Taboos You Must Absolutely Avoid in Cambodia – Video

Taboos You Must Absolutely Avoid in Cambodia – Video

Absolute Taboos in Cambodia !
Just one word makes the whole country afraid, using children as money-making tools, the world’s reproductive machine, those are some of the many hidden corners of Cambodian society today.
Cambodia – a colorful Southeast Asian country with amazing natural beauty, priceless cultural heritage, and the warmth of its people. However, this country’s rich history also comes with tragic and painful shadows.
Over the decades, Cambodia has gone through dark times, witnessing unimaginable cruelty and destruction. This has haunted the Cambodian people and government to this day and motivated them to create extremely strange laws.

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Absolute Taboo in Cambodia just one word makes the whole country afraid using children as money-making tools the world’s reproductive machine knows as some of the many hidden corners of Cambodian society today Cambodia colorful Southeast Asian country with amazing natural beauty Priceless cultural heritage and the warmth of its people however this country’s Rich

History also comes with tragic and painful Shadows over the decades Cambodia has gone through Dark Times witnessing unimaginable cruel and destruction this has haunted the Cambodian people and government to this day and motivated them to create extremely strange laws in this video we will explore together the prohibitive

Laws of this Southeast Asian country and the Dark Secrets behind those laws number tusin Behavior Cambodian people are often very hospitable gentle and friendly but that’s when you don’t violate what they consider taboo if you have the opportunity to come to this country I advise you to pay special

Attention to all your actions and gestures because it is very likely that the people here will immediately turn from hospitable people into hospitable people hot-tempered and violent you need to pay attention to some rituals and Customs when coming to villages in this country do not wear shoes or slippers

Into people’s houses you need to take off your shoes and sandals outside before entering the house this shows your respect for them when eating you are not allowed to hold your chopsticks in front of the host during a meal you should invite the host first you also

Have to wait for the elderly to eat first before being allowed to pick up Chopsticks to eat in particular you are not allowed to use a knife or Fork if you cannot use chopsticks you must eat with your hands then you need to observe their actions to follow suit avoiding

Disrespect you can give them a small gift such as fruit cakes flowers Etc tree rlin with them before arriving going to the Village or to someone’s house without a gift will expose you to obvious discrimination and the most important thing is not to pot children on the head in this country according to

Cambodian beliefs a child’s head is a sacred place that only gods and their parents can touch so patting a child’s head is inappropriate when coming to this country in fact patting children’s heads is not a specific rule in Cambodia however it is important to respect the culture and habits of local people when

Communicating and interacting with them avoiding touching the heads of others especially children is often considered polite and respectful this inappropriate action may make children and their families feel uncomfortable or unhappy with their interactions with visitors people may misunder understand that visitors do not respect their culture or understand their social and cultural

Norms although there are no specific legal consequences inappropriate actions can cause negative reactions from the community or from direct participants themselves number not mention the kmer Rouge in Cambodia there is a phrase that no one is allowed to mention which is Kim Rouge if you are not a reporter

Licensed to work in this country absolutely do not mention this phrase if you do not want to get into big trouble kir Rouge is the name given to the extreme left political force and organization that ruled Cambodia from 1975 to 1979 under the Open Leadership of the Communist Party of Cambodia or

Kema Communist party after being overthrown and driven out of most of cambodia’s territory during nearly 4 years of ruling Cambodia the kar Rouge government caused the most barbaric Massacre of the 20th century more than 3 million cambodians died during a period of 3 years 8 months and 20 days from 1975 to

1979 under the leadership of pole pot the kar Rouge attempted to return Cambodia to the Middle Ages forcing millions of people to leave the cities to live in rural communes the social engineering program had disastrous consequences many families lost their entire lives due to execution hunger illness or forced labor the karmar Rouge

Was so cruel that they lost all Humanity they executed people with primitive tools people were forced to work to the point of exhaustion in harsh conditions without rest they live a miserable life and are not treated when they get sick at construction sites many people have

To dig their own Graves instead of being executed or being suspected of being spies or having a hoe hit in the head for being lazy to work controversy takes place everywhere those considered class enemies will be sent to re-education camps imprisoned or killed the American Press once noted that in just one prison

In FM pent which used to be a school houge imprisoned 177,000 people including children and women they all later lost their lives afterwards after 1975 thanks to support from Vietnam cambodians rose up to overthrow this regime and establish the current Cambodian State tens of years have

Passed but the wound has not yet healed TS sling genocide Museum in F pen still has horrifying memories recalling that one Earth decades ago children Brothers and Sisters still grieve over the fate of their loved ones lost during the chaos they Killing Fields at buried Mass Graves victims are still buried

Somewhere waiting to be found to restore the identities of those who died unjustly under pole pot’s rule the phrase karou also became a fear and Obsession in the minds of cambodians people were asked to mention the name hear Rouge to avoid painful memories of this Country number eight heo in the temple in the country where Buddhist philosophy was restored spiritual life is valued as a holy space any defamation or violation of religious beliefs is considered a heinous sin here violating sacred principles can lead to Serious consequences if you plan to visit sacred

Temples remember absolutely do not wear clothes that are too loose loose or Indiscreet when entering the temple women AR allowed to touch monks cambodians believe that this is an act that stains the honor and personality of monkss when buying Buddha statues to Worship You must not put them in your

Pocket this is an action that is considered offensive to the beliefs of the people in this land when entering the temple to worship Buddha you must not go through the main door but must go through the two side doors on both sides according to cambodians the main door is

For Buddha and the holy mothers do not wear s ERS to visit temples do not touch or point at the Buddha statue or climb or sit on the Buddha statue do not wear hats when entering the temple to visit Cambodia is hospitable but to be loved you must follow their countless

Rules number set don’t eat and shake hands with your left hand an Unwritten rule that you must follow when coming to Cambodia is to eat drink shake hands and communicate with people entirely with your right hand because according to Cambodian culture the left hand is considered unclean so you should not

Give money Goods or anything with the left hand you need to use your right hand to create sympathy with the local people the fact is that in Cambodia eating with a left hand or shaking hands with the left hand is not an absolute custom or regulation but there is a

Belief in using the left hand in everyday actions in Cambodian culture the right hand is often seen as more flexible and considered better to use in communication acts however in Cambodian culture shaking hands with the left hand may not be considered as polite or respectful as shaking hands with the

Right hand this can cause a feeling of discomfort or inappropriateness in some Situations number six prohibit opening orphanage orphanages are an extremely necessary place in all countries around the world a place to save the lives of children who are lost or have lost their parents but in Cambodia orphanages are nothing more that a money printing machine when you come here to travel

Before 2018 you will experience something called orphanage tourism where the kids will act as pitiful as possible and do everything they can to empty your pockets 80% of the 16579 children in 406 orphanages did not actually lose their parents according to cambodia’s 2017 statistics on children in their orphanages according to

Statistics about 177% of cambodians alive in poverty many families are so hungry that they have to send their children to these places in the hope that they will be cared for and have the opportunity to study as a result orphanages have sprung up like mushrooms some of which are unlicensed and unsafe

For children putting them at risk of neglect and sexual abuse or becoming victims of human trafficking besides the number of tourists pouring into this country is increasing in many people show their kindness by donating to places they think are taking care of Orphans super Superstar Angelina Julie when she visited Cambodia was also

Extremely moved adopted a Cambodian boy named madx however the noble feelings of the tourists accidentally aided the bad guys they abuse exploit and torture children forcing them to extort money from guests from far away to bring them home faced with this situation since 2018 Cambodian authorities have been

Forced to close all orphanages asking all tourists to stay away from the children up to the present time Cambodia still does not allow any children’s camp managed by domestic organizations to operate only children’s camps under the management of the United Nations are allowed to continue to adopt and care for Children number five prohibited nearly a decade ago Cambodia became a popular destination for surrogate mothers foreigners flocked to newly opened fertility clinics in the Capital FM pen many poor women in Cambodia accept surrogacy for foreign couples mostly Chinese to receive life-changing money more than 70,000 Chinese couples have gone abroad to seek childbearing

Services including artificial conception and surrogacy and they have mostly found help from Cambodian women poverty and lack of knowledge make Cambodian women willing to do this very few of them know this behavior is illegal they simply think that after giving birth to someone else’s child they will receive a huge

Amount of money possibly up to 10,000 USD equivalent to the average 10-year income in Cambodia as the industry flourished the government issued a ban on surrogacy in 2017 an Australian nurse and two cambodians were imprisoned for 18 months for organizing surrogacy in the most recent incident 11 pregnant

Women and four Cambodian nurses were arrested these people were criminally prosecuted for human trafficking an offense that carries a 20-year sentence to avoid going to jail Cambodian women are forced to raise someone else’s child that child will be under extremely strict supervision from the government

To ensure that is not not sold back to its biological parents although the government has banned surrogacy the reality is that this Market still exists underground and the demand from foreigners remains unabated there are some organizations and individuals who continue to organize surrogacy activities secretly despite legal risks

Although there have been cases of arrest and conviction controlling and preventing this activity still faces the main reason is that poor women still do not have many options to make a living R receiving a large sum of money after giving birth to someone else is still too attractive an opportunity the

Government has increased supervision of these children even introducing strict management measures to ensure that they are not resoled or abused however this also raises many debates about privacy and personal choice while trying to prevent these controversial activities it is forbidden to insult the king and royal family in many countries

Insulting or defaming royalty National emblems or national symbols is often considered disrespectful and can have legal or social consequences Cambodia is no exception to this rule although they no longer hold the highest power in the country like in the past the Cambodian royal family is still very much woried

By the people therefore you must not make fun of or act disrespectfully towards the king and members of the royal family insulting or defaming the Cambodian royal family may violate legal provisions on Li violating personal honor or regulations on protecting National symbols however these regulations are often applied flexibly and specific consequences may

Depend on the specific situation and how the authorities handle it for tourists or foreigners it is important to respect and comply with local regulations regarding showing respect and not insulting National symbols when visiting a country if you defame or defame the Cambodian royal family your punishment is not light insulting the king and

Royal family of camb Cambodia can result in 5 years in prison and a fine of 2500 USD it is forbidden to take the father’s name Cambodia is a backward country compared to the world and even southeast Asia but one interesting thing is that women here seem to be more respected

Than in many other developed countries because cambodians follow a matr lineal system daughters Mary and Sons must stay with their husbands this custom comes from the story of the boy mountain and the girl Mountain in Kong charm because the boy lost in the mountain building

Contest he had to go back to the girl’s house to live they explains the son is the bread winner of the family and often Works far away it is better for a daughter to stay with her biological mother especially when she’s sick or gives birth when women divorce they

Always adopt children and gently accept adversity simply because if your husband no longer loves you you won’t have to work to keep him you can tie your feet but you can’t tie your heart Cambodian children also do not have of their father’s surname but their mother’s surname Cambodian women are therefore

More respected than many male dominated cultures in Asia but the problem of domestic violence or inequality of course still Exists number two SP to show affection in public places I have another special message for couples coming to this country which is that no matter how emotional they are you are not allowed to kiss hug or even hold hands in public places this sounds quite silly but in a

Country still heavily burdened with prejudices from a backward Society in the past this is very normal the government has also satisfy the People by introducing a law on social distancing showing affection in public accordingly you must not show excessive affection constantly joke or joke with people on the street this is what makes

Cambodians feel uncomfortable and angry because it is a rude act you should also not flirt with Cambodian girls feeling comfortable expressing your feelings or flirting with c Cambodian girls will easily get you into some trouble when you come to this country in 2019 a young Indian man was was beaten to death after

Joking with a Cambodian girl the girl’s fiance and seven other men found and assaulted this guy although the security forces arrived as quickly as possible to protect the tourist it was still not enough to save this guy’s life he was injured and died soon after the Cambodian tourism Department immediately

Apologized to the victim’s family but the Cambodian people extremely condemned it because they thought the Indian gu deserved it must die therefore when expressing affection you should only stop at the allowable level such as verbal praise but when at the temple absolutely do not do it because this is

Forbidden to protect your own safety and show respect to local people number one prohibitions on dress there continues to be an attack on tourists in Cambodia this time a tourist from Spain this female tourist came to Cambodia in 2016 in June when the weather was quite hot as usual she

Dressed quite coolly with a pair of short shorts and a sexy croptop but while she was happily taking photos two Cambodian women attacked her tore her shirt threw animal feces solution and leftover food on her and then disappeared this incident scared all the female tourists they didn’t know why the

Other women did such a bad thing but when asked by nearby residents they said they felt extremely uncomfortable when scantly clad tourists walked on the streets this com of Cambodian people is no joke the country’s government had to issue a law Banning revealing clothing in public places soon after according to

This regulation all tourists visiting Cambodia will have to wear more discret clothing slim outfits such as revealing thighs backs or not wearing a Bray are considered inappropriate and are warned by the police security agencies will be harsher at Temple as previously many photos of nude Asian women at ancient

Cambodian temples spread very quickly on social networking it causing unsympathetic views in public opinion therefore this regulation is introduced to prevent similar actions from occurring as for cambodians they consider a girl wearing skimpy clothes on the street to be a prostitute you didn’t hear wrong that’s really what

People here think despite being very devoted to Buddhism Cambodia is a den of evil such as gambling human trafficking prostitution and drugs prostitution and trafficking of women here are extremely common this country is even called a pedophile Paradise when not only women and children are even more Prost child trafficking exists throughout this

Country with the support of locals and foreign tourists according to UNF about 30 of 100,000 sex workers in Cambodia are children the easiest to reach representative of Unicef Cambodia mismas madra said entertainment venues such as bars massage parlor are where children are most abused most children are trafficked from poor rural areas in

Cambodia parents sell their children to mothers in in the hope of getting an education and a more fulfilling life Cambodian Society still has many dark Corners which children and women are the most vulnerable although there are many efforts from the government and stct regulations and laws have been put in

Place to preserve the country’s image as well as protect the people poverty and backwardness still cause Cambodian people to struggle living with a very low quality coming to Cambodia you not only have to comply with the rules they have set you also have to work together

With local people to build a strong and growing community

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