The Day Muhammad Ali Passed Away at 74 – Video

The Day Muhammad Ali Passed Away at 74 – Video

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Muhammad Ali, early life and rise to fame, career, challenges, later life and death. On January seventh, nineteen forty-two, amidst global instability, a future icon breathed his first breath in a world struggling with the turbulence of war and societal shifts. Cassius Marcellus Clay Junior, later known as Muhammad Ali, started his quest to become the greatest boxer in history from the segregated neighborhoods of Louisville, Kentucky. But how did this adventure take place? Let’s take a look at the early years and remarkable ascent of a guy who would change sports and activism.

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Please welcome the greatest of all time muhamed Ali on January 7th 1942 amidst Global instability a future icon breathed his first breath in a world struggling with the turbulence of war and societal shifts cases marcelis Clay Jr later known as Muhammad Ali started his quest to become the greatest boxer

In history and show them all that I’m the real one from the segregated neighborhoods of Louisville Kentucky but how did this adventure take place let’s take a look at the early years and remarkable Ascent of a guy who would change Sports and activism hey the G here early years and

Rise to fame cases marcelis Clay Jr who would later be known as Muhammad Ali the famous boxer was born on January 17th 1942 in Louisville Kentucky when he was born there was a lot of fighting happening all over the world and people were not getting along well at home

Either but it was in this place that Clay’s strong spirit and incredible Talent first showed up Ali had a pretty interesting childhood growing up in a time when things were pretty unfair in the United States he lived in a neighborhood where racial division was a part of everyday life his dad cases

Marcelis clay Senor was a sign and billboard painter he was a happy guy when he wasn’t drinking but alcohol made him act mean his mom Odessa Grady clay was a super hardworking lady who sometimes did domestic work to help her family when clay was just 12 years old

He stumbled upon boxing after his favorite red and white Schwin bike got swiped talk about a sad lost clay was really mad and promised to teach the thief a lesson Joe Martin a police officer and boxing coach was really interested in this declaration hey clay Martin thinks it would be a good idea

For you to learn how to box before getting back at someone sounds like a fun challenge Clay’s unexpected encounter sparked his love for boxing a sport that would soon consume his his entire being with Martin’s help clay became an awesome boxer in no time he was super committed every morning he’d

Wake up early and race the bus to boost his speed and stamina he got really good at boxing and started winning a bunch of fights and getting lots of titles when clay was just 14 he won his very first Golden Gloves championship in the light heavyweight class pretty impressive

Right his boxing style was really cool for a heavyweight he was super fast and used fancy footwork and quick Jabs to outsmart his oppon opponents he started showing off his Charming personality both inside and outside the ring clay wasn’t just a fighter he was a real showman he loved to taunt his opponents

With poetic words and make predictions about his fights it became one of his trademarks Clay’s time as an amateur reached its highest point when he rocked the 1960 summer olympics in Rome even though he was scared of flying he went to Italy and ended up winning the gold

Medal in the light heavyweight category all the authorities wrong for giving my title to a prot pretty impressive huh wow his Olympic win was a total GameChanger not only did he score a gold medal but he also became a big deal Nationwide this win wasn’t just about sports it brought hope and

Inspiration to African-Americans fighting against unfair racial segregation when Ali came back home after winning the Olympics he sadly had to deal with unfair treatment because of his race guess what he chucked his gold medal into the Ohio River because some dumb restaurant wouldn’t serve him just

Because of his skin color can can you believe it even with all his success he still had to deal with that kind of nonsense champion of the world triumphs and controversies Muhammad Ali went from a talented young boxer to a world champion really fast and it was pretty exciting his journey completely changed

Boxing and Shook Up society’s expectations making his story a part of 20th century history after winning the Olympics Ali’s pro career skyrocketed at an amazing speed he became famous for his one-of-a-kind style in the ring known for hising amazing speed agility and his catchy float like a butterfly

Sting like a bee strategy he was a real dancing Dynamo in a division full of slow and strong fighters in 1964 Ali faced off against Sunny Liston the reigning heavyweight champion Liston was a tough guy with a strong punch and a scary demeanor but Ali not scared of liston’s reputation used his well-known

Mind Games openly teasing Liston and saying he would win wow Ali pulled off an amazing upset by beating Liston and becoming the youngest boxer ever to snatch the heavyweight title from a reigning Champion talk about a knockout this win wasn’t just about sports it showed that Ali was a big deal in the

Civil rights movement after beating Liston Ali surprised Everyone by embracing Islam and joining the Nation of Islam the morning after defeating Liston the new Heavyweight Champion confirmed reports that he had become a member of the Nation of Islam with Malcolm X at his side the champ told reporters that he had renounced his

Surname which he called his his slave name and would be known as cashes X until Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad gave him a holy name that name Muhammad Ali was bestowed on March 6th 1964 this caused quite a stir and got people talking he decided to switch his

Name from Cashes Clay which he considered his slave name to Muhammad Ali a name bestowed upon him by his spiritual Mentor Elijah Muhammad Ali’s transformation and new name were a big deal during a time when there was a lot of tension around race in the United States Ali’s association with the Nation

Of Islam which supports black empowerment and opposes white supremacy made him a key figure in social and political discussions he stood tall and proud capturing the hearts of African-Americans who saw him as a powerful symbol of strength and Defiance but Ali’s most talked about moment happened in

1967 when he said no to joining the US Army during the Vietnam war he did this because of his religious beliefs and his opposition to the the war his famous words I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Kong became a powerful slogan for the anti-war movement and made him even

More of a social activist because he said no Ally got arrested found guilty of avoiding the draft and lost his boxing titles he was looking at 5 years in prison but he got to stay out while they appealed the conviction pretty lucky huh alli’s boxing license got

Suspended so he took a break from fighting for almost four years when he was at the top of his game bummer allly had a tough time during this period period it hit him hard in the wallet and also hurt his reputation as a boxer but it also made him a cool symbol of

Standing up against the Vietnam War and unfairness Ali’s conviction got overturned by the US Supreme Court in 1971 and he made a comeback to the ring he made an epic return with two legendary boxing matches the fight of the century against Joe Frasier in 1971 and The Rumble in the Jungle against

George Foreman in 1974 allly got beat by Frasier at first but then he came back back strong and shocked Everyone by beating Foreman in The Rumble in the Jungle he became the champ again Ali used a clever strategy called the ropa doe he let Foreman exhaust himself

Before making his move and ended up winning by knockout in the eighth round seeking to generate positive publicity for his country zier’s dictatorial president mbutu C SEO paid each fighter $5 million to Stage the fight in his capital city of kinasa in order for American audiences to watch the fight

Live in prime time the bout began in the early morning hours before the sun dawned on Africa in what was dubbed The Rumble in the Jungle Ali won in an 8 Round knockout to regain the heavyweight title that had been stripped from him s years prior it was a risky but effective

Plan Ali’s win showed how awesome he was at boxing he was super skilled smart and never gave up the fighter outside the ring political stances and convictions Muhammad Ali was an amazing boxer but he also made a big difference beyond the ring Ali was a big deal in the 60s and’

70s he had strong opinions about politics and was involved in the Civil Rights and anti-war movements some people didn’t always agree with him but he made a name for himself in 1964 Ali became a Muslim and changed his name this was just the beginning of his many actions showing his dedication to racial

And religious matters Ali joined the Nation of Islam a group that supported black empowerment and self-reliance he spoke up for the rights of African-Americans being friends with people like Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad made him even more famous as a social activist Ali’s decision to convert went beyond just a personal

Religious Choice it was a bold political statement a way of saying no to the unfair racism that existed in American society Ali really didn’t like the Vietnam War and made a big fuss about it in 1966 when things were getting intense Ali decided he didn’t want to fight

Anymore he said his religion didn’t allow it his famous quote I don’t have any problem with those Vietcong guys really struck a chord with the increasing number of people who were against the war in the United States in 1967 Ali said no to joining the US Army

Which got him in trouble and he was found guilty of avoiding the draft as a result he couldn’t box for 3 and 1/2 years and lost all his titles while he couldn’t box Ali took the opportunity to visit colleges and public forums where he shared his thoughts on racial

Injustice war and religious freedom his stubborn position had serious consequences for him both in his career and his wallet but it also turned him into a symbol of defiance and honesty Ali’s actions were super inspiring to a lot of people especially in the African-American community and those who

Were against the Vietnam War he proved that athletes aren’t just entertainers but can also have a big impact on society and politics Ali’s conviction was later overturned by the US Supreme Court in 1971 which was a big win both legally and morally he made a big

Comeback in boxing but the time he spent fighting legal battles and protesting the war really affected his career but alli’s actions at that time made him a true champion for The Underdogs and a voice for those who couldn’t speak up during his 43-month forced Exile from

The Ring Ali took to the stage in the title role of the musical Buck White the production opened inside New York’s George Abbott theater on December 2nd 1969 but Ali’s stage career would be a brief one Buck White closed four nights later after just seven per performances

In spite of the limited run Ali who played a militant black lecturer received decent reviews he sings with a pleasant slightly impersonal voice acts without embarrassment and moves with innate dignity wrote A New York Times reviewer he does himself proud Ali was really into politics and he didn’t just

Stick to the United States he traveled all over the world as a peace and human rights Ambassador meeting with leaders and spreading the message of understanding and cultural exchange he traveled to places like Iraq and North Korea sometimes to help bring back American hostages it showed how much he

Cared about helping people even as he fought Parkinson’s disease Ali stayed dedicated to social and political causes he really cared about Parkinson’s research and spent a lot of time helping others he was there at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games lighting The Cauldron during the opening ceremony it was a

Really cool moment that showed how important it is to never give up and come together as one in 2005 Ali got a really cool award called the presidential medal of freedom it’s like the highest honor you can get in the United States he’s one of the greatest

Of all times I said you all are wrong this man is nothing return to the ring comebacks and challenges in 1970 Muhammad Ali made a big comeback to boxing it was the start of an exciting new chapter in his career with lots of amazing comebacks and tough challenges

This period was a real Testament to Ali’s never give up attitude and really proved that he’s one of the all-time boxing greats Ali made his comeback in October 1970 against Jerry Quarry after being away for 3 and 1/2 years it was quite a long break people had doubts

About his form and fitness but Ally proved them wrong by winning the fight in a convincing way he showed that he still had the Speed skill and Charisma that made him a champion wow this win wasn’t just a comeback it was like a superhero defeating all the challenges

Thrown at him in March 1971 W Ali went up against Joe Frasier in a fight that everyone called the fight of the century it was a big deal the match was going to be a real Banger both Fighters were unbeaten and fighting for the heavyweight title it was going to go

Down in boxing history the fight at Madison Square Garden was totally awesome Frasier and Ali had an intense fight for 15 rounds and in the end Frasier came out on top giving Ali his first loss as a pro the fight was a real Showdown capturing the fierce competition between the two fighters wow

Ali really bounced back after that loss it was pretty impressive after winning a bunch of matches against tough opponents he was all set for a rematch with frasure in 1974 Ali won the fight and then went on to have another famous match against George Foreman in 1974 Ali

Took on the seemingly unbeatable George Foreman a powerful puncher who had crushed Frasier and was expected to beat Ali but Ali had a clever Plan called the Rope ad doe he leaned against the ropes and let Foreman wear himself out with useless punches in the eighth round a

Tired Foreman got knocked down by Ali’s quick counterattacks and Ali became the heavyweight champion again in a surprising upset Ali’s wi showed how smart and strong he was Ali’s later fights were really something porn water on his smoking this might shock an amaz you but I will reti Jo Frasier take his

Third match with Frasier in the Thrilla in Manila in 1975 for example it was a real test of Ali’s determination and ability to overcome tough challenges man The Thrilla in Manila was one intense fight both Fighters took a beating no doubt about it Ali was declared the winner when Fraser’s Corner decided to

End the fight in the 14th round Ali came out on top this match is considered one of the best in boxing history and a great example of Ali’s unbeatable determination but all those later fights really wore Ali down his style used to be all about Speed and Agility but now

It’s more about staying put enduring hits and taking it all in one reason for this change was because he’s getting older and has been working for a really long time but Ally didn’t give up he kept on fighting and defended his title many more times in 1978 allly went up

Against Leon Spinx who had just seven professional fights and was an Olympic gold medalist guess what Spinx pulled off a huge surprise and beat Ali but don’t worry Ali got his revenge and became the first three-time heavyweight champion later that year wow allly really nailed it with this Victory

Although it seemed like his best years were already in the rearview mirror allly had his last fights in 1980 against Larry Holmes and in 1981 against Trevor berbick they were the last ones he had before retiring Ali got beat up pretty bad by Holmes who used to be his

Sparring partner the fight against berbick was his final one but unfortunately he didn’t come out on top and that’s it Ali called it quits after this big fight wrapping up a career that lasted a whopping two decades Legacy and influence Beyond boxing Muhammad Ali was more than just a boxer his impact goes

Way Beyond The Ring he’s had a huge impact on Sports culture politics and social justice leaving a lasting impression on the world he’s become a legendary figure of the 20th century Ali was an amazing boxer but what made him even more special was his awesome personality we with words and strong

Beliefs he wasn’t just a sportsman cost him personally his bravery turned him into a hero for lots of people and a symbol of standing up against unfairness Ali had had a huge impact on other athletes he changed the game by being more than just a sports star he spoke up

About important issues and made a difference his example motivated lots of athletes to use their Fame to talk about things they care about from the powerful fists of Tommy Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympic Games to the more recent activism of figures like Colin Kaepernick it’s clear that Ali’s Legacy

Of athlete activism is strong Ali had a huge impact on politics but his influence on culture was even bigger he was so clever and funny with his sassy comebacks and flashy fashion that everyone in the media loved him he was one of the early athletes who knew how

To use TV and media to grow his brand and share his message Ali had a big impact on music literature and film people often mentioned him as a symbol of strength and Rebellion his incredible life story has been turned into books documentaries and even a movie called

Ali where Will Smith played him Ali did a lot of good for others which was really important even though he had Parkinson’s disease for a long time he still focused on helping others by supporting many Charities like the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center he did some really cool stuff with the make AWI

Foundation and as a United Nations messenger of Peace he was all about promoting understanding and respect between different cultures total humanitarian hero his philanthropic work is a shining example of his Caring Heart and his drive to make the world a better place Ali was really awesome as a global

Ambassador for peace and Reconciliation it was a big deal he went to different countries sometimes on nice missions to spread understanding and peace in 1990 he went to Iraq to help free American hostages he also did a lot to help in North Korea these are just a couple of examples of

How much he cared about helping people all around the world Ali had a big impact on religion and spirituality too his decision to embrace Islam and promote religious acceptance had a big impact on raising awareness and understanding of the Muslim faith in America he became a cool symbol of the

Different religions in America and helped people talk about and respect each other’s beliefs he don’t know how to lean back like I do he don’t know how to move he got hit and he don’t have enough common sense to say I’m here hey guys before we move on it is time for

Our subscribers pick for today I bet you didn’t know this about Muhammad Ali did you know that after graduating high school the 18-year-old fighter traveled to Rome and won the light heavyweight gold medal in the 1960 summer olympics Ali wrote in his 1975 autobiography that after returning to Louisville he threw

His gold medal off a bridge and into the Ohio River to protest the racism that he still encountered in his hometown however the account has been disputed and it is believed that Ali lost the medal instead okay let’s just assume you are aware of that now what about the

Real cause of his Parkinson’s disease is it because of his boxing career or another reason entirely Mariam Ali the daughter of the Fighter’s second wife khila Ali was very close to her father she suggested that fighting alone doesn’t cause Parkinson’s according to her her you can’t prove that that’s the

Cause because a lot of boxers don’t have Parkinson’s I believe it might have been a combination of head trauma from boxing and pesticides this man lived quite a great life the day Muhammad Ali died was indeed sorrowful for all okay guys I would love to hear your opinion on all

These in the comments section the final Bell Muhammad Ali’s last days the Twilight years of Muhammad Ali’s life were marked by both reverence and reflection as the world gradually prepared to Bid Farewell to one of its greatest sporting icons and humanitarians despite the physical challenges he faced Ali’s Spirit remained unbroken epitomizing the

Resilience and courage that defined his life Ali’s battle with Parkinson’s Disease diagnosed in 1984 3 years after his retirement from boxing was perhaps his toughest opponent the disease likely exacerbated by years of repeated blows in the ring gradually impaired his motor skills and speech yet Ali faced Parkinson’s with the same fighting

Spirit he had shown in the ring and in his activism he became an advocate for Parkinson’s research and worked to raise awareness about the disease showing the world that his illness did not Define his Spirit or his capacity to make a difference even as his health declined Ali continued to participate in public

Life one of the most poignant moments came during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics when he lit the Olympic cauldron shaking but determined Ali’s appearance was a powerful symbol of perseverance and strength a moment that moved Millions around the world and underscored his status as a global icon Ali’s final

Years were also a time of widespread recognition and accolades he received numerous awards that celebrated his contributions both inside and outside the boxing ring in 2005 he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom the highest civilian honor in the United States by President George W bush this recognition was a testament to his

Impact as an athlete a humanitarian and an activist despite his illness Ali remained committed to his humanitarian work he continued to support various charitable causes and made public appearances to help raise funds and awareness for different organizations his commitment to helping others particularly those suffering from illnesses and poverty remained

Unwavering Ali’s influence on Sports civil rights and Global humanitarian efforts continued to be felt in his final days he was not just celebrated as a former heavyweight champion but as a man who had used his Fame to fight for justice tolerance and peace his legacy was reflected in the countless lives he

Touched and the people he inspired as his health deteriorated Ali was surrounded by his loving family his fourth wife Lonnie whom he married in 1986 was a constant presence and caregiver his children some of whom followed in his footsteps in sports and public life were also a source of

Comfort and support to the world Muhammad Ali was the Brash and buoyant heavy heavyweight fighter bestowed with many monikers the floating butterfly the Louisville lip the greatest to Mariam Ali the eldest of the boxer’s nine children he was all of the above she said but he was also a teacher a

Spiritual guide above all he was Dad Mariam Ali the daughter of the Fighter’s second wife khila Ali was very close to her father she would regularly drive from her home in Los Angeles to visit him at his home in Arizona she said the day Muhammad Ali died on June 3rd 2016

At the age of 74 was met with global mourning tributes poured in from around the world from fans celebrities athletes and world leaders they spoke not only of his prowess in the boxing ring but of his courage humanity and the indelible Mark he left on the world his passing

Was seen not just as the loss of a great athlete but as the end of an era Ali’s funeral in his hometown of Louisville Kentucky was a fitting tribute to his life it was a multifaith service that reflected his own beliefs in peace and inclusivity thousands lined the streets

To pay their respects and notable figures from various sectors spoke of his impact on their lives and the world the service was broadcast globally allowing Millions to participate in the farewell to a man who had become a global symbol of resilience and hope Ali the cultural phenomenon Muhammad Ali

Wasn’t just a boxer he was a total cultural sensation he had a huge impact not just in the ring but also on fashion language music and even the Civil Rights Movement pretty cool huh Ali was an amazing person who was really good at sports had a great sense of humor and

Cared about important issues he became famous not just for his athletic skills but for being an inspiration to many people ever since he made his grand entrance Ali stood out from the crowd his flashy self-promotion and bold fight predictions were game changers in a sport known for its seriousness and

Toughness he really knew how to put on a show in the boxing ring entertaining the crowd with his clever Rhymes and predictions sayings like float like a butterfly sting like a bee became super popular showing how he influenced language and culture Ali’s fashion sense was super cool and totally Fearless just

Like his boxing and how he presented himself to the world he always rocked flashy suits vibrant colors and shades totally shaking up the typical boxer look his style was like a mirror of who he was bold rebellious and totally unique Ally had a big impact on fashion

Even with his boxing gear the cool white trunks he liked to wear became super famous in the sport Ali’s impact was definitely felt in the world of Music he was a big inspiration for many musicians and artists they saw him as someone who stood up for what he believed in and

Never gave up people wrote songs about him and he even made an album of his spoken poetry showing off his cool mix of fun and making a difference hanging out with big music stars like Sam Cook made him even more famous and cool Ali played a a big part in the Civil Rights

Movement it was pretty important he lived during the same time as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr and became a significant voice in the fight for racial equality when he said no to being drafted into the Vietnam War a lot of people who were against the war really

Liked that and thought of him as a leader for civil rights Ali’s decision to become a Muslim and change his name were courageous expressions of his identity and beliefs shaking things up in America the media had a big part in shaping Ali’s cultural impact it was pretty important you know he had a

Complicated relationship with journalists and broadcasters sometimes he was Charming other times he was confrontational was quite a roller coaster his interviews were super entertaining packed with jokes deep thoughts and sometimes a little drama Ally knew that TV and media could influence what people thought so he cleverly used them to get people

Interested in the things he cared about Ally was loved all around the world and he even became a cultural Ambassador people all over the world knew and adored adored him not only for his boxing skills but also because he stood up against Injustice his fights were big

Deals all around the world and when he went places it was sometimes to help with important stuff like getting people out of trouble in Iraq or going to North Korea Ali was really good at making friends with people from different cultures and countries which was pretty amazing for an athlete back then Ali’s

Life story has captivated people in movies and books many documentaries and biographies have been made about him diving into his interesting life and career and how he influenced Society the movie Ali with Will Smith introduced his story to a whole new audience highlighting both his victories and challenges thanks for watching stay

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