Some ‘In the Heights’ Press Was ‘Mean-Spirited’

Some ‘In the Heights’ Press Was ‘Mean-Spirited’

In the Heights” left Melissa Barrera heartbroken — but probably not for the reasons you’d assume.

Barrera starred in the 2021 musical adaptation opposite Anthony Ramos. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the “Scream” franchise alum said the press was “mean-spirited” to the ensemble film.

That’s not the only part of the “In the Heights” aftermath that bummed Barrera out. After being pumped-up so much about how her life was about “to change,” when it didn’t, it was “soul-crushing,” she said.

“My problem was with the press that came out that just felt mean-spirited toward the film,” Barrera said. “That was my first big studio movie, and everybody was telling us, ‘Your life is going to change.’ Then it doesn’t happen, so it was very heartbreaking and soul-crushing.”

The actress added, “But I’m grateful for how it happened. It taught me a lot about the industry, about myself, about expectations, about not letting the noise outside put a stain on my experience.”

Critics in the press were actually quite kind to “In the Heights.” A quick check of Rotten Tomatoes shows the movie is “Certified Fresh” at 94 percent. Box office coverage of “In the Heights” was not kind because the film was a flop.

It is likely Barrera is referring to the colorism casting issue that populated plenty of headlines. The backlash was so loud that even had “West Side Story” Oscar winner Rita…

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