“Surprising Facts About Sexyy Red You Didn’t Know | Billboard” – Video

“Surprising Facts About Sexyy Red You Didn’t Know | Billboard” – Video

Here Are Five Things You Didn't Know About Sexyy Red | Billboard

Sexy Red, the beloved internet personality, recently opened up about five things that many people may not know about her. First and foremost, she is a doting grandmother who spoils her son and kids with love and whatever they desire. Despite her tough exterior, she is a softie when it comes to her family.

In addition to being a caring grandmother, Sexy Red is also a talented artist. She has a knack for drawing and painting, and enjoys indulging in her crafty side by creating home décor and other DIY projects around the house.

Furthermore, Sexy Red is an excellent cook. Her friends often flock to her house whenever she is cooking, eager to taste her delicious meals. She takes pride in her culinary skills and is always happy to share her food with others.

Surprisingly, Sexy Red also possesses a hidden talent, which she has kept under wraps. While she did not elaborate on what this talent is, it certainly adds another layer of intrigue to her already captivating persona.

Finally, despite her glamorous appearance, Sexy Red confessed that she actually dislikes wearing makeup. Even during photoshoots and video shoots, she prefers to keep it natural with just a touch of eyeliner, some clear lip gloss, and a set of lashes. She values authenticity over the superficial, and this revelation only adds to her appeal.

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What’s up this your favorite Hood this princess sexy red and these are five things you don’t know about Me okay one I’m a gr mama like whatever my son want he get he spoiled on with my kids he could be real bad trying to fight me everything I ain’t going I ain’t going to do nothing two I know how to draw and paint real good like I’m

Real crafty like I like to do home stuff like around the house like three people probably don’t know that but I cook real good all my friends whenever I’m cooking they come over my house like you got some food yep and then they get them a

Plate four I got a hidden talent I do this five I hate wearing makeup I could have a photo shoot video shoot I’m not really going to do no makeup I’ll just do like a little clear lip some lashes some eyeliner and call it a day I ain’t

Going to put nothing on my cheeks I don’t care how much my acne show I just can’t do the makeup and that’s five things you don’t know about me

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