The Importance of Courage as the Primary Virtue | Bari Weiss | TED – Video

The Importance of Courage as the Primary Virtue | Bari Weiss | TED – Video

Courage, the Most Important Virtue | Bari Weiss | TED

Bari Weiss’s TED talk titled “Courage, the Most Important Virtue” delves into the current cultural climate where speaking out can often be seen as controversial or unwelcome. She shares her own personal beliefs and values, which she considers to be relatively boring, yet have become provocative in today’s society. She emphasizes the importance of courage in upholding values such as justice, wisdom, compassion, and the pursuit of truth. Weiss argues that cowardice is contagious and pervasive in our society, and that it takes courage to speak up, even when it’s difficult or uncomfortable. Drawing on examples of individuals who have shown immense courage in the face of adversity, she encourages the audience to embrace the first virtue of courage in order to defend freedom of speech, pursue truth, and strive for a more just and equitable society. Weiss challenges the audience to consider the power of words to engage in meaningful dialogue and debate, to uphold the rule of law, and to preserve the tools that liberal democracies provide for progress and change.

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