The Most Anticipated WWDC Drama I’m Eagerly Following at Apple’s AI Event – Video

The Most Anticipated WWDC Drama I’m Eagerly Following at Apple’s AI Event – Video

WWDC Drama I’m Watching For at Apple’s AI Event

Apple’s WWDC event is set to make history with the introduction of generative AI to Apple devices. While this is a major focus of the event, there are other topics that promise drama and intrigue. One such topic is Apple’s rumored partnership with Open AI to introduce chat GPT to the iPhone. This partnership comes with controversy due to concerns about Open AI’s leadership and transparency issues.

Additionally, Apple is expected to unveil updates for the Apple Vision Pro headset, showcasing spatial computing 2.0 and potentially new entertainment experiences. The release of iOS 18 will also be a highlight, with features like customizable screens and RCS messaging.

However, not everything is smooth sailing for Apple, as there is public outcry against a reported Safari feature called Web Eraser that could block ads on websites. Apple is also facing an antitrust lawsuit, prompting questions about how they will handle the addition of RCS to iPhones.

Overall, WWDC promises to be an event filled with excitement, drama, and potential controversy. Viewers can tune in to watch the live coverage on the CET YouTube channel and join the discussion about what they are most looking forward to at the event.

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