Sean Penn Denies Rumor of Hitting Ex-Wife Madonna With a Baseball Bat

Sean Penn Denies Rumor of Hitting Ex-Wife Madonna With a Baseball Bat

In a recent interview, Sean Penn addressed the long-standing rumor that he hit his ex-wife Madonna with a baseball bat. The actor, who was married to the pop icon from 1985 to 1989, firmly denied the allegations and shut down the speculation once and for all.

Penn revealed that he was aware of the rumors but chose to remain silent for years in order to protect his children and avoid giving any credibility to the false claims. The Oscar-winning actor expressed his frustration with the tabloid gossip that has followed him throughout his career, emphasizing that it has had a negative impact on his personal life and relationships.

Madonna has also addressed the rumors in the past, stating that they are completely untrue and that she has never been a victim of domestic violence. The former couple has both moved on since their divorce and have maintained a level of mutual respect and friendship.

Despite the years of speculation and scrutiny, Sean Penn has remained steadfast in his denial of the allegations and is hopeful that this interview will finally put an end to the baseless rumors that have plagued his reputation for years.

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