Spotify increases US prices again, with Apple Music now being cheaper

Spotify increases US prices again, with Apple Music now being cheaper

Spotify is hiking its prices once again, just a year after the last increase and it’s now more expensive than competitors.

From the next billing date in July, users of all the paid-for plans in the United States will see the price creep up.

The free plan remains the same, but Premium Individual will now be $11.99 per month instead of $10.99. The Duo version is jumping up $2, taking it from $14.99 a month to $16.99.

The Family fee is changing too with an increase to $19.99 a month instead of $16.99. This upping of prices makes Spotify more expensive than competitor Apple Music, with their plans being similar to the streaming platform’s previous price tag.

Apple may raise their prices in the coming months too, after they last did this in October.

A blog post by the company explains the reasoning behind the change: “So that we can continue to invest in and innovate on our product features and bring users the best experience, we occasionally update our prices.

“Over the next month, subscribers in the US will receive an email explaining what this update means for their subscription.”

Spotify email screenshot explaining how a price rise is coming for US users

The email reiterates the reasoning and shares the new details which will be implemented from July onwards.

Price rises for everyone under Spotify

It’s not just customers in the United States who are feeling the pinch, as the streaming giant increased the prices of its plans for international users back in April.

This affected people in the UK, Australia, and Pakistan. Everything aside from the free plan and student variant changed, with £1 and £2 increases seen across the board.

In the initial announcement from Spotify, they shared how “users discover and enjoy music, podcasts, and audiobooks” through its platform.

Over the last six months or so, they’ve offered an added extra for Premium subscribers which includes the chance to access up to 15 hours of free audiobook content per month from a selection of 150,000 titles.

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