“Sony Unveils Everything at CES in 4 Minutes” – Video

“Sony Unveils Everything at CES in 4 Minutes” – Video

Sony's CES Event: Everything Revealed in 4 Minutes

Sony’s CES event brought exciting announcements and updates for creators and gamers alike. In a 4-minute video, Sony unveiled a new solution for content creation, focusing on a Chris viewing experience and intuitive interaction for 3D design. The company showcased their ability to shape and edit 3D models, as well as expanding the creation space by overlaying virtual objects into physical spaces, providing creators with a seamless access to virtual objects and an immersive development experience.

One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of a prototype called the PlayStation controller de Sense. This prototype, while showcased for the purpose of the event, demonstrates Sony’s belief in the ability of software to define new functions and value, recreating everything in virtual space and bringing together data from various sensor devices.

Sony also emphasized their support for the latest Unreal Engine 5.5.3, aiming to establish diverse development environments and a creative community among users and creators. They also showcased their initiative to make mobility more creative through a conversational personal agent and highlighted their partnership with Microsoft.

Overall, Sony’s CES event was action-packed, offering a glimpse into the future of content creation and gaming, and exciting possibilities for immersive experiences and creative developments.

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Welcome to Sony thank you for being with us today we are happy to announce a new solution for special content Creation with a Chris viewing experience and intuitive interaction for 3D design we are enabling creators to shape and edit 3D models we expanding the creation Space by overlaying virtual objects into physical

Spaces with seamless access to Virtual objects creators can work in real space with an immersive development experience today I’m excited to present the P progress and updates of a first allow me to bring the latest prototype on stage but today I will using this this is a PlayStation controller de Sense this isot Ling demo is for the purpose of the text showcase only however we believe that software can Define new function and value everything is recreated in the viral space this to brings together data from A’s many sensor devices and simulate Vehicles pedestrians weather and surrounding of

Environment by combining the a simulator with ar users will enjoy an immersive experience in addition map data can also be used to broaden the possibilities within the development of gaming and entertainment features in order to bring these features to life we utilize the gaming engine AR engine

F we support the latest un Engine 5 5.3 to do so we to establish diverse development environments to for a forer create Community creative Community among users and creators allowing access to vehicle data driving data and other related information in order to realize UniQue Ideas another initiative to make

Mobility even more creative is the conversational personal agent which we have started to develop we would like to introduce our important partner Microsoft thank you for being us with us today enjoy C us

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