The Bidens Refinanced Their Delaware Home 20 Times, Profiting .2M from 0K Property

The Bidens Refinanced Their Delaware Home 20 Times, Profiting $4.2M from $350K Property

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden have come under scrutiny for their real estate dealings in Delaware, with reports indicating that they refinanced their home a staggering 20 times, raking in $4.2 million from a property that was originally purchased for $350,000.

The couple, who reportedly have a net worth of $10 million, borrowed $6 million on their various properties over the years. This pattern of refinancing dates back to the late 1970s, not long after they were married, with new mortgage or credit deals being negotiated approximately every 17 months.

While some may view this as a savvy financial move, others have questioned the necessity of such frequent refinancing. According to a finance expert cited in the report, the situation “doesn’t make a lot of sense unless they were desperate for cash.”

The news has sparked debate and raised eyebrows among those following the Bidens’ real estate transactions. The details of their refinancing history have left many wondering about the motivations behind these repeated financial maneuvers.

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