Snoop Dogg Crowns Kendrick Lamar ‘King of the West’ Following Pop Out L.A. Concert

Snoop Dogg Crowns Kendrick Lamar ‘King of the West’ Following Pop Out L.A. Concert

Kendrick Lamar is riding high coming off the success of his Pop Out concert in Los Angeles. With the dust settling, Snoop Dogg is passing the torch to K. Dot and crowned him as the king of L.A. following the epic show.


Snoop took to his Instagram on Friday (June 21) from Canada and saluted what Kendrick was able to accomplish in unifying different sections of the West Coast under one roof at his Juneteenth show.

“Sending a big shout-out to K. Dot and all the homies from the West that stood together unified, organized in peace [and] love,” Snoop gushed. “That was fun to watch. Beautiful to see all my peoples come together.”

It’s not exactly Jon Snow being deemed King in the North in Game of Thrones, but then came the coronation from Snoop: “K. Dot, you are the King of the West. That’s the kind of s–t kings do, we unite.”

As an artist who’s just about seen it all in his three decades in the music business, Snoop understood how special it was to have Kendrick Lamar preach a message of unity and have peace in L.A., even if it was just for one night.

Kendrick electrified the Kia Forum crowd with his first show since feuding with Drake. Lamar’s victory lap saw the live debut of tracks such as “Euphoria,” his verse on Billboard Hot 100-topper “Like That” and the Mustard-produced “Not Like Us,” which he performed five times in a row.

Drake beef aside, Kendrick Lamar appreciated just being able to bring gang members from different sets and various Los Angeles luminaries with him on stage. “It ain’t got nothing to do with no back-and-forth records,” Kendrick said during his show. “It’s got everything to do with this moment right here. That’s what this s–t was about. To bring all of us together.”


It’s fitting for Snoop to crown K. Dot as the king of the West after he passed the torch to him back in 2011 following the release of Section.80. “I’ma say this and I’ma mean this. N—a, you got the torch,” Snoop said at the time. “You better run with it, n—a, because it’s yours.”

Listen to Snoop Dogg champion Kendrick below.

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