“The Deadliest Predator Weapons: Full Episode” | World’s Most Dangerous – Video

“The Deadliest Predator Weapons: Full Episode” | World’s Most Dangerous – Video


Deadly Predators: Nature’s Most Ferocious Hunters

Deadly Predators: Nature’s Most Ferocious Hunters

They say it’s a jungle out there but they’re wrong it’s a battlefield with no geneva convention these predators fight tooth and nail using every weapon in their arsenal camouflage firepower even chemical warfare they’re some of the world’s deadliest predators and they’re locked and loaded

The Indispensable Weapon of Birds of Prey

For thousands of years the sentinels of war have carried one weapon into the indispensable weapon of birds of prey and their primary hunting Sometimes the sharp talons kill at the initial strike and that may be the victim’s best option because if they’re not killed outright the town helps train the animal and prevent escape the toes squeeze strongly which can cause death by asphyxiation the squeezing may also force talons into the flesh Vent the prey succumb since a loss of blood or organ failure

The Talon Hunter of the Falkland Islands

Deep in the south atlantic life seems to have in the rocky outcroppings known as the falkland islands a talent hunter The striated caracara and allen’s juvenile handful gangs Terrorize each other before wreaking havoc on the rest of the island Karakara is mainly scavenged and they’re not choosy when elephant seals malt the cars snack on dead skin anything motorist they go for but the for seal colony provides names for the karakara newborn pups these moms go fishing hunting season opens and that’s when this young caracara learns how to use his talons The wrestling piles up a swarm of switchblades just as mother returns Calling to her pub brings no answer No problem for the karakara they can still find plenty of other food to sink their talons into seabirds are laying eggs and caracaras have eagle eyes now the talons double as hammers Good protein for a carnivore but even more when the eggs hatch rockhopper penguins have given birth this time the talons deploy for a ground assault The talons grip the turf like a runner’s cleats allowing karakaras to sweep in and steal prey

The King Cobra: A Lethal Hunter

Of all the predators that use venom the most notorious may be this one the king cobra thrives in the forests and plains of southern asia His lethal venom and deadly fangs are renowned all take caution when he patrols the forest knowing that a mistaken encounter could turn deadly in one bite it delivers more venom than almost any other snake enough to kill 20 men in less than an hour we’re the biggest creature in the jungle But the cobra’s favorite food is other snakes that doesn’t make anyone less uneasy though they give him plenty of room to hunt a tree offers an excellent vantage point to spot his next prey and this rat snake tops the menu

The Great White Shark: Nature’s Ultimate Predator

But here’s why the great white is really called jaws a bite that may pack nearly two tons…


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