The Israeli High Court mandates the IDF to start conscripting ultra-Orthodox men

The Israeli High Court mandates the IDF to start conscripting ultra-Orthodox men

Israel’s Supreme Court has made a landmark decision, ruling unanimously that ultra-Orthodox men must now be drafted for compulsory military service. This historic ruling effectively puts an end to a decades-old system that granted exemptions to ultra-Orthodox men while mandating service for the secular Jewish majority. The court deemed this arrangement discriminatory and has now mandated that all citizens, including the ultra-Orthodox, must serve in the military.

This decision has the potential to have far-reaching implications, as it could lead to the collapse of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s governing coalition. The court’s ruling comes after years of delays and extensions, with the court finally declaring that compulsory service applies to the ultra-Orthodox like any other citizen.

This ruling is a significant step towards equality and shared responsibility in Israel, as it addresses the deep chasm that has existed within the Jewish majority over military service. The decision marks a major shift in policy and could have a lasting impact on the country’s military and societal structure.

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