The Enigmatic Formation of 6000 Holes Near Paracas in Peru – Video

The Enigmatic Formation of 6000 Holes Near Paracas in Peru – Video

The Band of Holes near Paracas in Peru is a mysterious and intriguing sight, with 5 to 6,000 holes shaped in the form of a serpent. While the conventional archaeological explanation suggests that these holes were used as a place of tribute and food for the Inca rulers, senior Juan Navarro presents a thought-provoking theory that the holes were actually used for planting and nurturing plants.

With the Pisco River not far away, it is proposed that a crew could have been responsible for keeping the plants watered, potentially using a bucket brigade to transport water from one hole to the next. Interestingly, no human remains or pottery have been found in the holes, further adding to the mystery of their purpose.

The Band of Holes is located near the famous Candelabro created by the parus culture, as well as the Palpa geoglyphs, making the area rich in historical and enigmatic sights to explore. While providing directions to the Band of Holes is challenging due to the off-road journey required, visitors are encouraged to seek out a guide to fully appreciate and understand this intriguing wonder.

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E [Laughter] Yeah this is called the band of holes 5 to 6,000 of them in the shape of a serpent going up the ridge of a mountain here near paracas in Peru So this would been really cool you would have in this Baron scape green there were between five and 6,000 of these holes and they do make a serpent shape the conventional story of Archaeology is that these were where local people would put their tribute as a and food for the Inca

Rulers but senior Juan Navarro’s Theory which makes more sense to me is that actually the ancient people planted plants in each one of these holes and watered them took care of them so in this Barren landscape what you had was the shape of a giant snake pattern going up the ridge

Basically almost from the river up to close to top of one of the Mountains if you enjoyed this video please click like or Thumbs Up And subscribe there are almost 900 other videos located here on my YouTube channel so greetings and saludos and cowo from Inland of paracas Peru and as a surprise bonus feature here we have quadcopter Patak cutek

Flying over the band of Holes about a year ago and it shows you the extent of them the 5 to 6,000 of them so if each one of these had a plant in it it would require quite a crew to be able to keep them watered the Pisco River as you can see

Is not that far away so there could have literally been something like a Bucket Brigade um handing water in some kind of vessels from one to the next to the next to the next in order to keep the plants alive U again we found no human remains

In any of the holes we found no Pottery so I honestly think senior Juan Navaro was correct in his idea that this was a giant green snake that could be seen from a distance and of course like the famous NASA lines and geoglyphs could be seen from the air very mysterious

NASA is about 4 hours drive south of here and the famous candelabro created by the parus culture is about 1 hour’s driveway in the paracas bay it’s approximately 500 ft tall and in between the candelabro and naasa are the palpa geoglyphs of which there are about

1,000 they’re not as as large as the NASA geoglyphs such as the famous hummingbird and the monkey but they are quite strange you can look them up um through Google images or an equivalent trying to give directions as to how to get to the band of holes is

Very difficult because first you drive on the highway which is simple but then you have to go off-road so a better recommendation would be for you to come and visit me and then I could guide you to see this interesting Wonder as well as less than 15 minutes driveway is Tambo Colorado

Which was a major Inca site so once again if you enjoyed this please give me a thumbs up have a look at the other approximate 900 videos on my YouTube channel and stay tuned for more because I am constantly filming and producing more content for your viewing entertainment and to expand your

Field of knowledge so once again from the area of paracas Peru thanks for watching for

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