The Eternal City Trailer for MY SPY 2 (2024) Starring Dave Bautista – Video

The Eternal City Trailer for MY SPY 2 (2024) Starring Dave Bautista – Video

In “My Spy 2: The Eternal City,” we see J.J. (played by Dave Bautista) team up once again with a now teenage Sophie for another thrilling adventure. This time, Sophie convinces J.J. to chaperone her school choir trip to Italy, but things take a dangerous turn when they become unwitting pawns in an international terrorist plot targeting the CIA Chief David Kim and his son, Collin – who happens to be Sophie’s best friend.

With action-packed scenes and hilarious moments, “My Spy 2: The Eternal City” promises to deliver high-stakes excitement as J.J. and Sophie race against time to stop the terrorists and save the day. With a stellar cast including Chloe Coleman and Ken Jeong, this movie is sure to be a hit with audiences.

Don’t miss out on the thrilling sequel to the original “My Spy” as J.J. and Sophie embark on their latest mission in the Eternal City. Subscribe now and be the first to watch the movie trailer in 2024.

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