in 1916 killing a student in the resulting fire and despite extensive rebuilding efforts converting the structure into a dormatory later on accounts of spectral phenomena at clet Hall persist from both former and current students though skeptical observers dismiss the tales as fiction the belief persists that the ghosts of

Two past residents still frequent their former Abode unable or unwilling to part the sight of their accidental deaths now it’s time for today’s subscriber pick this new terrifying Discovery in Niagara River scared scientists some parts of Niagara Falls on the American side have been drying up lately these dried

Riverbeds have been opening up new spots for researchers to explore and find all kinds of stuff down there but the weirdest one was when they said they discovered a huge skeleton The Story Goes that when the water went down it uncovered this gigantic skeleton that nobody had seen before it kind of looked

Humanlike but way way bigger folks have been tossing coins off the falls for ages and some have gotten lucky finding rare artifacts and coins there but coming across this monster skeleton that’s just odd well have you ever gone to see The Falls yourself leave your thoughts about it in the comments number

Five first hydroelectric plant built at The Falls in the late 19th century harnessing the tremendous hydraulic power churned up by Niagara Falls crashing Waters Visionary engineers and business-minded partners coll collaboratively built the world’s first large-scale hydroelectric station there this groundbreaking sustainable energy project overcame immense Financial political and Technical challenges after

Years of lofty dreams ultimately The Falls raw kinetic energy was converted to electricity powering lights across the region with the mighty forces of nature as early as the 1870s Civic planners grasped niagara’s potential to drive turbines and dynamos that could reliably deliver electricity to Villages and cities down river craving bright

Safe public lighting and electrically powered street cars but no private companies displayed interest in bankrolling the mammoth facility’s construction budget nearing $1 million until attorney William ran Keen marshalled investors in 1886 behind his ambitious Vision working tirelessly alongside Visionary inventor Thomas evered and Ace Constructor P Brady Ranken oversaw Crews laboring round

The-clock erecting intakes pipes generating equipment and transmission lines across often treacherous terrain abing the deafening Falls more than 2/10 years later on August 26th 1895 water flow was directed into the new plants Trio of 5,000 horsepower turbines which smoothly launched into operation Driving dynamos that electrified Niagara Falls and nearby Buffalo thereafter

Inaugurating the era of harnessing Earth’s clean renewable Hydro power number four Nicola Tesla and Niagara Falls following the Breakthrough 1895 Hydro power system successfully Illuminating Niagara Falls futurist inventor Nicola Tesla facilitated the expansion of its electrical reach far beyond the immediate vicinity by spearheading the implementation of newly patented alternating current technology to

Transmit The Falls generated power remotely his Innovative vision for flexible long-distance Energy Delivery combined with daring Financial backing then created the mechanism and precedent enabling widespread rural electrification Across America in the coming Century attracted by the commercial potential of the mammoth Hydro station Tesla offered his expertise at utilizing high voltage

Alternating current to reliably push electricity over distances impractical with Thomas Edison’s direct current alternative utilized up to that point convinced Tesla’s approach could open profitable new markets industrialist George Westinghouse covered patent costs in hopes of undercutting Edison’s Monopoly partnering with engineers at Niagara Falls power power company Tesla meticulously crafted custom dynamos

Transformers and motors to step up traditional 100volt current to an astounding 20,000 plus Volts for efficient long- range conduction Skeptics feared such extreme voltage posed a mortal risk but after successful large-scale experiments Tesla’s technology transmitted the world’s first megawatt class hydroelectricity generated from Niagara Falls plummeting

Cascade all the way to Buffalo over 20 mi away on November 16th 1896 marking a civilizational leap towards electrification Nationwide number three seasonal and nightly reductions in water flow unlike assumptions that Nature’s waterfall flows remain constant year round Niagara Falls experiences engineered reductions regulated by Regional power stations periodically limiting water intake

Decreases more perceptible during summertime and evenings controlled primarily for tourism visibility and local energy usage needs the Falls water volume can shift by over 50% between Peak daytime and minimum nighttime rations in warmer months when seasonal tourist crowds flock to view Niagara falls’ Majestic Cascades power stations ensure optimal daytime water levels for

Maximum visual impact by temporarily decreasing electrical generation and diverting more meltwater straight over the gorge but overnight when fewer visitors view the Falls power plants Upstream intake larger shares of the river to drive turbines meeting Rising energy demands thereby reducing cataract flow up to 75% until sunlight returns additionally under a 1950s Cooperative

Treaty between the US and Canada Regional Hydro power facilities can extract substantially larger portions from 11 p.m. until 700 a.m. daily even in summer without impacting famous viewpoints Downstream set aside specifically for tourists during Peak daylight visiting hours number two the meteorite this new terrifying disc discover Discovery in Niagara River

Scared scientists before Dawn’s light on July 24th 2019 a blazing Fireball streaks spectacularly above the Silent Lake in its dazzling death throws this strange visitor from the Stars fragments into bright shards as a struck onlookers watched its fiery curtain fall from the Sleepy skies in response astronomer Peter Brown spearheaded intensive

Efforts to recover pieces of the approximately 30 cm Space Rock for scientific examination by recruiting area volunteers for an extensive ground search Professor Brown from Western University’s meteor physics group in London Ontario triangulated data on the meteorites descent path and likely Splashdown Zone based on multiple home security videos and satellite

Observations capturing the event the extraordinary sighting occurred at 6:44 a.m. with the meteorites dazzling Final Flash indicating its atmospheric disintegration into scattered surviving shards given the scientific value of freshly fallen meteorite chunks for analysis Brown appealed to locals near the projected debris field encompassing Niagara Falls to hunt for any promising

Fragments they might discover these remnants offered valuable Clues into the meteorites Origins and journey so search teams diligently combed the terrain even though most pieces reportedly landed in Lake Ontario itself any meteorites found resembled dark soot covered stones and Pebbles requiring lab testing to confirm their extraterrestrial nature based on composition

Number one artifacts found Upstream along the Niagara River among Niagara Falls lesser known Secrets lies an enormous cache of ancient relics hidden from Plain View buried along the Niagara River’s Shoreline above the famous Cascades numbering over 20,000 pieces these artifacts comprise a wide array spanning primitive tools weapons decorative items and other remnants

Dating back a staggering minimum of 4,000 years Unearthed beginning over a century ago around Lewiston New York approximately 12 km Upstream from the Horseshoe Falls the sizable collection offers a rare glimpse into early indigenous life from the Archaic Period when nomadic peoples first inhabited the region Stone arroe heads spear points

Knives and rudimentary scrapers for hide preparation showcase the hunting and fishing vital for survival along what eventually became the Niagara Gorge area additional later period artifacts feature more refined iroy craftwork honed after the trib’s 14th century emergence thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next one

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