The Crucial Question of Biden’s Age in the US Election | The Listening Post

The Crucial Question of Biden’s Age in the US Election | The Listening Post

As the US election draws near, the age of Democratic nominee Joe Biden has become a central focus of the campaign. With President Donald Trump as his opponent, this election features the two eldest nominees in US history vying for the opportunity to lead the world’s greatest superpower.

In the midst of a highly partisan media landscape, concerns have been raised about whether mainstream outlets have intentionally ignored issues surrounding Biden’s age and possible cognitive decline. On Al-Jazeera’s The Listening Post, contributors Rachel Leingang, John Nichols, Alex Shephard, and Prem Thakker delve into this question, exploring how Biden’s age has become a key issue in the election.

With a variety of perspectives and insights from experts in the field of democracy reporting and political commentary, The Listening Post sheds light on the debate surrounding Biden’s age and the impact it may have on the outcome of the election. In a time of heightened political tension and media bias, it is crucial to examine all aspects of the candidates’ qualifications and capabilities.

As viewers tune in to this episode of The Listening Post, they will gain a deeper understanding of the role age plays in the election, and the potential implications for the future leadership of the United States.

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