Spies on CIA Payroll Fabricated Claim that Hunter Biden Laptop was a Russian Fake

Spies on CIA Payroll Fabricated Claim that Hunter Biden Laptop was a Russian Fake

A recent report has shed light on some alarming revelations concerning certain individuals who were on the CIA’s payroll when they falsely claimed that files from Hunter Biden’s laptop were Russian disinformation. These so-called “Spies Who Lie” were active CIA contractors at the time, including former CIA acting director Michael Morell and former CIA inspector general David Buckley.

The fact that these individuals were contractors at the time of making these claims has raised concerns within the agency. The terms of their contracts and compensation have not been disclosed, and there is suspicion that more letter-signers may have been contractors as well, despite being described as “former” officeholders in the letter.

The internal fear of the long-term damage caused by these false claims was evident within the agency, with one CIA official expressing frustration and stating that they did not believe it was helpful in the long run. This revelation has understandably sparked controversy and calls for further investigation.

This story highlights the need for transparency and accountability within government agencies, especially when it comes to matters as sensitive as national security. It serves as a reminder of the importance of verifying information before making public statements that could have far-reaching consequences.

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