The Last American Slave Ship Clotilda: Shipwrecks of America (Full Episode) – Video

The Last American Slave Ship Clotilda: Shipwrecks of America (Full Episode) – Video

Experience the powerful and emotional journey of uncovering the story of the Clotilda, the last American slave ship, in this full episode of Shipwrecks of America. In July 1860, 110 West African captives were smuggled into Mobile, Alabama on board the schooner Clotilda. This bet, made by a wealthy plantation owner, resulted in the transportation of these individuals against their will, marking a dark chapter in American history.

For the first time, archaeologists are diving into the sunken wreck of the Clotilda to explore and document its condition. Descendants of those who were enslaved on the ship join the exploration, connecting with their ancestors and preserving their story for future generations. The documentary captures their emotional reactions as they witness the ship that their relatives were brought over on.

The episode delves deep into the history of the people onboard the Clotilda, detailing their struggles and resilience. From their capture in Africa to their enslavement in the hold of the ship, viewers are taken on a poignant journey of survival and perseverance. The film showcases the survivors’ determination to purchase land and establish Africatown, a community which aimed to retain their African culture and traditions.

Through powerful storytelling and emotional testimonials, the full episode of Clotilda: The Last American Slave Ship sheds light on a crucial piece of history that deserves to be remembered and honored. Join National Geographic as they uncover the truth behind this tragic yet inspiring tale that highlights the resilience of the human spirit.

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