The Enigmatic Megalithic Site of Quenuani in Peru: Its Creators and Origins Remain a Mystery. – Video

The Enigmatic Megalithic Site of Quenuani in Peru: Its Creators and Origins Remain a Mystery. – Video

The video “The Mysterious Megalithic Site Of Quenuani In Peru. No One Knows Who Made It And When.” takes viewers on an exploration of the enigmatic megalithic site located near Lake Titicaca in Peru. The site, known as Quenuani, is a marvel of ancient construction and architecture, with megalithic structures made from volcanic tuff, a relatively soft material that shows evidence of tool marks and chisel work.

The video highlights the unique features of the site, including a semicircular area with astonishing acoustic properties and a series of curved stairs that resemble a stadium. Despite the impressive design and scale of the site, very little is known about its origins or purpose. The narrator discusses the lack of information available about Quenuani, noting that it is a relatively unknown location that few people have visited.

Throughout the video, viewers are given a close-up view of the megalithic site, as well as aerial footage captured using a quadcopter, providing a sense of scale and mystery surrounding the area. The narrator expresses fascination and bewilderment at the site, noting that even after years of research and exploration, the origins of Quenuani and the purpose of its construction remain unknown.

The video invites viewers to join the narrator on future explorations of ancient and enigmatic locations, including upcoming visits to Turkey, Mexico, Egypt, and India. The exploration of Quenuani is just one example of the narrator’s ongoing quest to uncover the mysteries of ancient sites around the world. For those interested in learning more about Quenuani and similar locations, the video also mentions a related book available on Amazon titled “Lost Ancient Technology of Peru and Bolivia Volume 2”.

Overall, “The Mysterious Megalithic Site Of Quenuani In Peru. No One Knows Who Made It And When.” provides a captivating and thought-provoking look at an ancient site that continues to baffle experts and visitors alike.

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Greetings and welcome to another edition of hidden inat video now this is the place that we’ll be looking at today it’s located about 5 kmet inside Peru at Lake tiaka just over the border with Bolivia and the name of it is kenani and actually in fact the name of the

Village where it’s located is kenani the name of this place specifically I couldn’t find out I first saw photographs of it on the internet about 5 to six years ago and it was only last year that I first visited so this is actually our second exploration of this is clearly megalithic

Site what culture created it is unknown most people would say it’s an Inca construction but we don’t find anything like it anywhere else as far as I can tell in the Inca world and others would comment that it’s a tiwanaku culture creation but again nothing like this exists at tiwanaku or Puma punu

Now the material is volcanic you can see that there’s a volcano in the background and uh the actual material is called volcanic tough which is a compressed volcanic ash created likely millions of years ago and it’s a relatively soft material as you can see from these steps that I’m

Walking up uh erosion of the surfaces is very easy to do unfortunately and the general concept is that this is or was some kind of stadium and you have this very curious semicircle here which some believe would be the actual Podium of the stadium but the question is a stadium made by

Who and why is there this interesting cut channel that is right in front of the semicircle so a stadium for who when was it made unknown who made it unknown obviously a huge accomplishment by someone um where the vertical and horizontal surfaces meet there is an

Actual curve so the groove or the um where the vertical and horizontal meat is not a sharp right angle but actually a slight curve and we do see evidence of tool marks almost like chisel marks but uh the concept that this was done with hand tools is highly highly unlikely

Because of the sheer scale of it now of course it does look somewhat like a stadium these steps are the right size more or less for a normal size human being to sit down and where it looks at is towards Lake tiaka and now we’re going back to the

Semicircular area and it does have unfortunately it was too windy today to record it but it does have astonishing um sound characteristics if you speak right at this point especially if you’re kneeling then the sound of your voice is enhanced greatly so quite amazing acoustic properties for a material that is not super

Dense but once again please try to look up kenani on um on the internet and you’ll see very very little information most of the information is simply about the little town located here but almost nothing about the megalithic site itself and who made it lots and lots of staircases located here

So that’s why of course I’m on the ground giving you a view of what it’s like to climb up and we did spend at least 2 hours inspecting this place and it’s very very odd again you see the extensive weathering of the surfaces and so climbing all the way to the top

Again with the ancient volcano in the background and then looking down and walking down back to the farmer fields that you see once again the size of the stairs are they’re quite even evenly spaced um even in terms of size very ergonomic for someone like me

Who’s about 6 fet tall to be able to climb up and down and this shows you where the so-call stadium faces it stares right at Lake tiaka and also basically the ancient location of tiwanaku and Puma punu is directly to the South of this strange megalithic complex and we did find this

Cave entrance not sure how far in it goes because the smell of the garbage that you can see was overwhelming and people were also of course using it as a bathroom room and so now we switched cameras and this is my new little quadcopter called Horus as in the

Egyptian Horus the Eye of Horus maybe should be a better name and this will give you a much better perspective of the sense of scale and just enigmatic character of this very odd place that very few people visit it’s just off the main Highway that connects Copa Cabana in Bolivia with puno in

Peru so now the quadcopter is going to give us a much better look at this very odd unique site located very very close to Lake tiaka in Peru so it seems that there’s nothing actually above it I use the quadcopter of course to go up in the air to inspect

The top and there don’t seem to be any more of these strange steps or seats or whatever it is you want to call them and again there’s almost no information on the internet whatsoever about this very odd place so there again is the semicircular area that has acoustic

Properties this was filmed in October of 2018 and then this very complex series of curved stairs and once again the quadcopter goes up to see if there’s anything above these stairs so I’m very sorry that I don’t have all that much great information about the location because I’m still stupified

About it uh as I said earlier I first saw photographs about five or six years ago and uh was only able to actually physically go there a little over a year ago so once again up above there doesn’t seem to be any any more of it in terms of cut

Surfaces there’s Lake tiaka in the background and if you’re ever near Lake titty Kaka uh you should visit this location if you can so we’re always in search of more ancient strange enigmatic locations such as this and if you’re not a subscriber to my Channel please do so because I

Have many many more adventures coming up in the near future in different countries not only Peru and Bolivia but also Mexico and Egypt and in September we’re going to Turkey and in the coming years much much more to explore India in January of 2020 as another example and eventually Malta

And other locations in the Middle East so in another upcoming video it’ll be another exp uh exploration of this location called amaru muru which is also located near Lake tiaka and here here’s a related book at Amazon that discusses the kenani location lost ancient technology of Peru and Bolivia volume 2

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