The 15 Taboos in France That Shocked the Whole World – Video

The 15 Taboos in France That Shocked the Whole World – Video

15 Taboos in FRANCE and Weird Things That Shocked the Whole World!
Marrying the deceased, prohibiting women from wearing pants, banning all citizens from eating tomato-based ketchup – these are just a few among many absurd regulations existing in France.
In one of the most civilized and free countries in the world, why would such irrational rules be created? All your questions will be answered in the next few minutes of the video on prohibited things and strange rules only in France.

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Prohibited things and strange rules only in France marrying the deceased prohibiting women from wearing pants banning all citizens from eating tomato based ketchup these are just a few among many absurd regulations existing in France in one of the most civilized and free countries in the world why would

Such irrational rules be created all your questions will be answered in the next few minutes of the video on prohibited things and strange rules only in France marrying the deceased what do you think about marrying someone who has passed away just hearing about it sounds truly crazy doesn’t it however in

France it’s a rather ordinary story and the French government allows its citizens to do so this law came into existence after World War I with the aim of helping women whose lovers had sacrificed their lives on the battlefield to receive military pension benefits by 195 9 after the tragedy of

The malpasset damn disaster that claimed 400 lives this law was reiterated thanks to this the children of couples who are not officially married but unfortunately lost a spouse in this historical catastrophe still enjoy the same rights as other children one could say that this is an incredibly Humane law in

France much every French citizen is entitled to this right because the procedures for marrying the deceased are very complex only the president of France has the authority to approve such marriages the law requires the living person to prove that both the bride and the deceased had the intention to marry

Beforehand and must have the consent of the deceased person’s family marrying parties will be required to provide certificates from relatives and Friends of the bride and groom along with preparing appropriate attire for both and covering the expenses for the ceremony if the president accepts the wedding then the day before the deceased

Person’s passing will be considered considered the legal wedding day usually the present of France will only issue a notification allowing the wedding to take place it can be said that marrying the deceased sounds truly bizarre but France turns it into a meaningful action for the living number 14 forbidden to die in the

LA and you you cannot choose where you are born and apparently you cannot choose to die in Le La vandu France because it’s against the law in the year 2000 the mayor of La andell a city along the Mediterranean Coast found himself in a difficult situation the last available

Grave in the city cemetery had just been claimed and his request to build a new Cemetery was rejected by the Regional Court citing violations of Coastal Construction regulations to retaliate against what he deemed as unjust rulings the mayor passed a peculiar law stating prohibition of building cemeteries for

The deceased within the local territory this is essentially like Banning people people from passing away in love andow because without a cemetery there would be no resting place for them up to this day the local residents have found no way to change this regulation however they don’t seem too bothered by it

Instead they view it as a humorous tale to mock the absurdity of the court number 13 women not allowed to wear pants it’s unbelievable but in the fashion capital of Paris women were prohibited from wearing pants Yes you heard it correctly they were banned from wearing pants in the 1800s the chief of

Police in Paris issued a decree Banning women from wearing trousers like men if a woman wanted to wear pants she had to obtain a certificate from a doctor and the approval of the military despite continuous efforts to eliminate this law it persisted hovering over the rights of

Women to wear pants in the city of Light by 1892 the law was slightly amended allowing women in Paris to wear pants when riding horses going further an additional provision in 1909 permitted women to wear pants when walking or sitting on bicycles in 1969 the Paris city council officially proposed

Changing the law in response the police chief bluntly stated it is not wise to change with fashion trends especially when they change quickly efforts to finally abolish this outdated law took place in 2003 a right-wing parliamentary from president sosi’s ump party proposed the change to the relevant Minister

However The Minister’s response was no different not wearing pants can sometimes be more effective than interventions to change the law it wasn’t until 2013 that women Terrace were officially allowed to wear pants like normal women around the world after researching this band law I still cannot comprehend why the French police and

Officials held on to this regulation for two do you have an answer to this let me know in the comment and now let’s move on to another absurd regulation from France prohibition of UFOs flying over oh until now we are not sure if UFOs exist or not but can you believe that France has banned UFOs from flying over a region called chatt new dape for 62 years indeed no extraterrestrial visitors have set foot there the law from 1954 still in effect today

Prohibits flights Landings and takeoffs of aircraft known as flying sources or flying hens regardless of their nationality throughout the Universe in French flying sources are also called sucp volantes or flying hens however whether they are sources or hens the ban explicitly states that if they attempt

To land in chhat dape they will be detained and violators will be officially warned by the local police in 1954 the world was captivated by space travel with humans landing on the moon those who issued this ban at the time seem to have truly seen or even communicated with extraterrestrial

Beings because without such communication how could they understand human prohibitions or perhaps there is another reason behind it that we may need to discuss further number 11’s prohibition of photographing police when in France one thing you must surely do is take souveni photos but beware if you see a police

Officer near by it’s best to put away your camera in France it is against the law to photograph Law Enforcement Officers or police vehicles even if they only appear in the background of a photo in August 2016 the police and political figures even threaten the media for publishing photos and videos of law

Enforcement agencies in action police often work in dangerous situations may need to protect personal information to ensure the safety of themselves and their families taking photos without consent can expose personal information in some situations images may be captured while the police are maintaining order arresting a suspect or performing other sensitive tasks these

Images if not understood in the right context can lead to misunderstandings about their actions therefore French police prohibit tourists or anyone from photographing Them number ties world’s first pet comp Cemetery if you’re an animal lover I have a place in France that will surely touch your heart the pet cemetery leag chuard is chines at otrees animar domestics situated in the suburbs of Paris near the town of asers this place

Is 120 years old and is the world’s first pet cemetery it attracts nearly 4,000 visitors each year here you can come across the grave of Ryan Tin Tin the most famous Hollywood dog in history in 1898 France passed a law allowing people to bury their pets instead of throwing their

Bodies into trash bins or Rivers however the burial site needed to be at least 100 m away from residential areas and the burial pit had to be at least 1 M deep journalist Margaret Durant in lawyer George’s harus purchased a piece of land near Pon klye and turned it into

A cemetery for dogs cats and other pets a year later the cemetery became operational one of the most remarkable graves in this Cemetery belongs to Barry a rescue dog before his passing Barry rescued 40 people in the mountains between Italy and Switzerland despite injuries sustained during the rescue

Mission the dog passed away shortly after a memorial was erected to honor Barry with an inscription stating this dog saved 40 lives interestingly Barry’s body is not in the grave but is displayed it in a museum another famous part of this cemetery is the grave of

Rin Tin Tin not very large but often adorned with flowers from fans Rin Tin Tin conquered Hollywood with professional acting and quick understanding this dog left an impression starting with a film Man From Hell River and truly became a star with where the North Begins most of the

Graves in this Cemetery are for dogs or cat however if you wonderand long enough you may come across Graves for Birds fish or even Lions many tombstones only feature names without specifying the species leaving visitors curious about which animal is buried underneath the cemetery almost closed in 1986 due to

Financial issues it stopped accepting pet burials until September 1987 however residents fought to the end to keep the cemetery alive today this pet cemetery has been recognized and preserved by the state places like this should exist in every country because dogs and cats deserve to be buried and remembered they

Are our companions not just mere pets Number nut mention money talking about money is considered very rude in France therefore the French absolutely dislike splitting the bill after a meal especially when dining with just two people typically before the meal people will say tonight let me treat you or they grab the bill when the server

Brings it friends often insist on paying and say this time let me treat you next time it’s your turn or no this time is on us you treated us last time however you should be careful when treating others if you say I want to treat you to

A meal it means you will be the one paying for the meal but if you say do you want to go out to eat with us or how about going out to eat tonight it is not clear who will pay in rare cases where people do split the bill it is

Considered impolite to scrutinize the bill in France bills often include a 15% service charge as tipping is text according to the country’s laws the menu prices already include the service charge and vat therefore tipping is not mandatory however tipping after a meal is a polite gesture indicating that you

Are very satisfied with the food and service usually people tip around 10% of the bill and you should never tip with small coins except at a cafe as it is considered an insult to the restaurant number eight protesting as a habit in France unlike the right to

Strike the right to protest is not explicitly written in the Constitution however for the French people protesting is a fundamental human right to express freedom of speech protest has become an integral part of the lives of the French much like wine and cheese many jokingly say that the habit of protesting is

Ingrained in their blood forming part of their DNA some citizens on a personal level May disagree with certain government measures however if they stand alone they may feel powerless taking to the streets Gathering marching and protesting ways of harnessing the strength of the crowd to make their demands heard making their resistance

Tangible protesting is how citizens demonstrate power to the government it’s undeniable that protests in France are as common as daily meals covering various areas such as Environmental Protection LGBT rights labor law reforms retirement issues education and more from Citywide to Nationwide individuals with stable jobs sometimes hesitate to participate in protests because they

Fear taking time off work leading to income loss with no guaranteed positive outcome from the protest despite these concerns they still attend protests returning home with potential negative consequences it’s challenging to understand why some people in France enjoy protesting perhaps as mentioned protest in has become a habit for them

And encountering protest groups in France continuously may even feel routine they might disband soon after number size B on disposable Cutlery if you’re used to using disposable utensils for fast food you’ll face significant challenges in France there won’t be any forks knives or spoons provided with your purchased food

And you must either consume it in the store or bring your own utensils specifically France has banned fast food restaurants from using disposable items to serve customers this regulation is part of a multi-year program by the French government to protect the environment the intention is to reduce

The usage of single-use plastic in the food industry each year fast food restaurants in France provide approximately 6 billion meals leading to an estimated 180,000 tons of plastic waste the European paper Packaging Alliance opposes this new ban arguing that most single-use containers are made from recyclable materials with an 82%

Recycling rate however the trend toward reducing plastic consumption in the restaurant and food industry is gaining traction worldwide with France leading the way I understand this may cause inconvenience for you but it’s a positive action that we should Support number six ban on ketchup in schools if you ask a child in France if they’ve ever eaten ketchup the answer might very well be no they might not have even seen ketchup simply because France has banned children from using ketchup in all schools and this prohibition has had a significant impact

Causing parents to avoid buying ketchup for their children at home France sees this as a measure to protect health and promote healthy eating some types of ketchup can contain a high amount of salt consuming excessive salt can lead to increased blood pressure and heart rated issues additionally ketchup often

Contains trans saturated fats a type of fat linked to health problems such as elevated levels of bad cholesterol and reduced levels of good cholesterol although tomato sauce is an essential part of Western cuine Government aims to prioritize the health of students and preserve traditional culinary identity by restricting its use therefore tomato

Source is typically only used when accompanied by french fries mandatory French music on radio stations while strolling through the streets of France you will consistently hear music in French and some songs might be played repeatedly for up to 6 months to promote and preserve French music and culture 1994 authorities

Imposed a law on radio stations that between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. they must play a minimum of 40 songs in French and 50 of those must be played continuously for 6 months with an increasing number of local artists singing and English radio stations have to repeat the same songs to comply with

The government regulations some newcomers to France have mentioned that it took them only 3 days to memorize about five French songs because these songs were played repeatedly up to seven times a day at unusually high volumes while it may seem inconvenient this policy has proven to be successful in promoting French music and Culture number four the eel Tower is unpleasant for the French when you think of France you think of the Eiffel Tower everyone wants to take a photo at this iconic Landmark however did you know that many French citizens are quite displeased with their famous tower before the Eiffel Tower was constructed

In Paris there were already ideas to build similar Towers in the United States and even in France at that time the thought was not to build a tower using steel but with bricks and stones the idea was to Showcase France’s ownership of iron during the Industrial Revolution however

Many French citizens did not like the Eiffel Tower and express discomfort with its presence some Architects even signed a document opposing the construction even after the tower was completed and gained popularity worldwide a portion of the French population especially those in Paris remain dissatisfied they found it crude

Disliked its color and preferred softer architectural structures over this large iron Tower some even feel uncomfortable when the Eiffel Tower appears in their photos taken anywhere in Paris to this day many people still don’t like the tower and some wish for its early dismantling to be sold as scrap while I

Don’t know how much these people dislike the Eiffel Tower I’m sure they would strongly oppose its demolition raising pigeons for message delivery in this Wireless age phones and other smart devices have completely replaced traditional message delivery methods however in France pigeons are still used to deliver letters to their owners the

Art of raising pigeons for message delivery is not only a long-standing tradition but also a hobby and entertainment activity loved by many French people often participate in Pigeon Racing organizations and clubs to share experience experiences knowledge and engage in competitions they enter their pigeons into International races and organize many well-known domestic

Events his RAC is often span from major cities to remote raw areas creating challenging race conditions French racing pigeons are larger than those in other countries and they are highly intelligent with delivery success rates reaching up to 100 French pigeons are known for their intelligence and excellent Health if you want to impress

Someone you caught you can rely on these French pigeons to see how they Perform number two owning the highest mountain in Europe Mont Blan if you’re a mountain Enthusiast you must be familiar with Mont blight the highest peak in France and the highest in Europe Mont Blanc is a mountain in the Alps with a peak height of 4,810 M it stands as the highest

Mountain in the Alps in Western Europe Mont blancs is part of the Mont Blan master situated between the H province of France and the aosta valley of Italy at 48109 M it is the highest peak in Western Europe the names Mont Blanc CA French or Monte biano and both mean

White Mountain this mountain is a source of Pride for France with its pristine Beauty and all inspiring Grandeur if you visit France don’t miss the opportunity to conquer this peak of course it’s extremely challenging and dangerous but many Travelers are willing to risk their lives for the experience of standing at

Top the roof of Europe number one the world’s most famous Museum the L all right if you’re not particularly interested in Risky mountain climbing no worries follow me to a place that’s incredibly safe but equally Unforgettable the Lou Museum the world’s most famous Museum the Lou museum is located in the capital city

Paris France a destination in France that no one should Miss as one of the largest and most important museums globally the Louver spans three wings of the vast Lou Palace later the museum added the Lou pyramid with a modern and impressive design the Louver is divided into eight departments near Eastern Antiquities Egyptian

Antiquities Greek Roman and atran Antiquities Islamic art sculpture decorative Arts paintings prints and drawings in addition to the these eight main collections the Lou also features a section showcasing the history of the palace and a collection of art from Asia Africa the Americas and Oceania the L

Museum houses over 1 million works of art some famous pieces include the sculpture the winged victory of Simo Michelangelo’s dying slave and of course Leonardo D Vinci’s painting Mona Lisa almost the entire cultural and artistic Heritage of Europe and humanity is displayed at this Museum when in France

Make sure not to miss this incredible place

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