Sony Showcases New Electric Vehicle by Driving It Onstage Using PS5 Controller – Video

Sony Showcases New Electric Vehicle by Driving It Onstage Using PS5 Controller – Video

Sony Drives Its New EV Onstage With a PS5 Controller

In a groundbreaking display of technology at the CES 2024, Sony wowed the audience by driving its new electric vehicle, the Aila, onto the stage using a PlayStation dual sense controller. Although this was just a demonstration, it showcased the innovative features and new technologies that Sony is integrating into their electric vehicle.

One of the key highlights of the Aila is its AI-powered Adas technology, which includes advanced driver assistance features such as an array of cameras and sensors that feed information to a neural network processor. Remarkably, Sony is using the Unreal Engine to train their autonomous driving technology, leveraging the high fidelity simulation capabilities of the video game engine to enhance obstacle detection and environmental awareness.

Furthermore, Sony announced a collaboration with its in-house game studio, Polyphony Digital, to bridge the gap between virtual and real-life experiences. This partnership aims to bring the Aila into the virtual world, with the possibility of seeing the electric vehicle featured in the popular Grand Turismo series of racing games.

Additionally, Sony is utilizing the Unreal Engine to power the 3D graphics and visuals on the Aila’s dashboard display, opening up the potential for entertainment options such as streaming movies and games while the vehicle is charging.

For more information about Sony’s innovative electric vehicle, the Aila, and other developments from CES 2024, visit for comprehensive coverage and updates. Sony’s advancements in technology and automotive innovation continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the electric vehicle industry.

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Sony’s press conference at CES 2024 just ended and they once again brought out their Aila electric car built in partnership with Honda but this time the head of Sony Honda mobility drove it out from outside of the vehicle using a PlayStation dual sense controller now

You won’t be able to do that when they actually get around to building these things it’s just for demonstration purposes here at the show but they did want to highlight some new features and new technologies that they’re talking about on this electric vehicle here at

The show the key is going to be some of the new AI powered Adas technology that’s Advanced Driver Aid and assistance technology now this thing has an array of cameras and sensors around it that feed information that you get from the environment through a neural network processor all pretty standard

Driver Aid stuff but this one they’re using the Unreal Engine to actually train their autonomous driving technology now why would you use a video game engine for that well a lot of the information that the car is going to get from the environment comes from the various cameras around the car and the

Higher Fidelity you can simulate that environment when you’re training those cameras means the better you’re going to get at detecting things like obstacles or pedestrians or things in the road now some’s not just using Unreal Engine to train its software it’s also using it in the dashboard to power the 3D graphics

And visuals that you’ll see on the dashboard display and that could lead to all sorts of interesting ways that you can entertain yourself in the car while you’re waiting for to charge for example maybe watching the new spiderverse movie or streaming games to the dashboard not out of the question now finally Sony

Announced that it is working in collaboration with its in-house game Studio pany digital the ones that do the Grand Turismo series of racing games they’re going to be working to bring virtual and real life experiences together whatever that means but at the end of their showcase they did show what

Looked like the Aila on a track in Grand Turismo so my guess is that the cars comeing to the game if you want to learn more about this vehicle you can check out all of the covers that we’ve been doing leading up to its launch over the

Years over on and there you’ll also find the rest of what’s Happening Here at thees

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