The impact of the loneliness epidemic on society

The impact of the loneliness epidemic on society

The loneliness epidemic is a growing crisis, particularly affecting the younger generation, Gen Z. Despite being more connected than ever through social media, this age group experiences high levels of isolation, which have only been exacerbated by the pandemic. The consequences of this epidemic are severe, leading to mental health crises, increased rates of depression and anxiety, and a sense of disconnection from community and purpose.

A study by Cigna found that Gen Z, ages 18-22, is the loneliest generation, with nearly half reporting feeling lonely. This begs the question: what can be done to address this growing mental health crisis? Watch as sociocultural YouTuber Annie Ji, copywriter Esther Fernandez, and human connection specialist Simone Heng discuss this pressing issue on The Stream.

The episode is hosted by Anelise Borges, who leads the guests in a conversation about the impact of loneliness on society, particularly among the younger generation. Tune in to learn more about why Gen Z is experiencing such high levels of isolation despite being hyperconnected online, and what can be done to combat this loneliness epidemic.

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