Take a Full Tour of Our New Hybrid-Electric Catamaran, the HH44 – Video

Take a Full Tour of Our New Hybrid-Electric Catamaran, the HH44 – Video

Experience the full tour of our brand new HH44 Catamaran in this video! Join us as we take you through every detail of our latest addition to the fleet. From the top to the bottom, we show you all the features and systems that make this boat one of a kind.

This hybrid-electric catamaran is equipped with state-of-the-art off-grid capabilities, designed for self-reliance and sustainability. With 4,232 watts of solar power, Hydro Regeneration, rain capture system, and a 43.2 kWh lithium-ion battery bank, this boat is truly revolutionizing the way we sail.

One of the standout features of this catamaran is the hybrid electric drive system, which allows us to sail under electric power, reducing our reliance on fuel and emissions. With two 10 kW electric motors, we can harness the power of the wind and regenerate electricity while sailing.

The interior of the boat is just as impressive, with a luxurious owner’s cabin, guest cabin, spacious galley, workshop, and mini-dive center. The design of the boat maximizes living and storage space, making it a comfortable and functional home on the water.

Even though the boat is still in its raw state, we are excited to personalize and outfit it with our own style and preferences. Stay tuned for updates on our adventures as we sail this beauty to new and exciting destinations.

Join us on this journey of discovery and curiosity as we explore the world on our new HH44 Catamaran. #BoatLife #Catamaran #TravelVlog #DigitalNomad #LifeStyle #Sailboats #HH44

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Video Transcript

Today marks the 1month anniversary of moving aboard which feels like the perfect time to give you a tour because everything is new but it’s not so new that we don’t know the boat yet this is curiosity and we named it that because it’s what drives us to explore

Technically this is curiosity number two because our first boat was a 2005 leopard 43 and it was the perfect boat for a couple of newbies and we sailed her almost halfway around the world in the six years that we own turn and after all those long ocean passages and remota

Tolls and Islands we knew we wanted something with a bit more speed and definitely more off-grid capabilities because that’s why we bought a boat to get to those remote destinations that are extremely expensive or extremely difficult to fly to although I don’t think we’ve saved ourselves any money that’s

True maybe so we started dreaming and searching for something that had good bones but that we could refit and then HH made an announcement that they were going to be building a brand new boat from the ground up with pretty much everything on our list in a nutshell that’s all about self-reliance meaning

Relying on our own resources and on a sailboat that means not having to go to a marina to plug in or get water and drastically reducing our need for fuel that was woo man a little over 2 years ago and now it’s like that pivot moment where that dream has now become a

Reality and it’s all of its Real curiosity is an h44 OC which means ocean cruising and we documented the entire build process on our website site I’ll drop a link if you’re interested in that but what makes her truly unique is of course the off-grid capabilities she has 4,232 watts of solar she has Hydro

Regeneration she has rain capture a 43.2 kwatt hour lithium ion battery bank and of course hybrid electric motors two of them some of those systems are working better than we expected which is great and others are let’s just say we’re still trying to work them out uh we’ll

Dive into that a little bit deeper as we kind of go through the tour but in general she’s keeping up with our daily power needs and we’re not having to go to a marina to plug in and we’re definitely burning a lot less fuel so far it’s all really good stuff and a

Very big learning curve because this boat has a lot more systems and sails than our last boat had and while we like to think of ourselves as seasoned Pros in the navigating change Department it’s still been a challenge and I just don’t want to paint a picture that somehow we

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All right so let’s start at the top shall we since we are a sailboat our preferred mode of transportation and propulsion is by sale using the wind it’s free we have stainless steel rigging here we have an aluminum Mast and boom with these boom racks it helps

Flake our sail a little bit wider something we didn’t have on our last boat this beauty oh my God I can’t tell you how much work and conversation went into designing this stack pack it’s insane our main sale is a square top main I’ll put the specs on the screen I

Won’t pause for too long you can pause the video if you want to really read all the specs of these sales we have five sales total our main sales that are always up is our main and our soland and the main and soland is kind of like our

Go-to in most sailing situations and then right here we have what’s called a stay cell if we’re going up wind or if we’re in higher winds we’ll use the stay cell and it has a self- Tacker meaning we don’t have to do anything to turn the

Boat we can just turn the boat left and right left and right port and starboard whatever you want to say if you want to be a sailor if you want to be a land lover it doesn’t matter and then inside the lockers we have two new to Us sales

We have a Spiner which we did have on our last boat but it was on like a a sock that you would pull down well this one’s actually on a Furler so you can just furl it just like our other sales and a Reacher the reacher is I think

Going to be one of our favorite sales however we haven’t really used it very much because the wind’s always been over 20 knots don’t worry we’re going to dive into our sales in way more depth later on when we’re actually sailing somewhere we have obviously massive lockers on both BS

Well when I say massive not compared to like the 55 we were on but for a 44t boat it’s pretty big sail lockers and storage lockers up here and a very important piece of gear that you can’t see right now because it’s holding us here at this Anchorage is our anchor

Which is a rockna mark 2 and we did something we have never done before which is we went all stainless Steel on the anchor and on our anchor chain because we just had so many dramas with our chain and everything on our last boat and so much rust and it just became

A real big mess that we decided while she’s all shiny and new maybe we should go for the all stainless and avoid the rest it is all quite beautiful and working like a champ I have been sleeping like a baby thank goodness because you know anchors and ground

Tackle like if you don’t know that you’re going to stay put right now the wind’s all Shifty we’re pointed towards land and you want to know that your anchor is going to hold and I feel like so far it grabs and we’ve been solid so very happy with that so far but of

Course we do have a bridal we’ve got a mantis hook right now which works great haven’t had any issues with it but it is a little bit difficult to get on and off with the setup so we might end up changing that one out for something else

But we’ll save that for another video what else we got up here that we need to talk about oh our beautiful flush hatches those are from Lumar we’ve really been enjoying those and of course HH has built plenty of drainage around them so we haven’t had any issues but it

Does provide a nice clean look and you’re not stubbing toes which is good inside this hatch is our water maker which is a Shanker Zen 100 did I get that right love wo I got it right yeah so that’s inside there very easily accessible just underneath one set of

Stairs but I’ll show you the control panel inside not much to it it’s kind of like one button and you’re done easiest thing I’ve ever used in my life we’ve got these great pullup cleat which actually I’ve enjoyed these more than I thought I was going to I was like ah

It’s just flashy but at the same exact time it is nice it’s just anything you can avoid stubbing your toe on is good especially for me because I have a tendency to hurt myself a lot easily one thing Nikki didn’t mention on the anchor is we have a secondary anchor in here

It’s a mantis and we chose it because it folds up well doesn’t fold it disassembles and packs flat so it’s a really strong anchor it’s the same one we had on our last boat it’s perfect for storms Stern anchoring and a secondary backup in case our main one falls off at

Sea or something crazy like that or we have to cut it because it’s stuck somewhere which I hope we never have to do anyway it’s always good to have a secondary backup and the Mantis is perfect for that and then this is a huge one yeah when the wind comes in this

Just airf flow like crazy and that’s why we really haven’t run the AC much as long as there’s a breeze it’s like you’re good to go it’s so the problem with catam and our last catamaran is it would get so stuffy in the cockpit when

You wanted to hang out and now we open these and it’s like whoa it’s almost too much Breeze actually kind of wish we could like stop stop it right there but Nikki came up with a really cool solution maybe we’ll show it to you one day to uh

Reduce the wind and the Sun the last thing I want to talk about up here are these lifelines they are really high normally they’re down here so it feels like you’re going to trip if you lean up against it you’re just going to go woo but no these it’s really really nice and

They’re not stainless fiberglass fiberglass less polishing I love it okay there’s still plenty plenty of polishing still plenty of polishing the helm stations this is where all of the action happens while sailing well most of the action anyway because all of the lines are run back to here we’ve got two Lumar

Evo wenches they are electric our lives are a whole lot less of this and a whole lot more of working our big toe out because our buttons are are down here on the floor very convenient everything located either right here or just right over at the other Helm which is Maybe

Six steps away when you’ve got a smaller stride like I do we’ve got a swing Helm which means that we can put the wheel in three different positions so in this position I’m under the hard top looking through the forward windows and out of the elements if it’s raining and I’m out

Of the way in case Jason is working the lines and maybe raising some sails and I can still be keeping his head to wind if we’re putting up the main or just navigating around all the fishermen that are out here Center kind of leaves you right in the

Middle at the helm or all the way over so that we can kind of lean right here get really good visibility and right here is where I can also get a nice good view of everything that’s happening with the Sails this one is set up for leaning

Right now which is why you see the cushions the way they are I think it’s actually a pretty smart setup All Things Considered because it can be a leaning post it becomes a nice big seat if you want it to be that or you can get rid of

All of it if you don’t want to they all together we’ve got a b& Zeus 3 chart plotter and we’ve also got a Lumar anchor controls and chain counter here at the helm as well all just kind of with the idea of it’s just the two of us

And if one of us goes down or gets injured or something like that then we want the ability to singleand and get ourselves to Anchor or wherever we’re going safely so that was part of that decision we also have one up front for dropping the anchor but the one here at

The helm is nice so these are electronic ZF Drive control so these are electric throttles it does feel very different than the old school cables that I’m very used to very smooth and then of course we’ve got from here our Eco Drive and we have gone over what the Eco Drive is it

Has its own separate video so you can go and check that out if you really want all the nitty-gritty essentially we’ve got two independent diesel engines that operate same as any others and as they always would then attached to that we have two 10 KW electric motors one on each

Shaft and they just kind of clamp on to the to the shaft and they will then drive the propeller so we can operate on two independent electrics two independent Diesels or we can now turn them into generators essentially so then our engines become generators with just

A simple mode here on the screen and then there is region which means while we are sailing we to let those props spin in the water and generate power and send that back to our battery bank I hope all of that made sense we will get

Into it more as we are sailing and as we are moving and I will try to show it in action so that hopefully it will make more sense but there it is that is really it’s like so much in this little tiny area happening right here I mean

Really it’s technically all down there in the engine room but there are bits of it here as well it’s very exciting the region is amazing Game Changer I just can’t Rave about that enough I’m I’m loving the regen that is just my new favorite new favorite toy so remember

Those things I said we were still sort of working out well this is one of them so the programming on our boat isn’t quite complete yet for our hybrid drive because our boat has a different propeller than number one and number two so they’re still working on the

Programming there the thing that we’re not 100% happy about is our through the water motoring speed both on electric and on engine seems like we go about five knots of speed under two engines I think we can get more but I think it’s just about the prop or the pitch of the

Prop or something’s just not quite right so I’ll save my my final like thoughts on those for later on but I thought it’s it’s worth saying that if you see on our chart Potter we’re only going five knots under motor it is we’re only going five

Knots under motor and I’m not too happy about about that but hopefully we’ll get it sorted out everything on this one is exactly the same as the other one and then you can see this side we just have set up for the seating at the helm and there’s also sideboarding

Gates I thought this was a gimmick until we got it and we use it all the time so just joking yeah if there’s a dock there like it’s so easy to get on and off the boat we’ve used them quite quite a bit technically our boat is a 44t boat

But you put these down and now it’s like a 48t boat so that’s why we can have a performance boat with such a big usable living area because technically yes we’re 47 48t length but we’re really 44 with this thing up this is kind of like

What we call our our drawbridge so at night we pull it up when we’re at a marina we pull it up and then when we’re on anchor we put it down we want to go swimming and everything it’s just kind of a a nice nice comfortable spot to sit

When you’re under sale on a calm day on a calm day unless you’re tethered in we do have Jack lines everywhere that we put out for longer sales but this is such a wonderful working pit when we have all the lines and we’re out sailing

I really do like the setup quite a bit okay anything else here I want to go back to the other side for a second so in here is our mini Dive Center and this was kind of a big debate that Nikki and I had how much did we scuba on the but

We carried this big scuba compressor and four tanks and these big Regulators that got sand in them after a year and they had to be serviced and we couldn’t find a service centers then we had to buy new oh it was just a nightmare anyway it’s

Just a lot to carry and we basically work a full-time job so we’re working five days a week we really only have one day off we found we weren’t really diving that much because it was so much stuff we were just free diving and that’s kind of what we came to love the

Most and it’s very like relaxing to free dive it’s really nice to scuba too but for the most part part we were free diving and we ended up getting the little mantis compressor and it’s capable of filling a normal siiz tank but the kit that they sell they’re like

Little small tanks Pony pony keg pony style Pony something they’re just basically half the size of a normal tank so all of the kit is really small and you can dive like 30 feet for 20 minutes or something like that it’s for an emergency if we have to work underneath

The boat which we have had to do on our last boat kind of like the perfect in between I think and also our zero jet Chargers in there and that’s about it and well and a bunch of steering stuff and a bunch of other stuff speaking of zero jet this is our

Tender so we went with an OC tender so it is an all carbon fiber tender it is super lightweight the design of the boat is super slippery so it’s very efficient in the water and because it is so lightweight and so efficient when it moves through the water it’s the perfect

Platform for for electric propulsion so we went with the zero jet system which is an electric jet propulsion we did a whole search for you know rigid versus inflatable tenders and then testing out all the different electric motor options and looking into that so we spent a ton

Of time doing research we’ve got videos on that and that is how we ended up with this system and we are super jazzed about it and it’s just lightweight fits perfectly on the back of the boat here but carries plenty of gear and plenty of people and everything else not that

We’ve had a lot of time to play yet but we will get there so this handy dandy little system here this is what stores all of our lines so they’re not running all over the place whenever you’re at anchor it’s very lovely so we get them all out when we’re

Ready to play and go sailing we need all of our toys and then they Stow so nicely hidden in there it just makes cleaning up after the sale too way way faster like you’re just not coiling forever and everything else it just all stows so

Nice and neat and that brings us in to the lounging area this is that beautiful huge living space that I was just talking about and it’s very comfortable easily sit 6 eight people around this table you can easily host drinks for 10 or 12 maybe back here we have this

Beautiful carbon fiber table this I’m staying out of this this is um Nikki wants to have a and I think she’s going to try to grow some arugula and parsley and mint and Bas oh man I’ll eat it I’ll eat it 100% but if you get dirt on this bone I have

To spend hours scrubbing the deck I’m not going to be too happy anyway we have these huge windows that let that air flow so when we open those front windows the air just pours through this entire cockpit and that like I said earlier is a huge thing on catamarans it gets so

Stuffy back here because normally it’s blocked from the breeze we have these nice little pockets built into the fiberglass here where we can set phones and cameras and stuff like that so it’s like these little things that they did make it you know really nice at Sea and

Also when we’re at anchor of course there’s storage underneath man guys there is just so much to go over there’s probably a hundred things I missed so if you’ve got questions more questions you’ve got things that you think I should cover or we should cover in future videos please leave a comment

Down below we can’t think of everything and otherwise if we thought of every little thing it’d be like a three-hour video it’s probably already going to be a 45 minute video anyway now we’re coming inside we have this huge sliding door this is made by Tren marine and

We it’s beefy yeah it’s beefy it’s like when you’re out to see it you don’t hear it rocking it’s it’s in there and that’s really good these windows these stay up while we’re sailing even when we’re at Sea that’s great great and then I’ll take you into this one spot I’ll let

Nikki do most of this area but don’t judge me people I still do pour over I love pour pourover it’s like my favorite way to make coffee but what we realized is when you get in these islands and you’re way out there you either have to stock

Up on Craft coffee which doesn’t last that long it starts to off gas it doesn’t taste the same so then your pourover seems like it’s pointless you might as well just buy espresso beans from whatever they have at the market stick them in a machine and push a

Button so I got the most compact Bean to Cup machine that I possibly could and for for guest and for guest too that was the other thing we had guests come and then they got anxious they were like what if I don’t make the coffee right then they wouldn’t make coffee and they

Felt like they couldn’t make coffee and now if you come over and you’re a guest you can make as many cups of coffee as you want as long as you bring a bag of coffee when then you know this is just like the tea and coffee area now okay welcome to

My galley I’m very excited to show you around I’m going to keep this brief I could dedicate an entire video to just the galley and all my cooking gadgets and so many other things and I know for sure some of you have already requested that so if it’s still a big request from

Enough of you drop a comment down below let me know I can definitely dive into it but in general the u- shape has always been my favorite I’ve been on lots of different boats with lots of different style of gys and I always gravitate towards this because I like

Being able to lean up against something when the seas are really rough cuz I cook no matter what the conditions are I make meals at Sea it becomes my almost my favorite pastime I’m either practicing a ukulele and doing a terrible job at it or I am usually in

The galley baking or cooking or prepping or making something I don’t know why it just seems to be my thing at se we have this big beautiful sink and faucet and of course our acua which is a UV LED water filtration system which means we always have super squeaky clean

Water very important because of our ring capture system this is Jason’s this is not mine I said no dishwasher you all already know way too much about it but anyway we have a dishwasher and we use it and we do use it Jason especially uses it he loves it there’s been um lots

Of really good names suggested for this I think one of my favorites there’s been so many really good ones but one was um name it Rosie after like Rosie on the Jetson I thought that was pretty clever anyway lots of really good funny dishwasher names keep those coming maybe

We’ll make an official poll with like the top 10 or something um all induction cooking because we are all electric on this boat there is no propane or anything else because of course we do have plenty of power to run it we’ve got an electric oven slash microwave you

Think I think I’ve never I don’t use a microwave and so I have not used the microwave function so therefore I have not read the manual on how to operate the microwave setting one of the guys asked me while we were on passage and I

Was like I I got nothing I’m going to have to go get the manual I don’t know which one is the microwave setting oh one big difference between our boat and hole number one and number two which you’ve seen at this point through our other videos is these sliding trays this

Was an addition I wanted because I was trying to take advantage of this big space back here and I wanted additional room for storage just because it is a smaller Galley but surprisingly it has held everything and I still have spare space but I’m sure I’ll fill that up with food very soon

Anyway these come out so it makes reaching things very easy I’ve got Outlets back there in case I decide I want to plug in a Vice or whatever I may or may not keep this set up but for now I kind of like having all of our dishes

Out on display makes it really easy for anybody to grab a cup or a plate they can come around the side of the galley and they can get it and stay out of my kitchen cuz I don’t like people in he what I’m cooking you you can hover

Around the periphals just don’t be in my zone that’s why the coffee machine ended up that is exactly why the coffee machine ended over there cuz I was like if I put it over here on this tray everybody’s going to be in the kitchen and it will drive me back

So it is over there I feel like everything else gets into gadgets and stuff but it’s all very very nice what are you oh well this is part of my uh Pantry storage because underneath here these are all storage that is coffee and tortilla chips that’s what takes up that entire

Thing you can tell you’re from Texas wind uh yeah carbon fiber folding tables I really have been very happy with these if there’s one thing that HH really knows how to do it is carbon fiber and finishing things out they did a beautiful job on these so they fold out

Become big tables for when we’re entertaining both inside and outside so we can have 10 people for dinner no problem other than the fact that I don’t have play settings for 10 people so you have to bring your own plates and and forks and spoons the other thing about

This is that it can lower and turn into sort of a day bed Vibe so we can do that here we can do that out there we haven’t done it yet but I’m sure it once we get that projector and that screen that will be a movie night thing I’ve also got

Drawers underneath here or a drawer I should say that’s my office so my computer plus there’s an outlet in there and everything else so I can just plop it all out get to work and then stuff it all right back in there whenever I’m done so that it’s not in the way

Whenever we’re hanging out and lounging and we do Lounge inside outside I’ve just I like our space the most usable space I’ve ever been on on a boat as far as layout goes it’s magnificent and then of course the windows this also becomes an extra door so you have a tendency to

Just crawl up and out a lot of times when you’re going to the trampoline it’s fine everybody did everybody did it on hole number one when we were on sea trial and everything else and I was like yep that’s going to become a door anyway they’re they are they’re that big the

Windows are wonderful people with kids they’re going to love them got a refrigerator here or fridge freezer freezer freezer they’re programmable you can turn them into whatever you want I am on the fence I will let you know how much I love these or don’t love these because boat fridges are notorious for

Frosting over like you have never seen before in your life so far so good but we’re only one month in I shall judge you later vrio I shall judge you later uh snack and tea area Jason already went over that what else am I missing aircons yes we do have have wait

For it five air conditioners on this boat five air conditioners that sounds crazy but it’s actually super smart and that’s all about Energy Efficiency thank you so much James hes it’s worked out really brilliantly because you can choose to just run the AFT cabin for your guest that’s in there you don’t

Have to air condition the whole boat so when we’re up here and we’re working during the day we close off all the doors and we just run the two for up here and then of course one on each where’s that’s that’s four where’s the fifth one Workshop the workshop okay of

Course got to stay cool while you’re in there working with your tools oh my goodness speaking of let’s head down right are we done are we done up here yeah oh no oh dang it that’s me you know you want to come back that

Way no this is no you do not this is not a pet feet are dirty white clean no it’s F double no it’s fun come around all right hopefully nobody’s getting seasick the wind comes from this direction during the day in the afternoon it comes from this direction

And in the evening it dies so the boat just goes like this and then the swell just continues but it’s not bad it’s not no it’s not bad but a c is very comfortable it’s fine for me everything is controlled right here for the boat this is our powerplex it

Has lighting Plumbing climate control deck Hardware light like sailing anything electronic it’s there okay this is our water maker and like she said it’s a Zen 100 it works really well you turn it on and it just starts up and it is incredibly quiet there you go that’s yeah 100 lers

Per hour I can hear the water streaming out probably louder than I can the actual pump so it’s I’m very very happy with it so far okay here we have cfire what is it called fire extinguisher emergency fire suppression system I don’t even know what it’s called we have

One in the electrical compartment on the 230 side and then we have one in the electrical compartment on the battery side and we have one on each side of the engines so if it gets a fire a little thingy breaks puts out the fire so it has to be like a certain temperature

Before that thingy breaks and it like covers everything hopefully we’ll never have to use that it’s just kind of an urance policy here we have this is something that we worked really hard on with the team at Lumar and Lippert this is a monitor that comes out it turns this way

So you can watch movies we have done that a couple times it works great for that but more importantly it’s my workstation so now I have this big screen and it has a setting where it comes up heids on the [Laughter] boat it comes up really high so now it’s

Like perfect eye level for uh they’re rocking me hold on I got to got to tighten the knobs Here so anyway now it’s a big monitor screen so when I’m working I have a much larger screen than just a laptop so that’s great it also mirrors our Helm so anywhere you are in the boat you can see all your details from your wind well everything that’s on your CH platter so

It’s just a repeater and you can control it using this remote here so even though it’s not touchscreen that would have cost like another 10 grand for the stupid glass Helm CPU um we can still control it just using this that’s just how how do you feel about your massive

Workstation there oh I love it this is huge I mean I I love and ha it at the same time cuz I get these comments from Nikki because I’ll have my computer out and then I have the screen out and I’m working away and I’ve got cameras

Charging here and a phone and an iPad and it’s like crap is everywhere and she’s like are you going to put that stuff away it’s charging it’s my space so yeah I am very careful not to leave out everything charging all at once it’s it’s just keep it a little more camera

Get yeah it is camera again we have a lot of cameras especially when you get the drones added in there and the action cameras and the 360 yeah anyway I love it this is absolutely wonderful to work at yeah oh and we’re forgetting the important part oh yeah if you’re on

Watch and you’re sailing you got a good view I feel like I should say this is just a prototype they’ve made some changes and adjustments based on some of our feedback the thing is with a monitor mount a standard one it’s made for an office and offices don’t rock back and

Forth so they just swing left and right and up and down and go all crazy well this one locks into place and the reason we ended up working with lipert directly to make this monitor mount was they make them for the RV industry they make them for all kinds of recreational vehicles

And they’re designed to lock they’re designed to withstand that constant vibration and shaking and bouncing and that’s why I’m so excited about this monitor mount there goes our son so this is our Workshop this was a really big deal we loved that they offered this option because it is the

One thing we very much wish we always had on our last boat which was just a space to take on projects so we have loads of work top space here whatever pump needs rebuilding or something needs degreasing whatever the case it is we can like spil it all out we’ve got

Outlets in the drawer so we can keep all the power tools charged up we’ve got a spare freezer down here for whenever we need to really super stock up because we’re headed out to Super remote areas Outlets loads of ventilation and our Tech space is also inside here so very

Conveniently located by all of the tools haven’t had a load of time in here to sort of organize everything but I have this idea because my tools all have little velcro backs and I thought oh what if I did you know like make it look really cool you

Know instead of peg board you got like velcro board so You’ got all your tools out so they’re easy access and you just go rip and then you run out to the mess and you go Oh no I got to fix everything I probably wouldn’t run like that but

Anyway I think it’s it’s going to be a really great area and I am very excited to have just storage everywhere and an air conditioner and I’ll tell you the air conditioner thing um that was not we probably didn’t need that yeah but it’s going to be really

Nice it’s going to be very nice you’re can hang out in here all day exactly one thing we like about HH is how solid everything is so it all sounds like nice and solid everything is super lightweight these are all little access to billage I was

About to call it a storage area it’s technically it’s access to build but there’s a lot of stuff stored in here but anyway these little like panels weigh nothing but they are super super strong pocket door in here in case I need to like turn on the music and jam

Out and have my AC cranking and you know need some personal space to clean some tools or you know whatever and then coming back we have the whisper wall That’s nice and kind of soften things up a little bit here we have a guest head

It’s a nice shower it’s um a nice toilet all the toilets the fixtures that they have in here are all topnotch it’s like I’m not going to say super yacht quality but pretty damn close to super yacht quality I wasn’t going quite for super yacht I was just being in a nice hotel

Oh okay nice hotel yeah there you go okay that that that makes sense or a nice home yeah also a sliding door in there clearly the lighting here it’s just they thought of everything we have overhead lights if you want them but the these rope lights are

Just back here is the guest cabin and it is very comfortable bed and just the same yeah exact same bed that we have on our side so if you come and stay you get the same luxuries that we have you have a nice closet here you have some storage

Back here huge window behind me which I’ve left the curtains down because I didn’t clean the window it’s still a little bit dirty but blackout curtains everywhere so it gets super dark you crank the AC cuz there’s a little AC right here all night long you only lose

Like 3% battery per AC so you guys you can sleep in the comfort of AC in a comfortable bed blackout curtains come on family you know you want to come also another sliding door so everything just you know is really nice you can show us the um oh polishing so we have it’s

Called a kti fuel polishing system and this specifically made for catam because there’s one on each side and what they do is they polish Fuel and polish is like a industry term it removes the water and it cleans the particulates the beauty of it is we can fill up from one

Tank bring that fuel in clean it immediately and send it over to the other tank that’s what we’ve done before when we had to put a little bit of fuel in and you can polish the tank just push a button all the fuel in there the tank

Gets polished and clean one of the biggest reasons we want it is cuz our last boat we had a bunch of algae in the tank and that actually was a good thing on our last boat cuz we had holes in our tank and the algae filled the holes but

When the algae finally moved our tank completely leaked anyway we’re not planning on using this fuel very often because we have the electric Drive there’s going to be fuel sitting in there and there will be condensation and there will be algae and having a system like this that we can continually run

And clean it doesn’t use much power it’s just a single click of a button it’s just just like peace of mind to know you have clean fuel no matter where in the world you’re getting it and no matter how long it’s going to sit in your

Tank it’s a big deal big big deal it’s a Hu like to know that your diesels and your engines are going to work the way they should assuming nothing else goes wrong the fuel is not going to be the issue that breaks your diesel in the

Middle of a passage when you are like trying to go through a cut that’s this narrow and you got waves going anyway yeah that’s another story so over to the owner’s Hall and of course now we’ve got all the the mood lighting on so we’ve got RGB lights for our rope lights up

Top so for the cockpit and for inside the salon but down in the holes it’s just regular daylight looking temperatures so this is our cabin we’ve got little seat here not that you’d ever just sit and hang out in here or anything else we have a seat in case you

Wanted to closets Galore storage drawers it’s more than enough space all of our clothing both of us we each get one side and then I’ve also taken over this little cabinet behind here uh but other than that everything fits we got room to spare not that I’m going to go shopping

Anytime soon we want to keep it light queen-size bed really comfortable mattresses nice lighting Cubbies I just like the overall Aesthetics of everything we’ve got our air conditioner I I have my air purifier those of you with allergies you know why you need one of those uh one thing I didn’t mention

Before on the other side but I think is worthy of mentioning I found these lovely little candles these have been great for whenever we’re underway at Night the Lights are dimble so we can make them not so bright it just makes the camera go crazy but it makes the

Camera go yeah we get the flicker but okay but they get really dim so that’s a different set of lights but these ones are still on but they’re really dim now so it’s can see the flicker can see the flicker yeah anyway they don’t flicker in real life but they

Flicker for the camera is that better yeah okay cool uh anyway so they they do work great for at nighttime because you can just leave a small light on but I found that a lot of times I would just use these little candles and I’d leave

Them here one on each side and in the bathroom so that if you were making your way that direction you could turn it on it wasn’t so much light it wouldn’t ruin your night vision but it lights the whole Space up plus I think they’re just kind of a

Throwback but modern anyway this is not part of the T sorry um okay yeah so wardrobe love it got our other kti filter system over here we have like a little utility closet don’t look in there well I saw the reflection in here so you got glimpse

It’s fine it’s just a shop back and other cleaning supplies we’ve got our washer dryer I just never lived without one don’t think I could got to be honest cuz trying to go and find laundry when you get to shore some places is freaking expensive and just the time investment

Of having to go to Shore and find somewhere and take it and pick it up and everything else anyway love it love [Applause] it can live without a dishwasher but I cannot live without a clothes washer anyway now you’re into our bathroom which we normally have rope lighting in

Here as well but there’s some sort of a little electrical gremling going on and it was actually looking like the Poltergeist but in real life not just through the camera so we turned that off a fix that it’s one of our warranty claims uh and then we’ve got this lovely

In Mirror lighting which is great cuz it doesn’t matter what time of day or night you can see yourself to do the makeup thing cuz every once in a while on a boat you still want to look like a woman and or whatever you just want to dress

Up I don’t whatever your thing is you can see what you’re working on okay uh yeah loads of storage within the medicine cabinets behind here Tech Bas there’s another tech Bas this is where all of our switches are like all the breakers and all that kind of stuff are

Behind this mirror it’s you just take out a shelf and then you’ve got access to all of that all very tidy in one small space love that very neatly done HH is wiring and skills are topnotch Ricardo looking at you buddy you do a great job uh and Jason’s in the shower

Which is an easily a two person threers shower three person oh come on like one person no two person three person Rico Victoria we need you to show up so we can do a three to four person test how many people fit in this shower that’s a

Naughty Styles reference for any of you that don’t know um anyway yeah huge shower sounded like fish uh huge shower lots of room more I haven’t even figured out what to do with all of it yet to be quite honest I I don’t have much in here

Other than shampoo body wash and this is my little container Pro tip there don’t throw away your coffee grounds like reuse them I use them in the shower so I do a body scrub you can put it with your face wash turn it into a coffee scrub

For the face it’s good stuff so I always keep my grounds and put them in here and then use it in the shower good stuff nice electric flush toilets one we’re on the fence about the fresh water yes our toilets are fresh water and I argued with Paul and James I’m like really

Can’t you just give us seaw water they said we don’t do sea water everybody complains about it we do the fresh water you got a water maker you got more than enough power run your water maker you’ll be fine because it means that you’ll have less smell and less problems with

Your pipes because the seawater itself also can corrode and cause blockages in the pipes and everything else now we had mostly composting toilets on our last boat so we didn’t deal with any of that we did have one seawater toilet and Jason did unfortunately have to deal

With a blockage and a tank once twice Thrice too many times so we didn’t argue too hard on that one cuz I was like all right we’ve never done it we’ll give it a try anyway so far it is really nice because you don’t get get that boat

Toilet smell which does come because of the sea water because we all know what low tide smells like and that’s what your toilet start to smell like after a while so that was hard and fast a very brief overview of the boat and the systems and we just have so many things

To cover and we feel like each of those will be better dived into as we’re sailing somewhere or when we drop the anchor and we’re living it and using it versus you know just just hypothetically showing you and put her up oh sweet thank you very much don’t go through

That window she was thinking about going through that window I’m telling you oh but there is just she did I don’t know why he so against the window it’s totally fine I don’t know Casey chime in in the comments your entire family will be using Casey and

I’ve already discussed this at length we all think the wi F anyway sorry what were you saying I was just saying that you know we’re going to go through everything once we’re actually using it and and while we’re using it cuz it makes a lot more sense when we can

Actually show it off yeah so whatever it is you want to Deep dive on definitely let us know in the comments and then for me I feel like this is the boat in like its most raw State because we haven’t had a lot of time to do a lot of personalization yet other

Than and yeah I got plants that was a big one thank you Jay you’re going to meet her soon she is my new local friend and wowe is she been incredibly helpful uh so yeah but other personalization like you know we need some seats for out here we need something comfortable to

Sit on we haven’t had time to to figure that out yet we don’t have uh like foil boards yet like there’s a lot of like no standup paddle boards yet we there’s a lot of things that we still have left that’s part of personalization cuz that’s we got Shades coming like we

Designed them hopefully they’ll be ready soon yep yeah oh man there’s a there’s a lot that’s the reason we’re kind of hanging out this area we’ve got a couple of things that we still need to tackle we need to go to the hardware store there’s a few things we need to to get

So we’ve got some shopping we’re going to have to do here in this in the main port and then we’ll be headed off to palan to palan yeah so spoiler alert on that yeah hopefully you guys enjoyed that tour I know it was quick I know we probably missed a million things things

But he only do so much in a day anyway hope you enjoyed that uh if we miss something let us know and we’ll get to it yeah all right see you next time good night it’s just tea it just tea I should probably not chug it cuz if they think

It’s liquor they’re like wow just herbal tea people just herbal tea

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