The 12 Most Restricted Places Off-Limits to Visitors! – Video

The 12 Most Restricted Places Off-Limits to Visitors! – Video

TOP 12 Forbidden Places You’re Not Allowed to Visit !
The world is extremely vast and vast, with thousands of strange places that we have never discovered.
I was extremely surprised that there are places in the world where it is as hot as 56 degrees Celsius, or places where people live with temperatures of minus 71 degrees Celsius. Those are dangerous places due to the natural environment, but there are also Places that are always lurking in danger, created by humans, such as places with extremely high levels of radiation, or islands full of haunted dolls.
Today, let’s take a walk around the world with me, to learn about the scariest places that even if you give money, you probably wouldn’t dare to live.

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Dare you go to the scariest most mysterious places in the world the world is extremely vast and vast with thousands of strange places that we have never discovered I was extremely surprised that there are places in the world where it is as hot as 56° C or places where people live with

Temperatures of – 71° c those are dangerous places due to the natural environment but there are also places that are always lurking in danger created by human such as places with extremely high levels of radiation or Islands full of haunted dolls today let’s take a walk around the world with

Me to learn about the scariest places that even if you give money you probably wouldn’t dare to live number 12 Death Valley USA Death Valley in the United States located between the states of California at Nevada currently holds the world record high temperature Death Valley has the lowest altitude in North America on

Average about 86 M below sea level with a total area of about 1,400 Square kmet this is a place so hot that it sets the record for the highest temperature ever recorded on earth the record was on July 10 1913 the temperature here reached 56.7 de C although this was a record

Recorded more than 100 years ago it does not mean that it is not hot here anymore in fact the highest climate here is also close to this level but there is no breakthrough for example last year’s highest temperature also reached 54.4 de CSUS I wonder what it would be like to

Stand in the middle of the valley in the summer you will probably miss your air conditioner very much experiencing the feeling of standing in the middle of 54° CSUS is a feeling like being inside a sauna because the sauna room temperature is usually between 60 and 80° when you

Come to death Valley in the United States you will find that this place is extremely dry and the heat is very uncomfortable unlike hot and humid environments in hot and dry environments people are extremely susceptible to dehydration therefore at this time many people will often die of thirst hot and

Humid environments like tropical rainforests people die from Pure heat because they cannot sweat so if you accidentally come here try to bring enough water to prevent dehydration number 11 Kamchatka Death Valley Russia although Death Valley in America was very hot and very scary compared to Death Valley in Russia it is nothing it

Is even considered Paradise because in Death Valley in America if you bring enough water staying there for 10 hours is no problem but I bet you this Russian Valley of Death you only need to live in it for 1 minute and you’ll be great Russia’s Death Valley located on the

Kakka peninsula has extremely cold temperatures this place is the grave of many creatures such as rabbits mice goats and Lopes Etc any creature that enters here cannot Escape losing their life inside the Valley of Death animal bones were scattered everywhere because the bottom of Death Valley in Russia is

A mass of sulfur containing Rock pure sulfur exposed to the outside will release toxic hydrogen sulfide gas and then seep into the entire Valley hydrogen sulfide is a colorless toxic gas with a rotten egg Oda this is essentially an assassin gas causing death when hydrogen sulfide enters human

Blood it quickly reacts with ion ions and blocks the human respiratory chain causing hypoxia in tissue cells just touching the eyes or being inhaled immediately will lead to Eye burn R’s a respiratory tract Suffocation due to lack of oxygen which is extremely scary this is a Death Valley true to its name

Because the canyon has three steep sides with only one exit to the outside therefore the toxic gas inside can never Escape I think this is also a good thing because if this poison were to spread out it would greatly affect people oin Village Siberia oon is a village located in Northeast Siberia

Known as the coldest Village in the world currently there are 500 people living there here the coldest time is in January with an average temperature of – 46° c the record low temperature recorded on January 26 1926 was – 71° c The Unofficial record was – 77° c I’m

Still freezing in this weather but I heard here that if I go outside for just 5 minutes my eyelashes will freeze so I don’t know how scary it is in winter this place only has about 3 hours of sunlight the surrounding snow is dense however operation still take place

Normally under this harsh environment normally if the weather is extremely bad students take a break in this place you can also rest but the standards will be different at- 48° C kindergartens will be closed and at – 54° c elementary schools will close especially here reindeer are the main means of

Transportation maybe Santa Claus is also hiding here in Oaken Village there are also cars used to transport foods but once the car enters the village the engine must not store because once you die you can’t start the engine anymore not only cars but all electronic devices

Also such as phones and cameras in this Village cannot be started Outdoors because they will freeze in addition in this o Mayon Village there is a very miraculous phenomenon at temperatures ranging from -60 to -70° C the water does not freeze at all the reason is that this place has the thick thickest

Ice layer in the world with a depth of up to 1500 M number n Republic of the Marshall Island this is a ring-shaped island in the Pacific Ocean belonging to the Republic of the Marshall Islands the Pacific island nation although the land area of 181 Square km is very small its

Sea area is 2 million square km more than 10,000 times the area of the whole country this country is made up of 29 atols of which the most famous and also a world heritage site is bikin at toall this is also one of the most dangerous places in the world this place is

Dangerous because it formerly belonged to the United States was this country that conducted 67 nuclear bombs in US military tests during the Cold War from 1946 to 1958 the bombs exploded on land and underwater in bikin ATL including a bomb 1100 times larger than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima therefore around

This island there are extremely high levels of radioactive contamination people living on the island always suffer from diseases such as cancer when they must drink and drink polluted water meanwhile the US does not compensate or accept any responsibility I think you’re curious if the name Bikini Island has

Anything to do with Bain swimsuits there is but the truth makes people shudder the nine bikini island is not from the bikini type of swimsuit on the contrary the name of this bikini swimsuit comes from Bikini Island that is there was the bikini revolution first and then there

Was the bikini swimsuit because in the past the US conducted a nuclear bomb here and in the year of that experiment this triangular three-piece swimsuit was recently introduced because this type of swimsuit created a huge shock for the minds and eyes of people at that time just like exploding a nuclear bomb

Therefore or Bikini Island was named after the nuclear weapons experiment that year named it bikini swimsuit so this is actually a rather scary word meaning the explosion of a nuclear bomb as for bikini in the name Bikini Island the local language means coconut so its pure meaning is

Coconut number eight dll island Mexico if any child likes to play with dolls I guarantee that when they go to doll island or the doll Cemetery in Mexico they will be scared and won’t touch dolls again this island called Isa deas munas is home to hundreds to thousands

Of decomposed dolls barera the first owner of the island picked up all the dolls that were drifting in the canal or in the trash wherever he went and hung them on the island these discarded dolls were hung all over the island in a dilapidated ugly and scary state in 2001

Barrera was found drowned in the spot where he first found the doll nearly 50 years earlier since then countless stories about the island of dolls have been rumored by people locals claim that the spirits on Mexico’s island of the doll come to life at night and talk to

Each other if I’m here I’m looking forward to watching drama all night with the dolls number say Snake Island Brazil just hearing the snake makes me scared yet there is an Island full of snakes in the world that only scientists can visit the island IL qua island is quite large

About 430,000 sare M and is known as the most dangerous island in the world this island is 206 m above sea level and has a very small area about 43 hect the climate here is very temperate with many types of vegetation and its terrain is also very diverse however the average

Density is one poisonous snake per 1 square met of land the land is a terror for fishermen here on the island there are from 2,000 to 4,000 yellow-headed cobras one of the most dangerous snakes in the world if you are bitten by this snake you should just decide to go to

Heaven immediately if not promptly give first aid and move to the nearest medical facility because its venom is five times stronger than that of a normal snake the story is about the last Lighthouse Keeper and his family on the island one evening a group of snakes broke in through the window and attacked

The couple and their three children they ran towards their boat in last ditch effort to escape but they were attacked Again by snakes in the trees and perished currently the Brazilian government has banned people from entering this island only the Navy in this country and research experts or cameramen are allowed here fortunately

If you visit here it will be more or less Guru Nima Island Japan Miu is an island in the ISU volcanic archipelago in the southeast of Japan this is one of the deadly dangerous Islands even if I were offered billions of dollars I wouldn’t dare go you just need to go to this

Island without wearing a gas mask then death will call at any time because the island is located in the active center of the oama volcano it can erupt at any time in addition a large amount of sulfur gas still silently leaks out from the ground every day due to volcanic

Activity also seriously affecting the health of all people living here here all people living on the island regardless of the time of day must wear gas masks 24 F all tourists coming to MIMA Island will be given a gas mask and must wear them during the day throughout

The tour even pets on the island must wear anti-poison masks number five paga Island Venice Italy my friends and I have experienced the extremely scary covid-19 epidemic but in the 14th century there was a more terrifying epidemic raging in the world this is the origin of world disease

Pandemics the Black Death epidemic the Black Death epidemic occurred many times in Europe and Venice was the place of origin patients need to be quarantined for 40 days to control the epidemic like we do today the reason why poig island is so famous is that starting from the 14th century whenever an epidemic

Occurred patients were brought to this island for quaran the sick was thrown into a large hole on the island and burned according to estimates more than 160,000 victims were cremated during this period This Island was originally a monastery about 100 years ago the monastery on the island was later converted into a mental

Hospital and this hospital was opened 40 years later but for unknown reasons it was closed and since then there have been no people on this island now poig has become an uninhabited Island since the 18 Century in Italy there is always an urban legend saying that someone saw

Ghosts flying back and forth on this island so there was no one there dare to go there in addition around the 20th century this place was turned into a mental hospital many people say that many inhumane experiments on human bodies were conducted in this Hospital therefore there are also many patients

Who died unjustly even the director and staff went crazy and died there so this island is said to be cursed even though the Italian side was still open no ship dared to come close there is a very famous movie that is mainly set in the background this place is also said to be

The scariest island in the world with many scary stories surrounding it it is said that the Italian government is trying its best to reverse the situation and change the image of this island so it is preparing to build a highclass tourist area on the island besides there

Is a plan to rebuild the mental hospital into a highclass hotel I don’t know if anyone dares to to come and sleep but have already surrendered number four Area 51 United States I would like to introduce to everyone this very famous place which is military Area 51 this is a military base

Located in a desert in Nevada state in fact the US has always refused to acknowledge its existence but Area 51 is still discussed by countless people in fact no one is allowed to go near this area even any aircraft or flying device is not allowed to fly through its airspace including Birds furthermore

Area 51 is located in a desert surrounded by mountains on all four sides from the outside you cannot see the inside Area I think if people want to observe Area 51 they can open Google and enter these coordinates then they can see it quite clearly exactly what

Happens inide Area 51 has remained a big question mark for decades there have been many interesting speculations about the area some people believe that aliens are hiding inside the base another rumor says that the base is a place to research captured Soviet aircraft While most people don’t have the ability to

Get inside curious civilians can drive up to the base’s front and back Gates however outside the gate cameras observe every angle it is said the base can detect animals such as rabbits passing through the fence grenad Island England considered the UK’s wildest and least inhabited Place grenad island is in grenard Bay between

Gerlock and olur this small oval-shaped island became dangerous after the British government conducted experiments with Anthrax bacteria on it this was the site of biological warfare testing during World War II leading to deadly contamination on the island many sheep became infected with anra and subsequently died which required the

Government to quarantine the island the British government sent people to dig up the entire land surface on the island and then sprayed a layer of formaly on top to disinfect it in the 1980s but it was still uninhabited because it is believed that an trxx germs are still present in the

Soil number two calile Island India North Sentinel Island is home to the Sentinel East people an indigenous group that has not absorbed anyone from the outside world in the last 60,000 years this island is so dangerous that even the Indian government stipulates that its people are not allowed to travel

Within 3 Mi of this island even now my friends and I do not know any information about the island or its people the sentinelles people aggressively attacked tourists with Spears and arrows causing death in fact two fishermen who wandered into North Sentinel Island were killed by archers

In 2006 exactly why the Sentinel refuse contact with tourists who try to set foot on the island remains puzzling but the truth remains they want to be left alone the indigenous people here live in Huts built opposite each other outside are carefully tinted fires they build small narrow boats to fish near the

Shore in areas inside coral reefs in addition to fishing indigenous people on the island still make a living by hunting and Gathering like ancient people from about 10,000 years ago anyone who’s addicted to the internet can’t here I guarantee that after one week they will be able

To number one rry Island M Ramy Island in mymar is home to the largest population of saltwater crocodiles largest reptile in the world the island is in the eastern Bay of Bengal off the coast of Rakin myammar with an area of about 1350 Square km the saltwater

Crocodile here can weigh up to 1,000 keg and be more than 7 m long the deadliest crocodile attack in recorded history occurred on rry island the end of World War II I was very surprised to learn that the victims of these crocodiles were not one or 10 or 100 but thousands

Of people who pass away thousands of Japanese soldiers who survived the battle met their fate when they chose to escape through the swamps surrounding the island where they were unfortunately killed in the crocodile infested waters according to the Guinness Book of Records this is the biggest design that

Humans have suffered due to animal Ram islands is not your typical holiday destination it is an absolute nightmare combined with factors such as the poisonous sacred forest such as the risk of malaria terrifying poisonous scorpions and giant crocodiles this place is classified as one of the most

Dangerous Island world and those are the 12 most dangerous places in the world that I challenge you to go to all of them I wonder what you think about these places for me each place has its own fears I advise you to stay at home and listen to our channel so that online

Travel is safest please share your thoughts in the comment section below the video now Adventure today will stop here don’t forget to share it with a friend whether you find this video useful

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