The Crisis of Amputees in the Gaza War

The Crisis of Amputees in the Gaza War

In the midst of the ongoing conflict in Gaza, there is a silent crisis unfolding among the amputee population. According to Doctors Without Borders (MSF), the lack of proper medical treatment in the region is putting amputees at risk of fatal complications that could have been preventable under normal circumstances.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza has reported that over 86,969 people have been injured in Israel’s war on the enclave, with at least 12,000 of them being children. Shockingly, between October and January alone, at least 1,000 children lost one or both of their legs. Many of these amputations were performed without the use of anesthesia, highlighting the dire medical conditions in Gaza.

In a recent episode of The Stream on Al Jazeera, the challenges faced by amputees in Gaza were brought to light. The discussion revolved around how these individuals are navigating life in the midst of a collapsed medical system and ongoing conflict, raising important questions about their futures and aspirations.

Guests on the show included 11-year-old amputee Yassin Al Ghalban, Sobhi Soboh from the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, Dr. James Smith, an emergency physician, and Karim Ali, co-founder of Gaza Sunbirds. Together, they shed light on the struggles faced by amputees in Gaza and emphasized the urgent need for improved medical care and support for this vulnerable population.

As the crisis of amputees in Gaza continues to unfold, it is crucial that the international community comes together to provide the necessary resources and support to ensure that these individuals receive the care and assistance they so desperately need.

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