Vivek Ramaswamy Criticizes the Media – Video

Vivek Ramaswamy Criticizes the Media – Video

In this video, Vivek Ramaswamy expresses his frustration with the mainstream media’s reporting on several key issues. He questions the media’s credibility and their reporting on the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, the origin of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Hunter Biden laptop story. He accuses the media of intentionally misleading the public and suppressing important information, ultimately leading to catastrophic events such as the January 6th 2021 Capitol riot. He expresses his concern for the future of the country and believes that holding the media accountable for their mistakes is vital in preventing further harm. Ramaswamy’s passionate and outspoken criticism of the media serves as a call for transparency and accountability, and he uses this as a driving force for his candidacy for US President. The video encapsulates his determination to address and rectify the issues of the past in order to prevent similar mistakes from happening in the future.

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Video Transcript

If this is okay and uh I’m just kind of curious on the the previous question that those four things that were provably false we in the and I’m just kind of curious I know some of these guys we’ve been following some of you guys I’m curious if there’s any national media

Who actually believe that they were that those that those actually it’s a good question Eddie Ed’s a one of the you guys are colleagues two of the top state reps here and I think that it’s a good it’s a good thing to be curious about just by by show of

Hands who here is willing to admit that the Trump Russia collusion hoax was indeed incorrectly reported by the mainstream media is there anybody here able to admit that that was incorrect reporting it wouldn’t be really appropriate for us to answer a question why not why would that be

Inappropriate I think it would be inappro what’s inappropriate is lying to the public we’re just we’re doing our job asking the public Li to or did that did the media report on the set of Acts that were provided so I so that’s that’s a fair question I actually think that the

Public was lied to long after the media systematically still understood that this was the product of the steel dossier the steel dossier was a piece of Russian disinformation provided by the Hillary Clinton campaign that was served up to the federal government as a basis for issuing a fisa warrant to then

Potentially infiltrate a member of the opposition party if this was Bush and Cheney doing it to John KY this would have been the stuff of Scandal impeachment and worse and yet I think it was an intentional lie that the media said that that account which we now know

To be true was actually the Russian disinformation now shaa I would be charitable in my interpretation of that if it were just one instance let me give an easier one just by show of hands does anybody believe the media’s reporting about the origin of covid-19 ran flatly in face of the facts

That you have a Wuhan Institute of veraly that was now the likely origin of the covid-19 pandemic you all said that it wasn’t for a long time by show of hands was the Wuhan lab the likely origin of the covid-19 pandemic everybody Media or not so so you have reported the same

Media that is reported that the covid-19 pandemic did not originate in lab in Wuhan is willing to even say unwilling to admit today report came out in 20123 so it was known that there was a Wuhan Institute of virology where they were conducting gain of function research the very city which

Was the origin of a global pandemic and yet the media’s explanation was that somehow it could have been any Source other than actually having started in a lab I just think that that’s systematic systematically unacceptable the hunter Biden laptop is the Hunter laptop story as reported by the New York

Post which was shut down had the Twitter account locked for anybody who is even sharing the story of the hunter B laptop found on the eve of the last election the media reported that it was Russian disinformation on the eve of that election does anyone here agree that the

Hunter Biden laptop story as reported by the New York Post was indeed accurately reported and was not Russian disinformation but was in fact a factually owned laptop of Hunter Biden I mean you you got to man mean your paper reported it does any does everybody else seriously not believe that I mean I

Believe that Hunter suing Rudy Giuliani over the laptop so I don’t think that’s so so you don’t believe so you think that it actually was the product of Russian disinformation as was reported by the media that was the basis for suppressing this at the time the Hunter

Bing case I’m not sure why we’re talking about that because it was election interference on the eve of the last election and I think there’s the same kind of election interference happening this time around and I think it’s happening the early waves of it with respect to the treatment of my candidacy

And I think that that is likely to be a major problem heading into the next year unless we’re able to open and openly and transparently acknowledge the mistakes of the past without acknowledging the mistakes of the past I think we are destined for an even more dangerous

Future and I do not want to see a repeat of what happened in the 12 to 15 months leading up to January of 2021 I don’t want to see that in this country and I worry we’re on a path to far worse than that until we have accountability 360

Degrees for the mistakes that were made in that leadup and the hunb laptop story and its suppression sha I do believe was a key part of the leadup to that I think the suppression of the origin of Co and the origin of the pandemic was a key

Part of the leadup to what happened in January of 2021 I think that the systematic suppression of speech in this country even about debating the lockdowns was a key part of what culminated in January 6 2021 and as somebody who’s looking to lead this country and hopefully dare I say reunite

This country I think it is critical it is vital to the future of this country that we not repeat those same mistakes and yet that’s exactly what I’m seeing play out in slow motion hiding in plain sight and so it’s my concern for this country that leads me to run for US

President it’s my concern for this country that causes me to raise what aren’t some ancient issues to be swept under the rug I think that history is relevant to what’s happening today

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