“Sofía Vergara Discusses the Challenging Role of Griselda in New Netflix Show” – Billboard #Shorts – Video

“Sofía Vergara Discusses the Challenging Role of Griselda in New Netflix Show” – Billboard #Shorts – Video

Sofía Vergara Calls Role of Griselda in New Netflix Show “Challenging” | Billboard #Shorts

Sofía Vergara has recently opened up about her challenging role as Griselda in the new Netflix show during a recent interview, revealing that the role pushed her out of her comfort zone. The actress admitted that everything about her role was challenging, especially during the first month of filming. This was due to the fact that she had never acted in Spanish or in a drama, and she had to wear prosthetics which took 3 hours to apply.

Vergara also shared that the process of getting into character was physically demanding, with the prosthetic makeup taking a toll on her. She mentioned that by the time her hair and makeup were done, she was already exhausted and wanted to go home, even though her day was just beginning. In addition to the physical challenges, Vergara also opened up about the emotional toll her role took on her. She mentioned that one of the episodes, in particular, was extremely difficult due to the intense and emotionally draining scenes she had to portray.

Furthermore, the actress revealed that filming the show took place at night and away from her home, resulting in sleepless nights and an overall exhausting experience. Despite the challenges she faced, Vergara’s dedication to her role as Griselda is evident in her portrayal of the character. Her candidness about her experiences with the role is a testament to her commitment and the depth she brings to her character.

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I mean everything was challenging for me mainly the first like I I want to say like the first month because I was starting you know trying new things I was never you know uh had never really acted in Spanish or a drama or with prosthetics the 3 hours of her makeup

Were ex exhausting like I would finish my hair and makeup and I already wanted to go home but it was my day was only starting so it was a lot of different things I have to like wrap my body so didn’t look like me and then I think

More than one scene that was difficult it was uh maybe episode five uh was a really hard episode because grela is going all the way down and she’s like doing drugs and doing things that you know she’s losing her mind a little bit

So I a little bit a little bit a lot and it’s all a lot all nights it was all nights we were shooting so that makes everything everything more difficult um we were far away from my house so I couldn’t sleep any of those nights really in my house in La we were

Sleeping somewhere else like in a small tiny not any very nice hotel so it was difficult and the mood where that weela was in was very exhausting for me she was doing screaming killing you know crying it was a lot

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