The Unbreakable Taboos of China – Video

The Unbreakable Taboos of China – Video

Absolute Taboos in China !
Banning Facebook, Google, Instagram, banning women from being secretaries, banning having a second child are a few of the many unreasonable bans in China. What is happening in this country, why do more than one billion Chinese people accept the harsh and unreasonable regulations of the Xi Jinping government?
All the answers will be available in the next few minutes – welcome to the strange bans that only exist in China.

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Absolute tabos in China Banning Facebook Google Instagram Banning women from being secretaries Banning having a second child are a few of the many unreasonable bands in China what is happening in this country why do more than 1 billion Chinese people accept the harsh and unreasonable regulations of the EC Jinping government all the

Answers will be available in the next few minutes welcome to the strange bans that only exist in China number 15 do not write people names in red ink according to Chinese beliefs red is the color that symbolizes joy and happiness however you should never use reding to write person’s name because the Chinese only use reading to write the name of a deceased person on a tombstone and believe that writing

Someone’s name in red ink on paper is bad on the computer is a huge insult to that person the reason stems from China’s thousands of years of feudal history in ancient China the names of criminals on death row were written in chicken blood and were later replaced

With with red ink thus in all official records the names of these people are written in red ink some people say that the king of Hell also marks those who are about to die going to hell with red ink likewise the names on the Tombstones

Are also written in red ink now A Day red ink also indicates negative element for example only teachers and accountants use a red ink pen to correct mistakes besides the reasons mentioned above there are some exceptions to the use of red ink such as when the emperor

Marks documents or approves them but no one else is allowed to use red ink some people also say that a letter written in red ink is either a farewell letter a curse for someone to die or announcing the death of a friend or relative number 14 ban social networks

Google Facebook Twitter which are the most popular applications in the world are banned in China a country with with half of the world’s population Google did business in China in 2006 with w the domain named Google Chan accepting censorship of search results in 2010 Chinese hackers attacked Google and many

American businesses the company responded by relaxing search results in China and the government of this country had a reasonable reason to completely banned after Google search was banned services such as Gmail email YouTube video Network Chrome browser and other Google products are under strict control of the Chinese

Government by the end of 2014 these Services were completely blocked Microsoft’s Bing search engine has also been blocked many times in China despite complying with the government censorship policies in July to 2009 Facebook was banned for not meeting content moderation policies this social network tried to return many times but was

Unsuccessful in 2020 Facebook’s subsidiary was licensed to operate in the world’s most populous country but its license was revoked after just one day two other Facebook owned Services Instagram and WhatsApp were blocked later Instagram in September 2014 and WhatsApp in September 2017 before the media China said it blocks almost all of

These social networking applications to ensure user safety but in reality the Chinese government does not want American companies to make money in their country instead China supports the development of domestic social networks to make it easier to manage and monitor citizens of course at some Chinese universities accessing these apps to

Find study materials is still allowed but in general it is still extremely limited number 13 female civil servants must have symmetrical breasts this can be said to be one of the most unreasonable regulations and most clearly reflects the discrimination and appearance of Chinese people in China when women apply for civil service there

Are some regulations or appearance standards that need to be followed specifically in the recruitment exam measuring the female candidates body must is mandatory according to the law the second characteristic of a woman must develop normally the breasts must be symmetrical without defect last year 20% of candidates despite meeting the

Knowledge requirements were disqualified for this very unreasonable reason evaluating job applicants based on appearance instead of abilities and qualities can cause disadvantages for those who do not meet these standards and do not accurately reflect their true abilities when this becomes the norm it creates discrimination between men and

Women in the recruitment process and in society inappropriate and unfair standards in recruitment not only affect those participating in the process but can also have broader consequences for society by creating an unfair and unfair environment encourage development based on person number 12 women are prohibited from working as secretaries the image of

A female secretary working alongside male lead has become very popular around the world it seems that the gender characteristics match the job positions of these two people however in China it is completely forbidden for a girl to work as a secretary for a male leader the Chinese government issued the above

Ban for the reasons male leaders are likely to lose their positions or fail if they let women who are not their wives near them disaster will come to the country and its people you need to know that China really has a lot of problems with its government apparatus as Chinese officials become increasingly

Corrupt uneducated and greedy faced with this problem the Chinese government has launched many campaign especially against corruption and improving the supervision system to prevent and punish leaders morally corrupt behavior these efforts include imposing stricter regulations examining assets and officials behavior and increasing transparency in fairs management the regulation not allowing women to be

Secretaries of leaders was also announced along Ong with campaigns to rectify the bureaucracy in this Country number 11 tipping is prohibited if you want to travel to China there is one very important note that you must remember never tip in many countries tipping is quite common but in China this is not allowed if you intentionally give a tip to the waiter they will consider it very impolite therefore

Tourists do not need to leave tips for drivers or Hotel restaurant staff to make sure their employees do not receive tips Chinese managers will do everything possible to let tourists pay contactlessly employees at some Chinese restaurants say that in recent years Chinese people have gradually become more open to receiving tips but

Restaurant owners are upset about it they want customers to pay online instead of giving cash in many cases customers still pay extra with a tip note for the weight staff but that money is appropriated by restaurant owners and managers number Tess and not give umbrellas and watch es one of the tabos

In China that you need to know is that you should not give Watchers as gift this is the top object in the ranking of the most hated gifts by Chinese people because the act of giving a watch in Cantonese sounds similar to the word ending gift meaning to care for or bury

Someone body is dead this taboo once led to a diplomatic crisis when baroness Kramer British minister of Transportation gave the mayor of taipe a pocket watch as a sign of friendship however the mayor then announced that he would give the gift to someone else or sell it to a scrap collector one gift

That you should not give to Chinese people is umbrellas just like clock the Chinese word them is pronounced like the word broken giving someone an umbrella May imply that you feel your relationship with them is broken apparently Chinese people are very sensitive to unlucky words umbrellas and watches are both extremely necessary

Items for people but just because their pronunciation is similar to some unlucky words they think that the item itself is also unlucky it’s unreasonable but it’s hard to change the minds of more than 1 billion people about something that they have believed since childhood number nine to have more

Children in 2016 every couple in China was officially allowed to have a second child previously China had a policy prohibiting people from having a second child they wanted Family Planning and population control especially in major Urban centers if a woman gets pregnant a second time she would have to have an

Abortion and some localities will even be fined very heavily this policy has caused social imbalance because many people have abortions and especially abort their children because they want a son to continue the family name China’s population policy often known as the one child policy or two child policy has

Greatly affected society and created significant consequences the policy of restricting birth was intended to control population and and and times caused serious social problems gender imbalance due to the preference for male children causing mid- pregnancy abortion and even child abandonment is one of the most serious problems the initial policy

Goals were to control population in major urban areas and minimize pressure on resources and infrastructure however this policy has caused many unforeseen side effects and major social consequences including gender imbalance and social problems due to labor shortages especially in the regions Countryside in recent years China has relaxed this policy and

Switched to a two child policy as an attempt to rethink the population issue and the consequences of the previous one child policy however social problems from previous regulations will continue to affect Chinese Society in the coming time number eight do not add seasoning to food restaurants in China have

Policies that prohibit or limit customers from adding their own seasoning to dishes the main reason may be to ensure the best possible quality and taste for each dish according to the way the chef or restaurant has designed now part of the reason may be to maintain the restaurant’s reputation and

Food quality by keeping the food prepared and served the way the chef has decided the restaurant can ensure that each dish reflects the style and flavor of the restaurant this makes visitors feel very Troublesome especially those who like to customize their Taste Chinese food is often spicy sour or

Extremely sweet it is often not suitable for people from America or Europe so if you come here you need to be very careful in ordering you may spend a lot of money on food but not be able to swallow Anything number seven women are forbidden to leave the house on tet on the first day of the new year it is considered taboo for women to go out of the house because this action will bring bad luck and badad luck to that person throughout the year even after a girl

Gets married she’s not allowed to visit her biological parents because that brings bad luck to her biological parents family and makes their business unfavorable in addition the Chinese also prohibit many other activities on their traditional New Year’s Day do not sweep the house take out the trash on the

First day of the year do not wash or cut your hair wash clothes or take a bath on the first day of the new year on the last days of the year Chinese families clean and decorate their homes clean out the old unfortunate things of the old

Year and welcome the good things of the new year because they think that on the first day of the new year you should not sweep or clean the house yourself sweeping the house at the beginning of the year means you want to banish luck and fortune in the new year they confirm

That with this action you probably want to wipe away your wealth the act of throwing TR is also considered throwing wealth out of the house at the beginning of the year the chines believe that you should not cut or wash your hair on the first days of the new year because that

Means you are washing away and cutting off luck and prosperity in the New Year according to Chinese folk belief the first and second Days of the New Year are two days to worship the water God you should not do laundry these days that is considered an insult to the god

Of water therefore to have a year of peace and Fortune they absolutely do not wash clothes in the first two days of the year to avoid being punished in the New Year in general Chinese people are extremely careful in the first Days of the New Year any actions need to be

Controlled so it’s not to violate the principles passed down by their ancestors number six ban foreign films China is gradually turning itself into a second North Korea not allowing International social networks to operate and now even movies are controlled each year China only allows 34 foreign films

To be shown in theaters and limits Hollywood Blockbusters films are accepted for release but are still subject to strict censorship by the AU authorities movie scenes that are considered offensive or destructive such as talking about human rights or religious rights must be cut filmmakers are hoping that China will

Increase the number of films allowed to be released in the near future not only Western countries but Chinese filmmakers also have to be censored by the authorities even though they have an advantage in 2005 China praised Taiwanese director angle for winning an oscar but his film broker Back Mountain

Was not released in this country there is a lot of information that Hollywood filmmakers intentionally invite Chinese actors to participate in their movies so that the Chinese side will allow the movie to be released in this country of billions of people but anyway foreign films especially Hollywood and European

Film will be very strongly restricted because as mentioned the Chinese government does not want their people to be exposed too much to Human Rights religious rights and true Freedom ban Christianity as I just mentioned freedom of belief does not exist in China the exu jimp Ping government talks a lot about a socialist country where all people are equal and free but it’s all lies besides Buddhism and Confucianism all other Fates were completely eliminated by the government especially Christianity increasingly Christianity

In China is being labeled as a western ideology that must be resisted at all costs or simply the Chinese government is promoting devotion and loyalty to leaders preventing Christians from placing their hope in religion specifically Jesus some congregations are threatened by the government to be put on a Black List specifically their

Travel education and employment and that of their descendants will be restricted if they refuse to guide their congregations according to National policy current family disobeying orders means opposing the Chinese government and state law enforcement officers declared the church is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party priests were often imprisoned baaten or tortured and

Dead death seem to be hanging over their heads number four do not touch local people in many different countries around the world when people meet they often shake hands or even hug and kiss each other however for Chinese people this is not necessary when traveling to

China and you meet someone just a slight nod is enough in Chinese culture communication is often more discreet gentler than shaking hands or hugging or kissing when meeting instead of shaking hands or hugging or gentle nod in a friendly verbal greeting are often considered polite and appropriate greetings this is usually done simply

And gently and does not require direct contact such as a handshake or hug actions such as shaking hands hugging or kissing are unnatural and will make them uncomfortable absolutely do not bow too deeply or hug or kiss when greeting and saying goodbye this is one of the taboos

In China in 2017 a male Belgian tourist was attacked because he was too friendly after eating he said thank you and tried to hug the owner while paying but this person thought he had bad intentions and shouted for everyone to attack this tourist luckily nothing too bad happened

But it’s really a reminder for people wanting to go to China remember Chinese people are extremely Sensitive number three do not wear blue hats in China visitors may see a green t-shirt a green bag or green shoes but never see anyone wearing a green hat this habit originates from a story about a woman who cheated on her husband to avoid being discovered she figured out

How to make her husband a green hat every time the husband comes home from work she can see the green hat from afar just in time for her lover to escape every time the Chinese say a man wears a green hat it means he is cuckolded by his wife in addition according to

Ancient beliefs green is an extremely inferior color because they divide colors into two main categories true color and false color each different color symbolizes a different status and location different taste and the reason blue has such a low status is because it is in the Color Group simply put only

The lower classes of farmers used green or colors belonging to the color group and people of more noble class will use colors from the main color group although green was also used in official uniforms those who wore Green official uniforms were usually officials of the lowest class during the Tang Dynasty

This type of hierarchy was even more exaggerated there was even a district court that once thought of a way to punish criminals by letting them wear scarves of the same color as the level of their crime so in this day and age anyone wearing a headscarf means that

That person is a criminal will be discriminated against and ridiculed by people around them since then criminals have not dared to reoffend and the crime rate has also decreased sharply to this day Chinese people still maintain outdated ideas about this color even for foreign tourists wearing a blue hat

Cannot avoid unfriendly looks from locals number two police officers whose waistline exceeds 90 must quit their job in many occupations especially in the security Force’s weight Heights and waste circumference requirements may be imposed as part of Health regulations and fitness for specific jobs in China where crime is extremely rampant the

Police also need to improve themselves to best ensure people’s security therefore the regulation on waste circum over 90 chem was born this regulation is in place to ensure that those working in the security forces can carry out their work effectively and safely however the specific application of these criteria

And how cases are handled may vary by case and regulator normally only crime arrest horses and traffic police forces must comply with this regulation while commanders and Senior officers will not be inspected number one do not stick Chopsticks in into a bowl of rice leaving aside the story about China’s

Government and security forces we come to a taboo in this country’s culture this time about how to use chopsticks to eat rice in Chinese culinary culture sticking Chopsticks into a bowl of rice is considered a negative and unlucky action this is a respectful and important rule in Chinese culinary

Culture sticking Chopsticks into a bowl of rice is considered a symbol of stopping stopping puns or cutting off relationships in the ritual of offering rice to the deceased Chopsticks are often inserted into the bowl of rice as a way to remember and respect grandparents and ancestors therefore if

During a daily meal you accidentally stick your chopsticks into a bowl of rice this can be considered disrespectful and can bring bad luck according to traditional beliefs the strange and unreasonable regulations in China are not only part of its unique culture but also show us the true face

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